Crypto News Amore: The First Ever Dating App Built On Blockchain!

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    {filename}-Amore: The First Ever Dating App Built On Blockchain!

    AMORE is the utility token of the Amore Dating Platform.
    AMORE is a premier dating app that offers complete integration with the blockchain!
    If you always wanted a decentralized, immersive and empowering dating app, then you are in the right place.
    We know how challenging it can be to find a great date, and how hard it can be to use most dating platforms.
    That’s why we created AMORE, which is designed from the ground up to make dating interesting, fun and immersive.
    AMORE token has the benefit of no expiry. Remember, it isn’t a membership.
    Instead, it is a real blockchain token that can be held for as long as needed.

    Amore offers a wide array of utilities on the Amore platform. It is a plug within the system that connects all the stakeholders.
    Below are some of the core functions of the $AMORE token on the Amore platform:

    1. Purchase $AMORE tokens
    A user will be able to purchase the $AMORE tokens from within the app and the tokens will be stored in the user wallet.

    Users can invite others on the platform. For every successful invite, $AMORE tokens are rewarded to the users.

    Watching reward video ads is also one of the ways a user can earn $AMORE tokens on the Amore platform.

    4.To start a conversation
    $AMORE tokens will be required to start a conversation with other users.

    5.To post in nearby feeds
    $AMORE tokens will be required to post in the nearby feeds sections.

    Presale started
    DxSale - Token Management Made Simple

    More info
    Amore Dating - Find Love on Blockchain
    Telegram: Amore Official
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    I have made acquaintances wherever possible, but I haven't seen such applications with blockchain. I was not looking for a serious relationship, but only for an affair. I was not looking for a serious relationship but only an affair and I can safely say that dating sites are great for this. The FuckBook platform is a place where you can meet people for casual dating. I've fulfilled my needs there and the most important thing is that my boyfriends were of the same opinion as me. Platforms like this are for recreation and nothing serious.
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