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All You Need To Know About Aigo Project

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by idrix, Jul 12, 2019.

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    Day to day technological advancements has brought about the invention of many innovative technologies aim at improving the operational model of virtually all life’s sectors. Among these innovative technologies are the e-commerce and the blockchain technology. The idea and concept behind E-commerce is to provide ease for buying and selling of goods online, the innovative advancement of ecommerce is to enable buyers, sellers, retailers and merchants exchange goods easily from any part of the world.

    {filename}-All You Need To Know About Aigo Project

    As the ecommerce sector provides an easier gateway for exchange of goods and services, it is faced with handful numbers of problems which are yet to be hammered out. Among these problems are the setbacks associated with the payment systems, lack of trustworthy cyber security which leads to identity theft and data breach. Problems related to the payment system has been regarded the most pressing issues plaguing the entire e-commerce sector. It includes complication of trust, lack of simplified payment system that is available to every part of the world or high fee charges by the available centralized payment systems.

    A blockchain based platform called AIGO has emerged to solve the related aforementioned problems as the Block chain technology has all the needed potential to solve many real life’s problems that not only the e-commerce industry is struggling with on several levels of its functioning. It has been proved several times that the current e-commerce business operational model is insufficient as the entire sector is still plague with many setbacks, the lack of revolutionary advancements that will provide a turnaround solution to the current e-commerce operational model may have negative consequences and setbacks for the entire players and participants of the e-commerce sector. for example, the data theft that was recorded from the Equifax website years ago affected over 143 million Americans.

    {filename}-All You Need To Know About Aigo Project

    AIGO emerges to revolutionized the entire blockchain technology and the e-commerce sector by inventing payment system of high flexibility that will ease the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies credit cards for online payment and purchases. AIGO is aimed at creating a payment system of high utility to meet the current requirement by creating various gateway systems that enable the use of cryptocurrencies directly without converting them to fit currencies. This invention will Expand and increase the availability of payment options for various services across the entire world as well as provide a medium for using cryptocurrencies for payment of goods and services.

    Aigo ecosystem is built with all the latest innovative technology as well several off-chain components that will bring about a massive adoption of the entire e-commerce that will bring together various buyers and sellers across the globe as well as increasing the usefulness of the AIGO-CHAIN ensuring that there is an excellent and appealing atmosphere with an intuitive user interface that will enable both the developers and the end users carry out e-commerce operations without the complications of online payment system limiting the reach and use of e-commerce across the globe.

    {filename}-All You Need To Know About Aigo Project

    Among the latest technology developed by the aigo platform is the AIGO SMART CONTRACT. It is designed to meet the various e-commerce setback as well as the present processing requirement needed in order to provide a top notch optimal solution to overcome the e-commerce payment setback processes. The AIGO smart contract will serve as a self-executing intermediary that will mediate the payment process between sellers and buyers on the e-commerce platforms. This innovative technology is invented to solve the e-commerce payment problem by utilizing smart contract architecture that will enables a new billing methodology in the entire e-commerce sector.

    The implementations and various features adopted by the aigo platform will bring about a revolutionary advancement to the entire e-commerce sector as well as promote and increase a more frequent use and adoption of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology in both the e-commerce and offline market sectors. It will pave more payment gateway opportunity for users worldwide. The decentralized nature of the aigo payment system will adopt and leverage the secure encrypted nature of the blockchain technology to provide a top notch secure payment gateway that will curb the various fraudulent activities faced with the currently available centralized payment gateway.


    AIGO token is minted on the secure ethereum blockchain as an Erc20 standard token. It will serve as the primary payment mechanism of the entire aigo ecosystem. It will allow the flexible and simple implementation of an all in one billing mechanism. The token will later be migrated from the ethereum blockchain after the successful development the A-CHAIN.


    Token Name AIGO Protocol
    Token Symbol AIGO
    Soft cap: 500,000 USD
    Hard cap: 3,000,000 USD
    Token for sale: 1,000,000,000 AIGO
    Country : Indonesia

    {filename}-All You Need To Know About Aigo Project


    AIGO is invented by a group of professional and expert from various field of specialization ranging from the blockchain technology, to e-commerce, IT, business management, as well as general fintech. Each of them brings to the table innovative ideas required to build a high end ecosystem that will provide solutions to e-commerce related problems as well increase the adoption of the entire cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.

    {filename}-All You Need To Know About Aigo Project


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