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Airdrop Airdrop Particl (part) (already On Exchange)

Discussion in 'ICOs & Bounties (free bitcoins!)' started by ASN, May 29, 2019.

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    {filename}-Airdrop Particl (part) (already On Exchange)

    Particl is a privacy-focused decentralized peer to peer marketplace with near-zero fees that keeps your transaction details and identity anonymous. The Particl Platform also allows anyone to use and build highly secure decentralized applications that possess industry-leading privacy and security parameters.
    Particl is distributing free PART coins to new members. Sign up for the campaign to receive $5 worth of PART coins. Also get up to $20 worth of PART for referring up to 10 friends and earn an additional 1 lifetime staking share from the 11th referral onwards.

    particl @coinmarketcap

    {filename}-Airdrop Particl (part) (already On Exchange)

    Visit Particl
    click on “Get Early Access”. Sign up with your email
    Get your personal link and share it with your friends
    Start raking in points
    Send your private address to with the same email you signed up with to claim your prizes.

    Note: Signing up with us will earn you 1 point. Each friend you get to sign up with us will earn you 1 additional point.

    How to Claim Your Prize

    To claim your prize, all you need to do is send us, by email, a private address. Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty easy to acquire. Simply follow the steps below:
    Download Particl Desktop (mainnet)
    Create a new account (make sure to backup your seed somewhere safe!)
    Go to the RECEIVE tab located in the sidebar on the left
    Click on the Private Address tab located at the top of the RECEIVE page
    Click on the green Copy Address button to copy it to your clipboard
    Send your private address to with the same email you signed up with to claim your prizes.
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