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9 Bullet Tips To Avoid Scam And Buy Bitcoins Safely In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, May 8, 2018.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Nigeria being the most corrupt country according to some recent ranking, am sure you will not be surprised to hear that most of what you meet out there are only people who are trying to rip you off when it comes to tr5ansacting in Bitcoins in terms of buying and selling online. In this thread, i will like to revisit the topic of buying btc online in Nigeria and also show you the different ways by which you can be scammed by the bad guys out there especially when you start by searching for things like
    • how to buy bitcoin in Nigeria
    • how to buy bitcoin with bank account
    In essence this thread is going to cover the different scamming methods employed by smart people out there with the goal of ripping you off! you should equally know that some people are simply accidental scammers which means that they never had any intentions of scamming but will do so when the opportunity is right!
    I have been scammed .. severally
    i have been scammed repeatedly in the bitcoin business and from what i know, newbies in the cryptocurrency space are the easiest targets. I think that on my own part, i was scammed first because of greed and secondly because of my carelessness.
    Scammed for Greed?
    Presently Bitcoin is being sold at the rate of about 360/$ but if you see someone who wants to sell his at the rate of 200/$ will youu buy?
    I guess you will say yes because it is cheaper but that was exactly how i was scammed heavily in my early crypto days. I wrote on it actually and you can check it out here: Internet Scam: How I Was Duped Of 159,000 Naira In 4 Hours + Safety Tips

    Scammed for carelessness?

    Greed and carelessness harmonize when it comes to people losing money in crypto. In my own case, i think i was ferociously careless because i was greedy. Scammers are merciless for careless people and i hope that you never get careless with any trade again.
    so those are some of the major reasons why i have been scammed. i will go ahead and list a few more reasons why people get scammed and also places where you can easily fall prey and then finally how to protect yourself from being scammed!

    Must you first be scammed in crypto before you become wise?

    This is partially like saying that "one has to lose a trade before perfecting in the trade" but when it comes to buying bitcoins, i don't think that anyone needs a decade of experience to spot and avoid scams so don't buy that idea.
    You can learn from other people's mistakes such as mine and buy your first bitcoins very safely as well as the subsequent ones.

    Spotting scammers and Scam Red Flags while trying to buy Bitcoins
    Actually, it is impossible to list all the means by which you can avoid scammers in this thread because each platform, system or website out there even the secure ones could have vulnerabilities which are ever evolving but we can discuss the major ones which most people will chance upon easily when they want to trade.

    1. Too real to be True adverts

    Well, in crypto, especially as it has to do with prices, advertisements for bitcoin sales can be easily too good to be true.
    Imagine someone promising you
    • 100 naira per dollar as his/her selling rate and maybe at the same time
    • 500 naira per dollar as his/her buying rate
    am sure you understand that one easily. At the same time, people can come with something really close but you can always be able to smell out the fishy prices first before anything else and myy advice is as good as you guess, just skip it and continue your journey!

    2. Part Payment

    I have spoken with a some people here on Jackobian in the past and also on whatsapp who has a funny way of scamming. This one is usually a girl and here's what they will say:
    Well, if i can trust you to pay half of the money or even 10% of it. why should i not trust you with the whole damn thing?
    That should be equally self-explanatory. So when next someone is offering you an option of part-payment for bitcoin sales, beware, you might just be headed for a disastrous scam!

    3. So called Merchants without Badge

    These are people that are self-acclaimed Bitcoin Merchants but they've got no badges! How on earth did they attain that merchant status if i may ask?
    You can find these merchants on whatsapp groups, forums and social media as well as other places where people meet and discuss anything related to bitcoin. One common trait among them is that they are spammy. Yeah, they will cook a sweet or half-baked message and spread it all over the area looking for bait to catch.
    Also, they usually have no one vouching for them and no testimonies backing their trade claims.
    If you are on whatsapp, you will equally find them in different groups advertising their trades and looking for whom to scam.
    m sure that you can find these type of scammers of n facebook too, on your timeline and in theirs, in the groups and on comments... everywhere!
    Note: Not everyone who is into these type of shady advertising turns out to be a scammer but in many cases, very many of them, they are scammers indeed and simply not worth the risk!

    4. Unworthy Referrals

    Being referred to a bitcoin dealer
    is nearly a sure way to ensure that you are safe but that is not always the case. In the trade which i lost 159k, i was referred to the dealer by someone whom i 'somehow' knew.
    Yes, 'somehow' because i can't exactly remember what the relationship between me and the dude was like.
    The point is this,
    so don't allow someone that you do not know or trust 100% to refer to refer you to someone whom you do not know. You will be endangering you precious coins and money if you do this!

    5. Websites with Sketchy reputation

    There are so many websites out there which can be a trusted place to buy and sell bitcoins and this include:

    Luno : How To Buy | Sell Bitcoins On Luno - Detailed Tutorial
    LocalBitcoins : Review - Localbitcoins, A Peer-to-peer Marketplace
    Remitano: Review: Remitano Peer-peer Bitcoin Trading & Wallet In Nigeria
    But then there are a lot of other websites out there whose operations are shady. they can be real and in fact serving a lot of people but that's your job to find out before you can trust them with your bitcoins or money!!!


    someone who understands what it means to run a website to a good extent and also understands how google fetches its results and presents it to people who are asking questions, i can assure you that Google does not know who a scammer and is and who is not!
    In fact, scammers can also advertise on google using google adwords just like you and me and Google will gladly collect the money!

    If Google does not know who the scammers are, how do you protect yourself then?
    You just have to figure it out on your own buddy by doing some research. Researching the genuity of each and every website you come across online is not really realistic and i don't think it is wise either to start teaching you how to research and discover good websites for buying and trading bitcoins because i can easily do the research and present you with those that i know are trustworthy.

    Here are the Most Trusted means to Buy Coins online in Nigeria and also stay out of Harm!

    1. Buying Through Me here on Jackobian!

    I think that i remain the safest way for any Nigerian to buy some bitcoins so far.
    lols. But, joke apart,i cannot remember a deal which i have not been able to deliver accordingly to my customers before or effected a successful refund.
    You allready know me as @Prezzy and yes, i sell Bitcoins and also buy from people who wanna sell in all quantities possible.
    Within the time i have sold bitcoins, i have been able to come across and become close with so many dealers who are trusted across the country which is why i will be able to buy and provide your coins in all quantities!

    If you want to trade with me, just call me with 07037238225 (i can't wait to say HI!)
    And i encourage us to visit my page @ Click here to visit my Page and Buy Bitcoins safely in Nigeria

    2. Buying through other websites
    I have made a simple list of websites out there through which anyone can buy Bitcoins. These websites are rated relatively high and safe, safer than most other websites out there.
    You can click here for a list of trusted websites for buying bitcoins in Nigeria

    3. Buying from people that you know
    This is the best method
    after method no. 1!
    yeah, things can hardly go wrong with someone whom you know very well.
    You should note that i do not mean JUST ANYBODY THAT YOU KNOW but specifically SOMEONE WHOM YOU KNOW VERY WELL, LIKE YOUR COUSIN!

    you should also know that this is not that simple. for example, if your cousin is a fraudulent person, you might not wanna deal with him or her right?

    4. How not to get scammed while
    Buying Bitcoins from people you do not know

    Lastly, if you are dealing with someone whom you do not know and the person agrees to meet with you, it is wise to take another person with you and you should never agree to do the deal in a secret place. It should always be in the public places like in the banks or (open) bars
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    Thumbs up@Prezzy...You are indeed the safest
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    Nice one brother I can remember my first encounter with you when I wanna buy some BTC for practical... Truly we don't have trusted people in this life any more... Have come across people now who will even ask me to be an escrow for them. Which I asured and say to my self nothing in life will make me wanna go wrong for who I am. Well done once again @Prezzy... Keep up the trust life because it rewards to be true.
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    Great post prezzy , keep it up , you have cleared my vision.Now i can invest in bitcoins trading safely.
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    Nice tips, very vital. Naira4dollar the first e-currency exchange company in Nigeria is a trusted source of bitcoin,paypal and perfectmoney. There are nine physical offices located at Ibadan,Lagos and Benin. Transactions can also be made from anywhere in the country on the website
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    Very useful information for freshers in bitcoin and cryptos. I always advise people to avoid sending money online to anybody for whatever goods or services you are buying. Always do face to face transactions. Always use a trusted company to buy bitcoin in Nigeria. Avoid dealing with individuals you meet on WhatsApp or facebook groups that claim to be exchangers.
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    Scams are everywhere, I was expecting to see them on crypto market much sooner. Eventually, people really need to inform themselves well before they give trust to any of the “super” offers on the Internet
  13. Prezzy

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    I think The company is trustworthy although I haven't used their services but they have some drawbacks
    • Their rate is costly
    • There are fees which aren't very friendly
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    I see that it's really dangerous to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria, but don't you think we can be scammed anywhere anytime? So we should always be on guard and be careful.
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    That's why am here to curb that!.
    If you wanna buy safe and fast, just give me a call with my phone number. 07037238225