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Tips 6 Foods You Should Strictly Avoid During Pregnancy

Discussion in 'Food & Health' started by charlhxe, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. charlhxe

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    During pregnancy, a lot of changes takes place in the body. All these changes aim to adapt to the new life that is forthcoming. During these processes, the body functions are altered in some ways, you immune becomes more accommodating and tolerable to these changes. Some bacteria and viruses during this process become smart enough to be part of these ongoing changes.

    Now as a pregnant woman what do you do? This is a question you should first ask yourself. Your first answer shouldn't be far from the food you eat. The reason is because, the fetus in your womb feeds directly from the digested food in your body. So when these bacteria and viruses come in contact with the foods you eat, it stands a risk of affecting the fetus thus leading to some complications and diseases.

    To be in good health always as a pregnant woman, you should be very mindful of the type of foods you eat.

    In this post, I'll list out some of the foods you should avoid as a pregnant woman.

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    Below are 6 foods you are strictly advised not to take during pregnancy:

    1. Alcohol

    Alcohol is actually a habit to some people even before pregnancy. Stopping it may be difficult. But seeing this as a case of life and death, you'll have to choose between you and your baby. Alcohol is a product of fermented sugar and this process is not complete without the inclusion of certain bacteria. These bacteria are the fermenting factors which makes them a necessity.

    Consuming alcohol as a pregnant woman makes you stand a risk of coming in contact with some of these bacteria which may be harmful to your fetus.

    Also there are strong alcoholic drinks or better still liquor. Consuming them while pregnant is a very risky idea that could take the life of your baby. Remember, the survival of your baby is as a result of your healthy lifestyle. Whenever you're sick, your baby is also sick. This should sound as a warning to you as a pregnant woman not to be taking alcohol of any sort.

    2. Raw/Uncooked Meat and Fish

    Consuming raw meat or fish is also a habit worthy of disbandment. As a pregnant woman, you are not advised to feed on raw meat or fish. These foods are products of enzymes as they are exposed to them at all times. Raw meat and fish breed these micro-organisms. That's why we are always advised to cook properly before we eat them. Ensure that the meat you are feeding on is properly cooked before consumption.

    3. Wine(Local)

    A very good example of a local wine is palm wine. Palm wine as a local wine is basically a product of fermentation. Fermentation is as a result of micro-organisms acting on the proposed wine converting it to alcohol. As a pregnant woman you are not advised to consume this wine as it houses so large a quantity of micro-organism that may turnout to become causative agents in your body and your baby's as well.

    4. Improperly washed vegetables and fruits

    So many people are so fast to consume a fruit or vegetable without washing them. Some throw citations to the fact that they fetched them. Ensure that you properly wash your fruits and vegetables before consuming them. This is to prevent micro-organisms coming in contact with your fetus.

    5. Caffeine

    Caffeine can be found in most of our chocolates, beverages, medicines, etc. Caffeine is actually unhealthy for a pregnant woman and her baby. Taking these products in large quantities makes you prone to health risks.

    As a pregnant woman, you are advised not to include any caffeine related products or food in your diet as it is not ideal for your health and that of your baby.

    6. unheated foods

    So many pregnant women today forfeit this simple rule. They are very quick to munch their foods even without warming them. This is not ideal for you as micro-organisms overtime must have acted on these foods. Note that these organisms are inactive at certain temperatures. These temperatures must be above normal temperatures. This case is almost the same as the case of uncooked meats and fishes. You are advised to warm your foods before consuming them especially the ones that have stayed overtime.

    That's it! As a pregnant woman, you'll be tempted to violate some of these rules; but note that the live of both you and your baby are more important to everyone. So I'll advice you to stick to these simple tips and stay healthy together with your baby.

    If this post was helpful to you, do not hesitate to comment below using the comment box; telling us your views on the topic or possibly adding your own suggestions.
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    The point about unheated foods means that you can use microwaves also?