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Buzz 5 Bad Travel Habits You Need To Stop

Discussion in 'Nigeria News & Politics' started by Jenero200, Jan 24, 2018.

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    If you travel often, it’s expected that you develop habits that work for you. Unfortunately, due to the fact that you are used to these habits nurtured over time, you can also develop a few bad travel habits along the way. The good news is that you can break them with a little bit of effort. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, highlights bad travel habits you need to abdicate.

    Not learning the basics of a language

    If you regularly find yourself in a new country and realise you never learned how to say even hello or thank you, you are simply putting yourself at risk because it will difficult for you to effectively communicate. Learning new languages is difficult and might not seem worth it if you’re passing through many different countries or staying for a short time, but knowing the basics can make all the difference when it comes to how comfortable you feel.

    Overloading your schedule

    Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you may be tempted to overload your schedule because you want to explore as many destinations as possible. You are just exposing yourself to fatigue. Smartly plan your itinerary and you will get the best out of your trip.

    Not giving yourself enough time to pack

    This is one of the most common travel habits that many travellers fall foul of and it can be tough to break especially when you have a busy routine. The reasonable solution here is to ensure you pack on time.

    Not knowing the exchange rate

    If this is one of your bad travel habits, you’ve probably found yourself wondering over and over again if you’re paying a fair price whenever you’re confronted with a new currency. Do not hesitate to do your research and find out the current exchange rate of the destination you are visiting.

    Packing more than you need

    You may not mind paying more to overpack because you’re addicted to packing more than you need. However, your luggage may disappear because you cannot keep your eyes on all of them. Hence, force yourself to pack only what you need.
    {filename}-5 Bad Travel Habits You Need To Stop

    {filename}-5 Bad Travel Habits You Need To Stop
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    I am not sure everything is created here as necessary. But several of the tips were rather useful while my traveling at Kola Peninsula with RussiaDiscovery happened. I had all the necessary with me and the exchange rate was disclosed by the travel operator. And it was really useful.
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