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22 Things Nigerians Love Most And Enjoy Doing

Discussion in 'Nigeria News & Politics' started by charlhxe, May 14, 2018.

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    Jan 10, 2018
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    Despite the economy not favouring everyone, Nigerians still cannot miss doing somethings. Nigerians are very passionate people and there are things you cannot take away from them. Some of these things are what I will highlight in this article. You can go on to confirm them yourself.

    22 Things Nigerians Love Most And Enjoy Doing

    {filename}-22 Things Nigerians Love Most And Enjoy Doing

    These are the 22 things Nigerians love most and enjoy doing:

    1. Freebies

    Don't tempt Nigerians with free things. Free things in Nigeria are colloquially known as "awoof!" If you browse the internet, you'll discover that most Nigerians usually search for things like, free browsing cheats, how to make money online without paying anything and are interested about having free airtime, free money, free gifts, etc. We can even fight for free food in ceremonies.

    2. Social Media

    If you look at the social media networks we have in the world, you'll discover that Nigerians are everywhere on it. Nigerians are very passionate about social media even in the most hidden social media network, you must find a Nigerian. Nigerians are known to be the most active people on things related to networking on the internet and are always wanting to know the latest trends.

    3. Trends

    Nigerians also love trends. Things like latest news, latest fashion, latest hairstyle, latest slang and so on. We cannot do without knowing or having the latest trends. Everyone in Nigeria wants to have the latest in town.

    4. Cars

    Nigerians love cars a lot that's why you can easily see youths without legal jobs driving luxurious cars in Nigeria.

    I could recall in my street, you'll hear young boys and girls claiming to own cars driven by other people in the future, that is to show the level at which we love cars even to the least persons in Nigeria.

    5. Trolling

    Nigerians are number one in trolling. We can troll for Africa. I don't think there is any other country that can troll like we in Nigeria. Don't dare a Nigerian when it comes to trolling, they can troll in any language you want.

    6. Travelling abroad

    Nigerians love travelling a lot especially to oversea countries. If they could find any easier means to do it they wouldn't mind the risks involved. The Igbo people of Nigeria are the number one in this aspect. It is said that if you can't find an Igbo man in any country you are, kindly relocate as there is nothing good in that country.

    7. Fashion

    Nigerians are very crazy about fashion. They can spend money in buying the latest fashion be it locally made or foreign - Nigerians must want to have it, especially those worn by celebrities.

    8. Football

    Nigerians including me, are very crazy about football even to the extent of spending a lot of money on the sport. Despite not having constant power supply in the country, Nigerians must make sure they watch the latest football match especially for the respective clubs they support.

    9. Betting

    Betting is one thing Nigerians can't do without. Betting such as lotto, sports betting, gambling is one of the everyday activity of most Nigerians - Even people have found jobs in the betting community. You can visit the nearest betting shop or store such as Bet9ja, Nairabet, or even Lotto, you should at least find 20 people at any given time. Nigerians can spend a lot of money betting that is why these betting companies are one of the top companies in the country as a result of so many patronizers.

    10. Clubbing and Partying

    Nigeria love clubbing and partying a lot. You can notice this especially at night or during the weekends. Nigerians can go on to spend a lot of money at night clubs or parties.

    11. Making money

    Nigerians are most interested when it comes to making money. They don't mind the risks it may take to have the money as long as it enters their pocket. If they could find easier means to make money, they wouldn't mind taking the risks. Asides this, Nigerians are also very industrious, though we still have a lot of lazy people who aren't ready to work.

    12. Entertainment

    Entertainment is another thing Nigerians love most. They can spend a lot of money just to go to comedy shows, music fests, and so many other entertainment shows you can think of. They go extra crazy when the show is hosting popular celebrities.

    13. Short cuts

    Nothing interests Nigerians like short cuts. Short cuts have killed so many Nigerians with others escaping its wrought. You can see more of this short cut mindset in lazy Nigerians though it is found in everyone - everyone wants easier means to do things and get something out of it.

    14. Electronic gadgets

    Nigerians are most interested in electronic gadgets. Take for example phones and laptops, we can't get enough of them.

    15. New things

    Nigerians definitely love new things even though their labels were just the only thing that changed. You can notice such in our daily lives, new things seem to give Nigerians an upmost level of hope and trust.

    16. Stories

    Nigerians definitely love stories be it true stories or fabricated ones. Nigerians cannot stay a day without telling a story about something or someone even it means recounting on past stories. A popular fabricated story is the story of the football match between Nigeria and India, in which India played Nigeria 99 goals to 1. We can never forget this wonderful story, though the story have become obsolete to me as a result of knowing the true history.

    17. Public holidays

    Holiday is one thing Nigerians cannot miss and are always praying for. Especially for the school students and public workers, they really can't wait for the government or authorities to announce public holidays or even any holiday at all, they are more updated with it than any other thing you can think of.

    18. Education

    The need to go to school and have the necessary certificates in Nigeria is one thing that amazes me about the people. Everyone especially youths don't want to be called illiterates so they take on the struggles of acquiring education at all cost even if it means spending their whole lot just to gain it. Most times, some people want to also go to school to escape their parents and so many other reasons you can think of.

    19. Religion

    Religion is one of the foundations of the country and the people living in it. You cannot take away religion from us as we have been coaxed to believe everything about it owing to proves from the holy books.

    20. Ceremonies

    Nigerians also love ceremonies and cannot afford to miss the nearest of them all. Especially for the ladies, ceremonies are one thing that can never be missed or will ever be forgotten. Nigerians can hardly forget date of ceremonies be it wedding, child or car dedication, or even burial.

    21. Respect for our culture

    Respecting our culture is one thing we can never afford to lose. Though most of our cultures have been overshadowed by that of the white man, the little we can preserve is still respected among us, take for instance in Igboland or Yoruba land or even any tribe at all in Nigeria, you can never marry someone without involving their traditional rites as long as that person has a tribe from which he/she emanates from.

    22. Respect for the family

    In Nigeria, no matter how many years you have been without your family, the truth is you will still get to meet them someday. The respect we Nigerians have for our families no matter our background or status is something that cannot be overemphasized.

    That's all for my list! What are your thoughts on this, you can comment below.
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