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10 Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

Discussion in 'Blogging | Nigerian Webmasters' started by foster, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. foster

    foster Upcoming

    Do you want to start your own blog? If your answer is no you can skip reading another article but if Yes then I advise you read this article to the end.

    Starting a blog is one of the most fulfilling things anyone can do, as it not only gives you an opportunity to express yourself but serves as a medium to which you can use to advertise and get sales to your products and services.

    Running a blog as an individual or a business makes it easier for you to engage with your reader’s by sharing useful information about your business or general knowledge thereby building trust.

    The fun part about blogging is that it has the potential to make you 6 figures on monthly bases depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it.

    We all have actually seen one or two people that have left their jobs to go into blogging full-time and I am sure that’s the reason why must people start a blog?

    Now this is where I advise you to take a break and have a rethink.

    Why you may ask, blogging is one of those businesses that you have to first know the rules governing it before you jump right in.

    Blogging requires a lot of preparation, from choosing the right niche to hosting and writing contents all require proper planning.

    It took me over 1 year before I was about to launch my first blog because I was waiting to get everything right.

    Don’t let that discourage as it is possible to start your blog in one day and still succeed.

    Running my own blog has thought me so many things and the top on the list is patience and consistency.

    In this article, I will highlight 10 things you need to know as a blogger or before you start your own blog.

    Blogging Takes Time

    There is a misconception that most people have when it comes to blogging or making money generally online they believe it is a get rich quick scheme.

    Sadly it is not

    If you get into blogging and expect to start making a lot of money in your first money so you can quit your job and live the kind of lifestyle you hope for you will be disappointed. Blogging takes time to grow.

    People need to trust you for them to be able to buy anything from or continuously visit your blog so you can make money from display ads. This doesn’t just happen it takes time.

    This is the major reason why it is not advisable you quit your job to become a full-time blogger when you have not laid the right foundation.

    If you are just starting out you have got to engage with your audience and this requires you writing quality contents and responding to your readers’ comments.

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  3. Michelle Lordes

    Michelle Lordes Rookie!!!

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  4. fitnigerian

    fitnigerian Rookie!!!

    I love this piece
  5. Systems

    Systems Active

    Blogging is over saturated now. To make money on blog nowadays is harder than a wheel barrow man making his daily bread.
  6. Lerets

    Lerets Jackobian

    Nowadays for newbies in blogging, it's very profitable to make a lot of such reviews like (Best Welders for Beginners and Hobbyists [Mig, Tig and Stick] - 2019) on your blog and all goods can be connected with any online e-store with an affiliate link. In such a way you will get a high possibility of conversion and you will be able to improve your CTR.
  7. foster

    foster Upcoming

    Hello @System, I will disagree with you on that. Blogging is not over saturated and you can sure still make money from it. The most important thing is to pick a niche that has huge monthly searches and make sure to provide useful information on your blog and promote it with ads and SEO.

    The moment you do you will sure make money from your blog.
  8. Systems

    Systems Active

    How much have you made from blogging? As simple as you wrote those lines, that's how it's hard because over a thousand people are repeating the same process.

    I'm not discouraging anybody, blogging is harder nowadays.
  9. CurtisDever

    CurtisDever Jackobian

    Such interesting information for all the newcomers. But what will be the best way to work on a personal blog? To write it on my own or to order anywhere?
  10. foster

    foster Upcoming

    Hello @Curtis, it all depends on what you want. If you have time to write (which i suggest you do) you can write on your own but if you dont have the time and have money to spend on fiverr and upwork, you can hire freelance writers. Contact me on 08100482027 for any information