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    [ann] Prizm Cash - Same Same, But Different, Apr 12, 2020
  1. Cazkys

    Implementation of JavaScript in PZM Cash enabled the use of Web3.js technology, which significantly expanded the capabilities of the PZM Cash Wallet through unification.

    The wallet can be used on the resources of our partners (for example, on exchanges and in the casino) without creating a separate wallet for each project. Moreover, the browser implementation eliminates the need for a blockchain core to integrate new resources.

    Web3.js is a collection of JavaScript libraries that allows you to remotely interact with a node via HTTP or IPC connection, which simplifies the integration of through a dedicated API. As a result, partners do not need to deploy a full node for integration.

    Web3.js allows us to abstract from the internal mechanics of Ethereum and work with the network and smart contracts as if they were ordinary javascript objects.

    If you still do not know what smartcontracts are, then you can imagine them as some classes, instances of which live on the Ethereum network - in fact, these are really classes of the Solidium language, which looks very much like javascript.

    The process is as follows: the code of the smart contract is written on Solidium, then it is compiled into a bytecode and this bytecode is written to the network.

    Just as a newly created javascript object gets its address on the heap, so the contract we placed gets its address on the Ethereum network, using which we can now call its methods and read properties.

    Take advantage of the Web3 .js of the PZM Cash project and create your passive income even from your phone!
    Website: PZM Cash is a cryptocurrency created as a means of payment for a fast-growing digital ecosystem in which the economic motives of each individual participant provide an increase in the overall wealth and wellbeing of the entire community.
    Twitter: Prizmcash (@prizmcash) | Twitter
    Telegram: PZM CASH EN Community
    Reddit: PZMCash

  2. Everything On Crypto!, Jan 28, 2018
  3. Logician

    *What will I tell my African brothers and sisters that will make you realize that the days of oil money and political money is gone?*

    The world is now being controlled by people with brain power, not oil well

    Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook, the world’s most popular media company, with brain power on February 2004 and has become the 5th richest person on earth with a net worth of over $70 billion at just 33 years.

    At age twelve Erik Finman invested $1,000 his grandmother gave him in bitcoin, in May of 2011 which got him 103 Bitcoins.

    By the end of 2013 Erik Finman’s wealth in Bitcoin has grown to be worth $100,000 and the young secondary school student dropped out of school to create his own company called Botangle.

    In 2015 Erik Finman found a buyer who was interested in purchasing his company for either $100,000 or 300 Bitcoin. He chose to be paid 300 Bitcoin, because he believed it was the next big thing. With this deal, Erik Finman became a proud owner of 403 Bitcoins. He later invested part of it in another business saving 303 Bitcoins

    At just 18 years old, Erik Finman’s 303 Bitcoins are now worth $5.1m (as at the time of this writing December 08, 2017), making him one of the youngest millionaires in the world, thanks to Bitcoin.

    My people, cryptocurrency is the fastest way to secure your financial freedom.

    Bitcoin is not a Ponzi Scheme.
    Cryptocurrency is a license for anybody to print money as much as you can.

    Stop ponzi schemes!!!!!!! They will make you go bankrupt!!!!!

    We are here to give you a good standard of knowledge about the Blockchain technology. Teach you to trade Bitcoin and Altcoin and to invest in the future. And Everything on cryptocurrency.

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