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    [proof, Why And Advice] 90% Of The Time, Tokens Get Dumped After Ico, Feb 6, 2018
  1. Prezzy

    Indeed, i have noticed it guys. Am not happy for the coins i held after their ICO and i do not want to make the same mistakes again. I also want to share what i have learned about these Tokens with you. Perhaps, it can help you better with managing these coins.

    First of all, we will take a look at some ICOs that am familiar with, most of which i directly invested into. they are not doing so good right now and at the end, i will tell you why it is logical for Tokens from ICOss to do not so well!

    The better way to Judge ICO coins
    It will be wrong to judge the performance of these coins in their USD value. yes because even BTC has plunged severly in the past few days. I chose to judge their performance against the bitcoin because i feel that's the fair way to do so.
    Tokens that have disappointed after their ICOs
    1. UTK

    Utrust is an excellent platform going by what they do but have a look at the coin now and you will see that they have somehow fallen even though they have an excellent purpose and technology behind their platform

    View attachment 30790

    2. OST
    another good example.
    View attachment 30791

    3. Covesting
    This was released not so long ago. have a look at it's performance now.
    View attachment 30792


    Genesis Vision token
    View attachment 30793
    this coin
    has performed exceptionally in the immediate past but even now,, it's bending to this unclear force. HECK!

    it just keeps repeating.. there are much more out there and you can research them for yourself.


    It's not difficult to understand why they do so actually. there aRe several reasons and there are some which i do not know but those i know, i will share below...

    1. Coins in the hands of the wrong people - BOUNTIES!

    Honestly, i think this is the biggest reason why these coins dumps so quick.
    Bounty hunters hunt for coins they think will do well in the market even when they do not have any need for such coins nor do they believe in the future of the coin.
    Hence, their focus is on the immediate gain they can get from the coin when it has launched and is in the market.
    The other investors on the other hand are more willing to wait and hold their coins until they start doing well and possibly grow so much in the future before they sell.
    For this reason, the prices of these coins experience huge pressure immediately after the ICO and this inevitably leads to a crash in the beginning of the trading which in most cases can continue that way for long(as i think)!
    a typical example

    Of all the coins i have now that are tokens, the only ones i fully reserved are those for which i paid too buy during their ICOs!
    as for the rest, they are all sold!!!
    even the ones am holding are dumping because some guys out there are selling so hard because they do not understand or believe in the tech or both!

    Preventing your coin from being crashed in this way...
    • keep it low on the number of coins dished out during bounty. i know this does not feel so right to me and my friends who do bounty but it is one way to ensure the overall healthy growth of the coin and it's good for everyone!
    • release of coins should not be all at once! you can release coins weekly oor monthly over a period of time to avoid heavy dumping and allow the coin to regain from dumps which must come!

    2. Other dumpers/ some whales

    These whales buy the coins very large volumes and simply sell off when the coins have been released crashing the coins in a way it may not be able to recover soon or worse, even instill fear in the minds of the true holders of the coin.

    Preventing your coin from being crashed in this way...
    You cannot really control this category of people unless you take measures right from before the ICO to ensure that
    • duplicate accounts is impossible or at least very difficult
    • dangerous amounts of the coin does not get into the hands of any particular person.

    3. Token does not have a very in-demand Use case yet!
    This could be true as well.
    If am not doing anything with it now and i don't ever think that am going to ever sue it, why not sell it and do something with the money now(that i need it because we always need the money right)?

    Preventing your coin from being crashed in this way...

    All you have to do is to provide a very urgent use case for your coin! If there is a use case that is compelling enough, the demand will very quickly exceed the supply and the value will start racing upwards!


    I wrote this piece as an advice to my fellow Cryptic Jackobians and anoyone into crypto, bounties, ICOs.
    Yeah, now you know that these things are going to crash afterall in most cases, soon, just sell it or keep it at your own risk.
    of course, you are selling at your own risk as well buddy.

    I write for organizers and planners of ICOs to understand better how they can protect their coins.

    I really hope the crypto world is going to get better and in this case it lies in your hands! manage these coins better and we will all suffer less heartache.
    i also know it can be very disheartenin watching your coin being dumped so badly, so DO SOMMETHING!

  2. Thank God! All Coins Are Crashing!! Here's Why, Jan 8, 2018
  3. Prezzy

    View attachment 30077

    Good morning JACKOBIANS, i checked coinmarketcap only to discover that basically all the coins are dumping and all i could say is THANK GOD!

    I know that some of us are thinking that i have sold all my coins already but that is far from the truth.
    didn't buy more either to be frank so you may ask..
    I will tell you but first i must say that most recently, i have been thrown off balance by the surges in cryptocurrency!

    You become so confused about which coin to buy because all of them are doing so well. At times like this, the tension is so high and it's as though you are running after the coins which is not what you should be doing.

    However, when the coins crash, we can all take a breath, watch the coins as they race up TO MEET US AND not us running after them.

    I hope you get the point now.. it's all about catching one's breath in periods like this ok. We need to catch our damn breath! please!!

    So, why not relax and find those coins you truly want to invest in?


  4. Biafra Is Not A Quest Born Of Hatred Or Tribalism, This Is What It Is, Dec 22, 2017
  5. Prezzy

    I know that a lot of people are linking the Biafran struggle with Tribalism and such things that are common in Africa.
    I wanna speak a little on that in this thread.

    What do I mean by people linking the struggle to issues of Tribalism?

    I simply mean describing the Biafran quest for independence as something that arose as a result of hatred for the Northern people of Nigeria but indeed, it is not.

    Take a look at this:
    View attachment 29766

    Some guy wrote an article concerning Innoson and advised Igbos to keep quiet about the ongoing event between Innoson and GtBank. He also advised that we should not make it a tribal thing but this is what i say:

    Indeed, it is not a tribal thing. I agree but why will it be only INnoson that they are going after? Of all the billionaires in Nigeria, why Innoson and innoson only that has borrowed money from GtBank in the past and faulted with payback or any other charges they may come up with?
    If the rest of the people have not been arrested but matters been settled between Gtbank and their customers, why Bring EFCC into this matter.

    Just as Innocent said:

    So, if my brother gets into unnecessary and unjust trouble, you do not expect me to keep quiet and pretend as though nothing is happening because indeed, the move on Innocent is not fair.

    That aside, as i said earlier, Biafra is not a Tribal quest

    It's a quest for freedom from oppressors just as the image shared above image. If Nigeria learn how not to oppress Igbos, then this will probably die. But as long as there is injustice against Igbos and entire Biafra, you cannot expect people to sit back and wait for Miracle or wait for the oppressors to repent and become good. people ought to step out and go for their own destinies because in the end, it is still about what you can do for yourself and not what someone else can do for you right?

    Nnamdi Kanu had friends from the North just as myself
    i have friends and very good ones from northern Nigeria some of which understand what is going on and even shun the deeds of Federal Government against Biafrans.
    Nnamdi Kanu made similar thing known in the past too.

    Hence, the point should be clear. it is not a quest born out of Hatred for anyone or any set of people but one born out of the need to live as fellow countrymen in peace without fear or being cheated by the next tribe.

    peace biafra
  6. Had Jesus Forgotten That He Was God When He Made The Following Statements In The Bible, Nov 27, 2017
  7. Prezzy

    Upon second reading.. I made something out of this. Actually, I picked something out of what you said = BUILDING

    And Jesus Christ said something very important about building as you used it in this case to qualify believers.

    Matthew 7:24-27English Standard Version (ESV)

    24 “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. 26 And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. 27 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”

    Perhaps bro/sis you were brought to this issue of buildings by things you do not understand so you could come across this passage.

    I think Muslims know the teaching of Jesus Christ, some of it at least. If truly Muslims have his teachings, then all they have to do is live by it or them. Because only then can one be sure that he's laying himself on a solid foundation that shall not fall when the rain or the floods come.

    And For those who hear his words and shy away, the Bible said that their fall will be GREAT.

    I don't know if prophet Isah is Jesus and if Isah teaches at least some of the same things Jesus did. If that's the case, you can learn from prophet Isah but how will you know if he teaches the same thing as Jesus without knowing TRULY who Jesus is?

    And how will you know who Jesus is when the Bible has been convicted of many evil things by Islamic teachers?

    It seems difficult but it's actually simple. Learn the TRUE teachings of Jesus Christ.
    Live by them and you'll indeed be a solid building.

    If however, you let a weak building (product of wrong teachings) to be your own support (another product of wrong teachings), then in the end, when you least expected it, your support will go down and so will you.

    I trust you understand what I have said but if you don't, I can go over it all again in another way.

  8. I Missed Ucoincash + How Not To Miss An Ico!, Nov 25, 2017
  9. Prezzy

    Alright Jackobians, I introduced Ucoincash a while ago and now I learned a lesson from the coin.

    Ever missed an ICO???

    I registered and deposited some money waiting patiently so I can purchase some Ucoincash. Imagine my frustration when I forgot about the ICO yesterday only to remember a few minutes into the ICO.

    As you know, ICOs that are timed such as Ucoincash are very quick to sell out and so, a few minutes late is all you need to miss the whole thing.

    Take a look @ this..

    View attachment 28982

    That friend if mine, am certain, a Jackobian too missed the ICO too for some reasons.

    So, yes I missed and I have something to share with you that I learned from it.

    How not to Miss an ICO!

    It's not very difficult. All you need is to get yourself to set an alarm!

    The important thing is the part in RED.
    Setting an alarm is Easy but getting yourself to do so is what may be difficult.

    So, do your best to get yourself to set alarm and you'll be able to know before the ICO is on.

    You should set multiple alarms because in my own case, my alarm rang about and hour to the ICO and within that one hour period, I still forgot about it all.

    So, set alert with intervals of 5 minutes till the ICO time and lastly.

    Make sure to open a tab on your browser for the ICO and Do not close it.

    That's my advice.
  10. Beware Of Web Wallets! My Cryptonator Account Just Got Hacked & Drained, Nov 14, 2017
  11. Prezzy

    I logged in today into my cryptonator account which i basically use to do nothing to discover that the account has been drained to the last!

    I didn't anticipate this but i know my mistake:


    so, i think am staying off thes web wallets for a while now.

    hacked!, withdraw successfully!! and everything looks clean!!!
    View attachment 28735

    just don't make my mistakes buddy.
    peace and may God help us to recover from this soon!
  12. Had Jesus Forgotten That He Was God When He Made The Following Statements In The Bible, Nov 9, 2017
  13. Prezzy

    i would not recommend that. i try to imagine sometimes.
    if i or any of us were born into a muslim family, don't you think we will all be equally blind to the truth. of course, we will all be muslims too and if you look at it in that light, you will understand better that GRACE is at work.

    it's by grace that we are born christians and by more grace that we remain real christians. It is yet by same grace that those who aren't saved will be saved which is why the Bible pus it this way:

    take a look at this bro:
    who has qualified you[f] to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. 13 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves

    the first verse makes it clear that HE QUALIFIED US ( grace). we didn't qualify ourselves.
    the second verse makes it even more clearer... we have been rescued and brought into a different kingdom. AGAIN, WE DIDN'T RESCUE OURSELVES.

    ultimately, it's a function of grace and such grace is what we should ask for our Muslim friends while we desist from provoking words such as 'confused' as is common during religious arguments so we do not compromise the duty we have which is to teach and not abuse.

  14. Photos Of Ongoing Road Rehabilitation By Federal Government. #fgatwork, Nov 3, 2017
  15. Prezzy

    i feel like crying for 9ja.
    not even one project in the south east
  16. 1000 Things You Must Know About Biafra - A Seed(biafra) In Fertile Ground(biafrans) Must Surely Grow, Oct 24, 2017
  17. Prezzy

    guys, we are back!
    i hope you are enjoying this and also getting educated.
    what you do with this education is entirely up to you but i think that at least it will open our eyes to who we are and how we came here.

    share with those who may be in need of such and don't forget that all these is in the past and soon enough, our own very lives and actions of today will be in the past too.
    it changes everything. peace
  18. Free Money!!! Here's How Am Getting My Bitcoin Gold (not With Exodus Wallet), Oct 22, 2017
  19. Prezzy

    Afternoon Jackobian cryptics. are you getting ready for the free money???
    please don't tell me that you do not know what i mean but just in case you don't, please ask your questions down below so i can supply you with what you need to know.

    Meanwhile, it's all about free money.. yeah, the Bitcoin hard fork that should be happening in less than 3 days now!
    I already shared a method of ensuring that you get your own bite of the free money that is coming in the form of Bitcoin Gold before and you can check that here: Tutorial - How To Get Free Bitcoin Gold From Upcoming Hard Fork With Exodus Wallet!

    Meanwhile, this is how am getting my Free Gold COins now


    yobit is crazy about Bitcoin Gold as far as i can see.
    Have a look at what their twitter page looks like now:
    View attachment 28037

    am sure they know that they can get some new customers if they support Bitcoin gold Hard fork and so they have done so very openly even as though they are marketing bitcoin gold. lols.=> Crypto News - Yobit Exchange Announcement: Bitcoin Gold Trade In 70 Hrs!

    I asked a question earlier: Will Bittrex & Poloniex Support Bitcoin Gold
    yet to get an answer on that one.. sad.

    so, how do you get the free Money in the form of Bitcoin gold from Yobit?

    It's quite simple actually.
    Just deposit your money into the Yobit exchange wallet and when the fork happens, you will be able to see your Bitcoin gold there!

    that's just it. very simple.
    i hope you know how to deposit on Yobit?

    NOTE: if you have an old account, do well to request for a new Bitcoin address please.