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    Unlimited Earnings, Apr 4, 2020
  1. chuby

    Hello everyone, we want to use this opportunity to share this to everyone on this platform especially if you are in Nigeria.

    Many people have told us to find a way to help them since there are no more leagues. We have decided to create one as do it 3 years ago but then it was on WhatsApp.

    As we are in total lockdown in Nigeria and the Government is not helping matter we have decided to create a way for all Nigerian who is interested in making money while you sit in comfort of your home this period. It is called UNLIMITED EARNINGS.You will get help from our members in the group, but before then you will have to give help before you can get help from members,
    Little break down of how it works.
    1, Every member will chose on the package he or she want

    2, Every member have the money before giving help

    3, Every member must have active online transaction to help the system faster

    4, Every member must post the evidence of payment to the group

    5, Every member must have active mobile phone number, and must be online almost every 15 mins.

    6, Call your upline before and after making payments

    7, No form of any advert or spam is allowed.

    We have 3k and 5k and 10k package,

    3k to get 6k
    5k to get 10k
    10k to get 20k

    once you give help to any member of the group, you are entitled to receive DOUBLE of what you give, and you will receive your payment within 30min. Any member that has been confirmed that he did not get paid will be remarged immediately.

    Note: we don't need any unserious people in the group like we said it's for Nigerian only.

    And don't think this is a scam because it can never be, we have done it before last 3 years with popular website jackobian, anyone who know this site will tell you how genue we are.still have the WhatsApp group with some old members jackins
    Join us with this link only if you are interested.

    Unlimited earnings

    Any other information will be posted on the group.