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    Ziberbugs: A New Era Of P2e Gaming With Cardano, Jun 29, 2022
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    ZiberBugs is developed with the fun-first principle in mind, thus intended to maintain value and playability without financial incentives. The positive aspects that made ZiberBugs choose Cardano as the blockchain partner for its project are: ease of implementation, competition, community, stability and security, fees and the good cause.

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  2. Ziberbugs: Full Gameplay Revealed, Jun 9, 2022
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    ZiberBugs is a competitive autobattler created for gamers with the aspiration to greatly increase the number of professional gamers in the world.

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  4. Ziberbugs Finalising Their First In-game Playable Nfts, Jun 8, 2022
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    ZiberBugs Finalising their First In-game Playable NFTs


    ZiberBugs is pleased to announce that its long-awaited first in-game playable NFTs are in the final preparations. This is exciting for all fans as they get to do all manner of things with NFTs and get prizes for it.

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  6. Smart Doge – The Future Of Meme Tokens, Dec 23, 2021
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    SmartDoge A Meme Token For The FUTURE
    SmartDoge was deployed to improve
    the meme token ecosystem


    The Future of Meme Tokens
    The main goal of SmartDoge is to give utility to popular meme tokens and improve the Dogecoin ecosystem, all while rewarding the holders in the form of Dogecoin rewards. There will be options to stake SmartDoge and your Meme Tokens and earn rewards. A tracker is also being developed that will show how much Dogecoin has been burned overtime!

    Instant rewards & Utility
    For every transaction, SmartDoge holders are awarded with rewards in BEP20 Dogecoin directly deposited to their wallet. These rewards are distributed periodically throughout the day and is based on the amount of volume. The more SmartDoge is actively used the more passive rewards are granted to the holders. There will also be an option to stake your DogeCoin with other popular Meme Tokens for staking rewards coming soon!

    Improving Dogecoin
    SmartDoge was deployed to fix all the modern problems of Dogecoin. Currently Dogecoin is an inflationary token with millions of supply being added to its circulation each day. SmartDoge is here to solve this problem by manually burning Dogecoin overtime, Eventually scaling to a high enough amount that could help the impact of Dogecoins inflations. This will greatly improve the Dogecoin meme token ecosystem! A blockchain game is also being developed that will have a Dogecoin burn feature



    $SMARTDOGE Token Symbol

    15% Transcation Fee

    4% Marketing/Buyback

    100B Max Supply

    8% $DogeRewards

    3% Liquidity

    30% burned supply
    Majority of LP burned forever

    PlayToEarn Blockchain Game that burns dogecoin supply
    – Earn Dogecoin for holding
    – Stake your meme tokens and earn rewards coming soon
    StealthLaunch PancakeSwap AirDrop Giveaway Bsc

    More info: Smart Doge - The Future of Meme Tokens
    Telegram: Smart Doge

  8. Dragonland: Powering An Ecosystem Of Games On The Binance Chain, Nov 10, 2021
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    Elected as the best ICO of the year

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    In addition, to other innovative and breaking through technology activities, Super Shiba owns 100 % of the Super Shiba Project, and has a majority interest in the Banknet innovative financial platforms project, As part of Super Shiba Coin unique rewarding structure, coin holders will receive 10% distribution , the distribution will be paid in a form of BNB coins, or, in any other similar in value assets. The above special distribution is on top of the particular 5% redistribution transaction fee as the result of the Hyper-Deflationary SBINU coin structure, SuperShiba INU, SBINU. Offering market cap is less than one per-mille compare with a similar coin currently trading in the market. Super Shiba Coin, which is a one- of-a-kind cryptocurrency, Buy SBINU and join our family and you might make extremely high return on your investment as made on a similar coin currently trading in the market !

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  10. Slots Plus-the Best Online Casino We Offer The Best Online Casino Usa., Jul 18, 2019
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  12. Steemmonsters Is A Digital Collectible Trading Card And Rpg Game Built On The Steem Blockchain, Oct 4, 2018
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    SteemMonsters is a digital collectible trading card and RPG game built on the Steem blockchain!
    Make profits buy selling your cards, or win real crypto in the tournaments.
    Follow the link below
    Welcome to Steem Monsters!

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