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    Bitcci – Revolutionising The Sex Industry, Dec 28, 2021
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    bitcci – Revolutionising The Sex Industry


    As blockchain technology evolves, it will have a dramatic impact on nearly every aspect of commerce. Blockchain is changing the way we do everything, from financial transactions to medical services. The adult industry is also embracing blockchain to make business operations more efficient.

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  2. Intelligent Fluids: The Chemical Industry Embraces Blockchain!, Dec 27, 2021
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    Intelligent Fluids: The chemical industry embraces blockchain!


    Smart but powerful green chemistry doesn’t only disrupt the global industrial cleaning markets but also encourages corporates to transition to environmentally-friendly products. The Intelligent Fluids technology replaces the chemical reactions of solvents with physical interactions on the molecular level to enable cleaning agents to break down and wash off all kinds of surface dirt with zero negative impact to health and the environment, and will also soon offer a crypto-coin (SMAC – Smartchem) that attracts early adaptor companies to change to green chemistry.

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  4. Euler: A Non-custodial Protocol For Lending And Borrowing Crypto Assets!, Dec 22, 2021
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    Euler: A non-custodial protocol for lending and borrowing crypto assets!


    One of the leading industries that have been affected by blockchain technology is the finance industry. This led to many decentralised finance platforms mushrooming as the demand for lending and borrowing assets grew by the day. Unlike the traditional finance systems, decentralised finance systems are based on the blockchain, and hence, they don’t need any third parties or intermediaries to do transactions.

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  6. Giving To Services: Improve Pension Markets With Blockchain Technology!, Dec 9, 2021
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    Giving To Services: Improve Pension Markets With Blockchain Technology!


    Giving To Services


    Giving To Services is a decentralised financial (DeFi) service that harnesses blockchain technology to empower those involved in public services, including the medical, education, emergency services, government and council professions. The whole platform is powered by an audited digital token known as the SVS, based on the ERC20 platform, which enables secure, transparent financial interactions between individuals, charities, institutions and other organisations connected with the provision of public services.

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  8. Intelligent Fluids: Generate And Design Fluids In An Innovative Way!, Nov 30, 2021
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    Intelligent Fluids: Generate and Design Fluids in an Innovative Way!


    In general, some materials are called intelligent when they can change their properties under various external stimuli and learn from the environment. Recently, these materials have gained tremendous popularity and expanded the range of their applications.

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  10. Euler: A Capital-efficient Permissionless Lending Protocol, Nov 13, 2021
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    Euler is a capital-efficient permissionless lending protocol that helps users to earn interest on almost any ERC20 asset. This innovation, coupled with MEV-resistant liquidations, tokenised debts, reactive interest rates and many more, makes Euler the lending protocol of the future.

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  12. Geniux Ico: Your Opportunity To Own A Leading Real Estate Cryptocurrency, Oct 19, 2021
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    Investment is becoming new age and modern with the introduction of cryptocurrency. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have changed everything and have opened a broad scope for small-scale investors. Tokenisation has ensured that anyone can invest in real estate without much hassle. Genius Estates is making real estate crypto investment better and more accessible with their ICO.

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  14. Qykbar – Disrupting Future $2 Trillion Alcohol Industry With Patented Blockchain, Feb 21, 2018
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    QYKBAR – Disrupting Future $2 Trillion Alcohol Industry with Patented Blockchain Technology, ICO commences 15th Feb

    Have you ever noticed how expensive it is to buy drinks from the BAR? When you are buying drinks individually the prices can really add up. What if you can buy and pay better prices at any bar. That’s where QYKBAR (pronounced as “quick-bar”) comes in.

    QYKBAR is your very own virtual bar, on the cloud. It allows user to choose and stock their favorite drinks on the cloud for consumption at any bar of their choice and at any location. Consumers don’t have to worry about prices as QYKBAR standardizes drinks prices for them across different bar categories. IMAGINE having your favorite drinks stocked in the cloud for you, ready where ever you go.


    Additionally, QYKNBAR benefits bar owners by giving them a platform to manage inventory and gain more customers. Bars can also combine their supply orders with other bars to get bulk rates from suppliers, bringing in additional savings to them.

    Alcohol industry is growing globally at a fast pace and it is expected to reach 2 trillion USD sales by the end of 2025. QYK with its PATENTED blockchain technology aims to disrupt it with its revolutionary idea. QYK aims to be the world’s first decentralized platform to buy, sale and consume and trade alcohol on the cloud. By connecting bars, consumers, distributors and suppliers through patented blockchain technology, QYK is creating a new decentralized ecosystem.

    QYK ICO commences on February 15th, 2018. Visit QYK - Your personal bar, on the cloud! for further information.

    About QYKBAR

    QYKBAR is the UBER for the Alcohol industry. We are changing the whole concept of Bar by taking it to the cloud. With QYKBAR, you can choose and stock your drinks on the cloud at low prices and consume at any number of bars and restaurants worldwide. QYKBAR will change your alcohol consumption experience forever!

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