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    [ann] Aeternity - A Blockchain For The Masses, Aug 25, 2022
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    Get ready for the next presentation by Keno Dreßel this Friday at 06:00 PM CEST and learn how to increase liquidity for your preferred token!

    Join the Discussion t.me/aeternityuniverse

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  2. [ann] Tigger Finance - Redistribution Of Wealth, Made Simple., Jul 8, 2022
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    Join @TiggerFinanceand see amazing ways to make money using the $WTF token
    There are many sources of income such as decentralized applications with utilities for several users and $WTF auto-staking and auto-compounding feature
    Learn more:tigger.finance
  4. [ann] Enegra - Powering Global Trade, Jun 23, 2022
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    According to
    @ZenGo, ClearSign is designed to reduce the risk of users losing their NFTs and other crypto assets to phishing scams and untrustworthy dApps
  6. Solidray: A Safe Space For The Blockchain Community, May 7, 2022
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    The blockchain community is extensive. There are a lot of activities taking place in the ecosystem. However, as it is, it also accommodates both the good and the bad. Generally, there is a need to develop a safe space for the blockchain ecosystem.

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  8. Bashoswap Private Sale Is Ongoing, Apr 11, 2022
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    Bashoswap Private Sale is Ongoing


    The Bashoswap team is pleased to inform the crypto community that it has begun a private sale round for early adopters.

    You must have at least 20,000 ADA in your wallet to participate in the private sale. They will offer 100,000,000 Bash tokens in its round of private sale, and investors who wish to join in the private sale can do so by emailing them at their email [email protected].

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  10. Mine Network: The Best Gamefi Dapp Based On Hashrate!, Feb 26, 2022
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    MINE Network: The best GameFi dApp based on hashrate!


    The gaming industry has evolved into something that is more than just entertainment. Thanks to blockchain technology, gamers are now able to both entertain themselves and earn revenue through tokenization. As a result of combining games, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), GameFi projects have created a boom in not only users but also in token prices.

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  12. Integrating Networks And Technologies To Enhance The Crypto Community!, Feb 16, 2022
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    Integrating networks and technologies to enhance the crypto community!


    The Crypto craze gains traction as platforms record robust growth in user numbers. People now want to seek out industry professionals to expand their knowledge. Have you ever considered joining a decentralised crypto community that would solve all your problems? Would you like to gain the greatest chance of success by joining a decentralised community?

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  14. Onino – The Multi-purpose Cross-chain Metadata Registry, Feb 14, 2022
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    ONINO – The Multi-Purpose Cross-Chain Metadata Registry


    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications are gaining in popularity in society across the globe. However, there are many more possibilities to explore and leverage the power of blockchain in the long term. Therefore, it is important to bring all the different aspects of blockchain under one roof to facilitate real-world identities and assets securely into the digital market.

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