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    Indu4.0: Powering The Manufacturing Sector With Blockchain And Its Benefits, Nov 18, 2022
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    In an age of digital transformation, many people wonder how technology will change how they live and work.

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  2. Xrpaynet: Join Our Staking Program For Exclusive Rewards!xrpaynet: Join Our Staking Program For Excl, Nov 12, 2022
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    XRPayNet: Join our staking program for exclusive rewards!


    XRPayNet, a cryptocurrency built on the XRP Ledger, facilitates cryptocurrency payments in the retail sector. XRPayNet recently announced a stake campaign with XRP.

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  4. The Junkiverse Aims To Be The First “game-first” Nft Project, Nov 9, 2022
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    The Junkiverse aims to be the FIRST “game-first” NFT project


    The Junkiverse aims to be the first ‘game-first’ NFT project, in which it aims to provide a truly enjoyable experience to its users. Since most Web 3.0 games focus on the Play-to-Earn aspect of the game, The Junkiverse plans to bring about a paradigm shift in that trend.

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  6. Indu4.0 Powered By Indu – A Native Token To Cover Crucial Needs Of The, Nov 7, 2022
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    indu4.0 powered by INDU – A native token to cover crucial needs of the manufacturing industry


    The world of technology is filled with buzzwords these days. From AR to VR, AI to blockchain, it can be difficult to know when these technologies are worth leveraging.

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  8. Globiance – A Payment Gateway That Integrates Crypto, Fiat, Convenience And, Nov 2, 2022
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    Globiance – A payment gateway that integrates crypto, fiat, convenience and rewards


    Globiance is an Inter-operable exchange and banking platform with payment gateways, crypto trading, banking services, stable coins, and both centralized and decentralized marketplaces.

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  10. Indu4.0: Manufacturing’s Most Powerful Tool. Presale Of Indu Tokens Is Coming Up, Oct 29, 2022
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    indu4.0: Manufacturing’s most powerful tool. Presale of INDU tokens is coming up soon!


    Indu4.0 AG, a Swiss-based company in Switzerland, has developed blockchain-based solutions to simplify the manufacturing industry with its project, indu4.0. The INDU token serves as the payment token for the company’s services.

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  12. Gauss: A Curated Ecosystem Built For Brands, Oct 29, 2022
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    There are more than 300 million crypto users around the world, with over a tenth of the internet users, globally, owning some form of crypto currency.

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  14. Flyguyz Nft Mint Coming Soon, Oct 29, 2022
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    FlyGuyz NFT Mint Coming Soon


    FlyGuyz, the ultimate combat game with play to earn (P2E) features on the blockchain, will soon allow for their NFT minting.

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  16. Xdc Staking Is Finally Here! Now Available On The Globiance Platform., Oct 22, 2022
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    XDC Staking is Finally Here! Now Available on the Globiance Platform.


    XDC is a popular choice for crypto holders to hold and up until now, the option for staking XDC hasn’t been available anywhere. Globiance just announced the release of its XDC staking program this past weekend and the response has been overwhelming.

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  18. Dmglobal: Influencing Mass Adoption Of Crypto With Benefits, Oct 21, 2022
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    There are several issues that customers of traditional banking have been facing and that led to the revolution in financial technologies or fintech, as it is now commonly known.

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