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    Coinhaven – The People’s Exchange, Sep 22, 2022 at 10:00 AM
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    Trading on crypto exchanges is now gaining momentum on a P2P basis. Peer-to-peer, or P2P for short, are crypto exchanges that connect peers directly instead of relying on a third party to handle the transaction.

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  2. Bitcoin Fed Rate Hike – Could Bitcoin Plummet To $15,000?, Sep 21, 2022 at 7:34 AM
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    Bitcoin Fed Rate Hike – Could Bitcoin plummet to $15,000?


    Bitcoin plunged close to 10% and the S&P 500 index dropped 4.32% on September 13 after the August inflation print showed an increase of 0.1% for the month while economists had expected a 0.1% decline month-over-month.

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  4. Xrpaynet-the World’s Most Versatile Payment Network, Sep 19, 2022
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    XRPAYNET-The World’s Most Versatile Payment Network


    XRPayNet will revolutionize the online transfer of money. When clients pay using crypto, XRPayNet helps the merchant get the cash in whichever fiat currency they accept.

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  6. Ethereum Merge News – Will Bitcoin Steal The Show From Eth Merge?, Sep 14, 2022
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    Ethereum Merge News – Will Bitcoin steal the show from ETH Merge?


    Bitcoin rallied more than 9% last week and extended its recovery above $22,400 in the new week. This helped the total cryptocurrency market capitalization to climb back above the psychological mark of $1 trillion. Several events may have triggered the recovery in the cryptocurrency markets.

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  8. Manilla Finance To Support Pure Crypto Payments, Prepares To Make A Huge Leap, Sep 10, 2022
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    Manilla Finance to Support Pure Crypto Payments, Prepares to Make a Huge Leap into the Web 3 Space


    The developmental team at Manilla Finance has been working around the clock to ensure the project aunches per the roadmap. Necessary infrastructure, including a functional website and social media platforms, are available.

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  10. Rise Of The Gamefi Economy, Sep 9, 2022
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    The sheer number of video gamers spread all over the world suggests that a third of the world population is into video games and a big majority of those game purchases are in digital format. So, video games are slowly becoming part of our daily lives.

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  12. [ann] Aeternity - A Blockchain For The Masses, Sep 1, 2022
  13. Максим Дмитриевич Глазков

    Are you a skilled developer or do you know someone that could be beneficial to Aeternity blockchain? See how you can earn by sending them our way!

    Full Article bit.ly/3RrVE2Y

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  14. Bitcoin Price Rebound – Will Bitcoin’s June Lows Be Retested?, Aug 30, 2022
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    Bitcoin Price Rebound – Will Bitcoin’s June lows be retested?


    The United States Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell dashed hopes of any slowdown in the central bank’s aggressive monetary tightening in his speech at The Jackson Hole Symposium on August 26.

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  16. Plutusfi – A Crypto Trading Platform With Advanced Trading Bots!, Aug 30, 2022
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    PlutusFi – A crypto trading platform with advanced trading bots!


    Although cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry face risks, they continue to grow. Institutional-grade custody services are increasingly available to investors as much-needed financial infrastructure is being built.

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  18. [ann] M1connect - A Move To Earn Health And Fitness Application, Aug 25, 2022