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    Ritcoin The Art Of Cryptocurrency, Get Crypto News And Updates, Oct 26, 2019
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    Ritcoin the art of cryptocurrency,
    Get crypto news including trending cryptos, bitcoin (btc), ethereum (eth), litecoin (ltc), ripple (xrp), cardano (ada) news, bitcoin cash (bch), verge (xvg) tron (trx) news, crypto mining, hashflare – cloud mining, genesis cloud mining review, giga watt – mining solution review, buy/sell, quadrigacx, make cryptos, free crypto ebook and more at : - RitCoin
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  4. Coinzoom Visa Debit Cards Set For Q4 Rollout, Oct 12, 2019
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    As the crypto market continues its path to mainstream and institutional adoption, some significant milestones are being hit, and are just over the horizon.

    From diminishing rates of wash trading ( Bitcoin Magazine ) among crypto exchanges, the launch of physically-delivered Bitcoin futures ( Bakkt Is Finally Launching Its Bitcoin Futures Today. Here's What to Expect - CoinDesk ), and the rise of user-friendly DeFi products, crypto’s trajectory toward market maturity is rapidly gaining momentum. And the ultimate goal remains mainstream adoption.

    For CoinZoom ( ), an emerging institutional-grade crypto exchange from the founders of forex giant, Interbank FX, the vision of widespread access to crypto is coupled with one of its flagship products -- VISA cards.

    "We are extremely pleased to work with Visa as we launch CoinZoom,” detailed CoinZoom CEO, Todd Crosland, in the press release ( CoinZoom, a U.S. Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces New Visa Debit Card | Markets Insider )announcing the card program in August. “Visa's dominance as a global leader in digital payments is a tremendous asset as CoinZoom begins to reshape the global cryptocurrency marketplace.”

    Set for rollout this quarter, CoinZoom’s Visa card program empowers its exchange users to directly access both their crypto and fiat wallets from their accounts and spend them at over 53 million merchants worldwide. A US-regulated Money Services Business with Fincen and Money Transmitter, CoinZoom’s vision also extends beyond their card program and into filling the void of what retail and institutions seek -- a fiat-crypto gateway with pooled global liquidity and a high-performance trading engine.

    Onboarding The Mainstream to Crypto

    Cryptocurrencies have a usability problem. As a product of their underlying complexity and esoteric existence, including aspects like private key management and gas fees on Ethereum, cryptocurrencies present a considerable barrier for mainstream users to understand.

    The tipping point of cryptocurrency adoption is largely viewed through two primary prisms: the use of crypto for retail payments and overcoming the UX problem ( DApp Survey Results 2019 )

    Retail cryptocurrency use has gained steam in recent months, with the likes of Lolli, Bitrefill, and other retail-crypto services partnering directly with retailers to offer e-commerce and other online payments directly in crypto. However, such partnerships require forming relationships with retailers, something that CoinZoom understood as a major obstacle, and one that working with Visa circumvents entirely.

    And as a regulated digital currency exchange in multiple regions of the world, including Australia, Ireland, and the US, CoinZoom can offer account funding via several global railways such as Visa, and Mastercard, ACH, and wires.

    Along with the real-time crypto-fiat conversions on CoinZoom using the Visa card, the exchange is offering multiple rewards programs. Select, Preferred, Gold, Platinum, and Black Visa rewards cards are all at the fingertips of users, which include Visa 24/7 support and common rewards cashback options.

    Considering that global access to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is one of their weakest assurances ( Unpacking Bitcoin’s Assurances ), pushes by CoinZoom promise to expand ease of access to numerous regions, encompassing millions of people, all within regulatory compliance.

    Users can simply spend crypto balances through their CoinZoom Visa cards online and at compatible point-of-sale devices anywhere that Visa is accepted, including all global ATMs that accept Visa and Matercard, all without having to go through the cumbersome process of exchanging crypto for fiat then sending the money to a pre-funded debit card (i.e., BitPay) -- prohibitive points of friction for many users. It’s no secret that users want integrated interfaces either. The ability to tap into a high-performance exchange, debit cards, and other features like an OTC trading desk and margin trading (coming soon), all under one umbrella, will attract swaths of users tired of exchanges in the US who have tarried behind in the innovation of more comprehensive exchange offerings.

    The race towards crypto adoption is becoming more competitive by the minute, but projects and exchanges that cater to both institutional and retail requests are positioned optimally to capture the most significant portions of mainstream users. CoinZoom’s Visa rollout is just a single feature of its diverse offering but is one that clearly gives it an advantage over crypto-retail competitors and exchanges alike.

    Coupled with a resurgent Bitcoin market, Q4 2019 is shaping up to be a pivotal period in the archives of cryptocurrency’s evolution.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange
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  6. Why This Exchange’s Comprehensive Approach Is The Future Of Crypto Markets, Oct 12, 2019
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    You see it everywhere in the crypto space now -- exchanges jostling for position to attract institutional money, the expansion of trading features (i.e., derivatives and margin trading) for users, and initiatives to deepen liquidity pools through incentive structures for market makers and partnerships with high profile liquidity providers.

    However, there remains a noticeable drawback to many endeavors by exchanges to attract the broadest set of users -- regulation.

    Fragmented regulatory perspectives in different regions of the world have hindered much of the standardization and features of cryptocurrency exchanges. In the US, derivatives products are only beginning to gain regulatory favor, margin trading is sparse, and features lag behind offshore exchanges -- particularly in Asia.

    For CoinZoom ( ), an institutional-grade crypto exchange from the team behind Interbank FX, the market is ripe for disruption. Their plan? Fuse a unique blend of regulatory approval and comprehensive features to capture vast portions of crypto users, and eventually, the mainstream.

    A Unique Regulatory Status

    Regulation has been one of the foremost topics in crypto since Bitcoin came onto the scene in 2009. That sentiment has only accelerated in recent months as discussions around ETFs, derivatives, options ( CME Group Is Launching Bitcoin Options Early in 2020 - CoinDesk ), and central-banked issued digital currencies gain momentum.

    Exchanges, like Bitfinex, have historically had to play regulatory arbitrage throughout various countries to maintain stable banking relationships and avoid the long-reaching ire of US regulators. For Bitfinex, that has been an arduous path ( NYAG to Court: Don't Let Bitfinex Keep Stonewalling Our Investigation - CoinDesk ), and for others, it has inhibited their ability to expand their product offerings to users out of fear of administrative retribution.

    For CoinZoom, the renowned experience of its founders in the global FX markets, which experience over $5 trillion in volume per day, ( Forex Market Size: A Trader's Advantage )has enabled the exchange to enter the crypto markets with a robust global regulatory standing -- replete with liquidity and institutional partners. CoinZoom is both a regulated Money Transmitter and Money Service Business in the US, and it’s affiliated entity, CoinZoom Securities is overseen by the SEC and FINRA.

    Additionally, the exchange is a regulated digital currency exchange in Australia and recently tacked on EU registration in Ireland to its regulatory resume -- called CoinZoom Europe, Limited.

    Quite simply, most cryptocurrency exchanges do not have such sparkling regulatory statuses in a single country, let alone multiple. This has profound consequences on CoinZoom’s ability to build numerous fiat-crypto gateways and railways, including global funding options like Visa, Mastercard, ACH, Wires, and other funding options. Coupled with a Visa-backed debit card and rewards program connected directly to user exchange accounts, and the regulatory status of CoinZoom is already paying dividends.

    But the bonus lies in the additional features that CoinZoom has accumulated in step with its regulatory status, features that many users and institutions have been yearning for under a single roof.

    The Appeal of Advanced Features & Financial Products

    One of the prevailing narratives in crypto throughout 2019 has been the rollout of margin trading and derivatives products among spot exchanges and standalone derivatives platforms. BitMEX’s dominance and lucrative revenue (including its insurance fund ( The BitMEX Insurance Fund – BitMEX Blog )) sparked widespread interest in building native derivatives products within existing exchanges.

    For example, Binance unveiled margin trading on its primary exchange and Bitfinex opened up a perpetual swap analog for BTC and ETH. And BitMEX continues to push forward with other offerings, like fixed income products, that expand its feature set.

    However, BitMEX exists in a precarious regulatory position and is currently under investigation by the CFTC ( Crypto Exchange BitMEX Under Investigation by CFTC: Bloomberg - CoinDesk )for serving US customers.

    Once again, CoinZoom’s regulatory status is an immediate boon for the firm’s business model to extend multiple, advanced financial products to its users. For instance, CoinZoom is a highly liquid fiat-crypto gateway with multiple funding pathways, underscored by a suite of institutional liquidity partners deriving from the team’s experience at Interbank FX.

    Add in leveraged trading of select, liquid cryptocurrencies (no Poloniex socialized CLAM losses ( Poloniex Will Reimburse $13.5 Million Loss From Clams Flash Crash )), a suite of native stablecoins, and fixed income products (i.e., interest rate returns) for Staking leading cryptocurrencies, and you can begin to see the type of scope for additional features that good regulatory standing affords. For context, Coinbase just announced ( Coinbase to Pay Users 1.25% Interest on USDC Stablecoin Holdings - CoinDesk )fixed interest rate returns for its native stablecoin USDC, something CoinZoom is bootstrapping with.

    In a digital era where convenience and features often capture the most extensive user set, CoinZoom’s fusing of a resolute regulatory standing and comprehensive feature suite presents formidable competition to a crowded field of exchanges. Regulation has traditionally proved a significant drawback for many crypto exchanges, but CoinZoom is wielding it to their advantage.


    Cryptocurrency Exchange
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  8. How This Team Of Renowned Forex Professionals Is Changing The Crypto Exchange Landscape, Oct 12, 2019
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    Global forex trading encompasses more volume than any market in the world. Trading more than $5 trillion daily (Forex Market Size: A Trader's Advantage) for numerous national currencies, Forex markets require lightning-fast trade execution, pinpoint spreads, and vast experience in one of the world’s most lucrative markets.

    For Todd Crosland and Paxton Powers of the renowned Interbank FX forex firm, decades of experience in the FX market was a profound opportunity to translate into the maturing crypto markets.

    And, indeed, the crypto markets still have some necessary maturation ahead.

    As recently detailed by CoinMetrics (Coin Metrics' State of the Network: Issue 19), spreads on crypto spot exchanges can deviate from parity drastically during times of market stress, particularly when waterfalls of leveraged positions on derivatives platforms (i.e., BitMEX) are auto-liquidated in mere minutes -- further fueling price momentum in the triggered direction.

    Such an immature market microstructure doesn’t even take into account the subpar order matching engines of many exchanges. For example, BitMEX -- the leading Bitcoin derivatives platform -- has had persistent problems (The Perpetual Overload Problem : BitMEX its order-matching engine, cited by some prop shops and institutions as being virtually unusable during times of high activity.

    As a result, it’s not surprising that institutions are hesitant to dive into crypto markets, knowing full-well that manipulation is much easier than the regulated and mature market infrastructure of legacy financial markets.

    With critical problems still facing the crypto markets, Crosland and Powers decided to launch CoinZoom (, an institutional-grade crypto-fiat exchange that is fully regulatory-compliant in multiple jurisdictions.

    Building the Necessary Exchange Infrastructure

    A common axiom in financial markets is that liquidity begets liquidity. Bootstrapping liquidity is challenging, and in the crypto markets, it is largely a product of network effects where exchanges that arose in prominence during the ICO craze of 2017 remain the industry leaders in volume and liquidity.

    However, for CoinZoom, the experience of attracting liquidity is sure to be markedly different than its competitors in the exchange arena.

    “We’re a registered Money Transmitter and Money Services Business in the US,” details CoinZoom CEO, Todd Crosland. “Together with our connection to more than a dozen institutional OTC desks and market makers, along with our relationships from Interbank FX, we have deep liquidity pools integrated from around the world.”

    The importance of liquidity cannot be understated. Crypto exchanges jump through hoops to appear more liquid than they are, falsifying order book data, encouraging wash trading, and introducing trans-fee mining -- all in an effort to attract more traders. As a result, cryptocurrency markets are rife with fake volumes, reported by Bitwise to be as high as nearly 95 percent (95% Of Reported Bitcoin Trading Volume Is Fake, Says Bitwise) of total volumes.

    Besides its robust relationships with financial institutions as a boon for attracting initial liquidity, CoinZoom is also offering a suite of financial products and services with its exchange to appeal to more mainstream crypto users.

    For example, the exchange is offering CoinZoom Staking, where customers can earn passive income from 6% - 13% annually, by just holding certain cryptocurrencies in their accounts. Staking will initially be available for Dash (DASH), and Algorand (ALGO), with additional coins coming soon. CoinZoom also offers ZoomMe, a free Peer to Peer, cross-border payment gateway to instantly send both fiat and crypto, mobile trading applications, and a Visa-backed debit card with rewards programs.

    But attracting liquidity is not the only problem with liquidity; it’s the capacity to support highly liquid activity.

    Drawing from their decades of experience in the ultra high-frequency world of FX trading, CoinZoom understands the type of infrastructure required to support institutional-grade trading of assets. Additionally, their knowledge encompasses the requirements for multiple types of assets trading simultaneously, like what will be ongoing with their support of stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and security tokens -- issues not within the purview of most other crypto exchanges.

    “We deploy advanced order analytics efficiently match and execute orders across the platform,” details CoinZoom CIO, Paxton Powers. “Our AI system is a pattern recognition system that identifies and alerts traders of pending market entry opportunities and how to react to market movements in the cryptocurrencies they are trading.”

    Increasingly, institutions and professional traders are searching for an exchange platform that provides an all-inclusive experience.

    Where derivatives, spot trading, fiat gateways, security tokens, and liquidity are all coalesced under one umbrella, is where institutions will move. CoinZoom thoroughly believes that its platform is the tipping point institutions have been looking for, and their vast experience and relationships in the forex market should only serve them admirably in convincing financial entities to jump into the crypto market.

    Where maturity is necessary for the further development of the crypto markets, the progress made by native crypto exchanges appears insufficient to convince both regulators and institutions of the asset class’ staying power so far.

    CoinZoom appears poised to disrupt that narrative, bringing with it a slew of high-profile experience and innovative products.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange
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  14. A P2p Cryptocoin With Lightning Fast Transactions And Low Transaction Fees, Oct 8, 2019
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  18. How To Trade Bitcoin Like A Pro On Olymp Trade, Sep 26, 2019
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    The popularity of cryptocurrencies has recently increased. It is noticeable also on Olymp Trade. More and more people are interested in them, especially bitcoin. Many have succeeded in trading cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a closer look at bitcoin. You will learn what it is and how it all works.

    Bitcoin – how does it work?
    After you understand how bitcoin works, you will be also capable of trading other cryptocurrencies. The main thing is they are decentralised. Traditional currencies work with banks.


    The contract for difference on bitcoin.
    On Olymp Trade platform you can trade bitcoins through digital options or CFD. It means you can trade bitcoins without owning them. CFD stands for contract for difference. So instead of registering in cryptocurrency exchange and signing up for e-wallet, you can trade BTC with Olymp Trade. With CFD it is easy, you simply buy or sell depending on your prediction.


    Why Olymp Trade is the best choice for trading bitcoin?
    The best of tools.
    You are now aware of the fact that bitcoin is highly volatile. You need to make it the advantage for you and at Olymp Trade you get the best tools for that. Chart layouts, available technical indicators, detailed history quotes, expert market analysis to name just a few. But you may be most interested in market updates, which Olymp Trade offers too.


    The popularity of cryptocurrencies has recently increased. It is noticeable also on Olymp Trade. More and more people are interested in them, especially bitcoin. Many have succeeded in trading cryptocurrencies. Let's take a closer look at bitcoin. You will learn what it is and how it all works.
    How to trade bitcoin like a pro on Olymp Trade
    How to trade bitcoin like a pro on Olymp Trade - Olymp Trade Wiki
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