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    The Strange Woman In My Matrimonial Bed, Aug 16, 2019
  1. Mosesayo

    "Yesterday, I came home much earlier than you expected. I wanted to surprise you with a piece of property (a multilevel building) that I just acquired for you in central district of Abuja... Infact, I purchased the property IN YOUR NAME.
    While I looking for a safe place in your room to put the building documents, I stumbled on junior's school bill for this term. I also noticed that you have clearly doctored the bill. I didn't believe I gave you another chance to tell me the truth (when I asked you to confirm the bill again via chat, yesterday morning) but instead, you sent me exaggerated figures again.
    I was forced to trace the school yesterday afternoon, just to confirm what you sent to me (Hoping that I was wrong about you)....only to discover that what you sent to me is way over and above what the school actually require.
    I can't believe that I have been living with a lying woman and a cheat. How am I sure that the one I call Junior, is even my son? When I get back to town, we will go for a DNA test."
    That was when I realised what Jesus meant when he said: "it is finished" marriage of 8 years was completely finished!
    I had betrayed my husband's trust. How would I ever earn his trust again?
    Even if he forgives me, Can he ever trust me again? Can I say I still have a marriage? Can this marriage still work?
    I want all women (single & married) to learn from my story. No matter the freedom or freehand you are given...pls don't abuse #it. It is the little foxes (of lying, hiding things) that spoil the vine of good relationships/marriage. Be faithful, loyal, open, truthful, and straight forward with your partner, in all things and at all times. You may not cheat by having extra marital affair but I hope you are not cheating in some other underground or silent ways?