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    The Rise Of Inddais, A Link Between Crypto And Mining, May 26, 2022
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    The Rise Of Inddais, A Link Between Crypto And Mining


    Inddais is finally live. This is a special token that links crypto with the mining world. The token gives users the chance to buy seed and harvest returns. It will be BNB returns as users will be paid in the form of BNB. It leverages the transparency of blockchain into traditional profit sharing for an ultimate Web 3.0 experience from a simple web portal.

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  2. Smartchem Ico: Green Chemistry Blockchain Project, May 19, 2022
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    SmartChem ICO: Green Chemistry Blockchain Project


    Industrial development is one of the key elements of economic progress of a society. Nowadays, however, it has also become one of the main reasons for our health and environmental hazards. The latter is due to the toxic waste emitted by many industries. Keeping industries clean in a sustainable way is one of the largest unsolved problems of the present world.

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  4. Solidray Ico Offers Platform Participation At Discounted Price, May 18, 2022
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    Solidray ICO Offers Platform Participation at Discounted Price


    Solidray ICO Offers Platform Participation at Discounted Price

    Solidray, a decentralised crypto platform that provides utilities ranging from Web 3.0 social media to NFT marketplaces, has launched an ICO of its Solidray token (SRT), that offers an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to be part of the platform at a discounted price.

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  6. Solidray: A Safe Space For The Blockchain Community, May 7, 2022
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    The blockchain community is extensive. There are a lot of activities taking place in the ecosystem. However, as it is, it also accommodates both the good and the bad. Generally, there is a need to develop a safe space for the blockchain ecosystem.

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  8. Charity Token: The Perfect Token To Bring Charitable Giving To The Next Level, Apr 27, 2022
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    Cryptocurrency, blockchain and the world of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) have opened up several new avenues of financial system that everyone can benefit from. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are also showing its potential to build globally distributed communities of like-minded individuals in unprecedented ways.

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  10. Charity Token Sale: Crypto With A Cause To Better The World, Apr 26, 2022
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    CHARITY TOKEN SALE: Crypto with a Cause to Better the World


    Charity Token, the world’s first social-investing platform, is providing a revolutionary new way to fundraise sustainably,
    allowing individuals to receive tokens for their generosity.

    By purchasing Charity Tokens, you automatically become a social investor,
    as you will be placing your cash/investment value with us in our network.

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  12. Cryptocurrency Market Update: Is Bitcoin And Altcoins Attempting Recovery?, Apr 20, 2022
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    Cryptocurrency Market Update: Is Bitcoin and Altcoins Attempting Recovery?


    Bitcoin and Nasdaq 100 have been clobbered in 2022 as both are down about 15% but in the same period, gold has risen about 10%. This shows that in high inflation, rising rate environment, investors have shunned assets perceived as risky and are sticking to gold, which is a proven inflation hedge.

    Bitcoin and major altcoins are giving the signal for recovery. Is this a good time to start buying or should one sell the rallies?

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  14. Ernest Comics: Introducing The World’s Best Comic Nfts!, Apr 19, 2022
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    Ernest Comics: Introducing the World’s Best Comic NFTs!


    Crypto NFTs are digital representations of physical assets built on a blockchain network, and they cannot be duplicated. Non-fungible tokens feature metadata and identification codes that set them apart. The difference in the value of each NFT makes it impossible to exchange or trade them equally.


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  16. Bashoswap Private Sale Is Ongoing, Apr 11, 2022
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    Bashoswap Private Sale is Ongoing


    The Bashoswap team is pleased to inform the crypto community that it has begun a private sale round for early adopters.

    You must have at least 20,000 ADA in your wallet to participate in the private sale. They will offer 100,000,000 Bash tokens in its round of private sale, and investors who wish to join in the private sale can do so by emailing them at their email [email protected].

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  18. Artex: Bringing Art To The Masses, Apr 11, 2022
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    NFTs are digital certificates associated with blockchain-based digital assets. Essentially, they represent digital assets in the form of cryptocurrency tokens. You can buy NFTs for original artwork, trading cards, music, videos, and anything digital. The trend of art NFTs has been around for two years, where artists sell their artwork for a high price.

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