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    Tecno Will Make Your Christmas Wishes Come True!, Dec 16, 2019
  1. D-termined


    Christmas is in the air and TECNO is bent on making it the most beautiful Christmas Nigerians have seen in recent times!

    For years now, TECNO has proven time and again that they are a brand tailored specifically for Nigerians, well this Christmas, TECNO has positioned itself to do just that again.

    TECNO recognizes that the Christmas season is a time for families to come together and show each other love. So, the brand has decided to reward existing and new customers by putting smiles on their faces and bringing their FAMILY’S WISH to life.


    Here is how it is all going to play out online and offline.

    Online, on TECNO’s social Facebook page, you are to state your family’s wish and then mention why TECNO should make that wish come true. You can also make a wish on your own Twitter and Instagram accounts with the hashtag TECNOGratitudeXmas. Every week, the most emotional and authenticated wishes will be selected and rewarded with their exact wish! Entries close on the 20th of December. All wishes must be made using TECNOGratitudeXmas.


    This gets even more interesting offline.

    TECNO will be expressing their gratitude to both existing and new customers. Any existing user can walk into any TECNO Store and fill a wish card with their family’s wish.

    New customers on the other hand are to buy a TECNO phone to win gifts and make a wish for their family. Every customer that buys a phone will get instant gifts and still be able to make a wish.

    This is definitely a perfect way to wrap up the year with a bang!

    Obviously, TECNO keeps topping their last acts of good! If this doesn’t spell out clearly that they are a brand that cares, I don’t know what will.

    Christmas can’t get merrier than this Nigerians! Why don’t you get your wishes ready and hop on the glee train!

    For more details on how to make your wishes, click on this link;
  2. Tecno Gratitude Xmas: Make A Wish And See It Comes True, Dec 9, 2019
  3. D-termined

    TECNO Gratitude Xmas – As a brand known for rewarding and giving back to the community, TECNO is putting plans in top gear to end the year on a high note with an unforgettable Christmas Experience.

    So in the spirit of gratitude, the company wants to show appreciation to all its fans and customers and has commenced a campaign themed, TECNOGratitudeXmas. It is all about giving and putting a smile on the faces of Nigeria this Christmas.

    This is an opportunity for you to make a wish of the things you want in life and see it fulfilled. You can join the activity online or offline to make your wish come true


    How to Participate Online:

    1. Make a family-related wish, and submit your entry with a picture of your family using the hashtag TECNOGratitudeXmas
    2. On Facebook, post your wish as a comment on the activity post pinned to the top of TECNO page.
    3. On Instagram and Twitter, Post on your timeline using the hashtag TECNOGratitudeXmas
    4. Invite your friends and family to like and share your comment/post to increase the chances of your wish to be selected.
    5. Every week, selected family wishes will be granted by TECNO. The activity will run online from 4th-20th Dec. 2019
    You can also participate offline starting from the 20thof December by walking into any TECNO exclusive store; fill a wish card and submit in the wish box. Winners will be announced via a lucky dip at the end of the activity.

    You also get an instant gift when you buy any TECNO smartphone from TECNO retail stores in Nigeria. There will also be discounts, vouchers, scratch and win offer at TECNO exclusive stores.

    TECNO deeply appreciates all its amazing customers and fans, which is why it will grant the family wishes of lucky participants in the TECNOGratitudeXmas contest this Christmas season.

    For more details, visit TECNOSpot for the terms and conditions.