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    Onino Farm Making Milestones In The Crypto Sphere: Boosting Liquidity And Launching On Hotbit Onino, Mar 22, 2022
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    ONINO Farm Making Milestones in the Crypto Sphere: Boosting Liquidity and Launching on Hotbit


    ONINO, the simplest solution for your Web 3.0 identity, has recently made milestones in the crypto sphere after announcing its Liquidity Boosting Program, as well as the launch of the ONI token on Hotbit.

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  2. Onino – The Multi-purpose Cross-chain Metadata Registry | Pre Sale Filled In 3 Min, Jan 14, 2022
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    ONINO – The multi-purpose cross-chain metadata registry | Pre Sale filled in 3 min


    ONINO is a layer-1 information storage solution that connects to any wallet. It will be the simplest solution for web 3.0 identities, asset management, and much more.

    The blockchain world can be confusing sometimes. There is no arguing that blockchain – technologically speaking – is the future in many domains.

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