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    Indu4.0: Powering The Manufacturing Sector With Blockchain And Its Benefits, Nov 18, 2022
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    In an age of digital transformation, many people wonder how technology will change how they live and work.

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  2. The Junkiverse Aims To Be The First “game-first” Nft Project, Nov 9, 2022
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    The Junkiverse aims to be the FIRST “game-first” NFT project


    The Junkiverse aims to be the first ‘game-first’ NFT project, in which it aims to provide a truly enjoyable experience to its users. Since most Web 3.0 games focus on the Play-to-Earn aspect of the game, The Junkiverse plans to bring about a paradigm shift in that trend.

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  4. Come Take A Look At This "catstar Minings", Nov 1, 2022
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  6. Flyguyz Nft Mint Coming Soon, Oct 29, 2022
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    FlyGuyz NFT Mint Coming Soon


    FlyGuyz, the ultimate combat game with play to earn (P2E) features on the blockchain, will soon allow for their NFT minting.

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  8. Weedoverse Introduces Weedofarm: Weed Farming P2e Game & Cannabis Metaverse, Oct 20, 2022
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    WeedoVerse Introduces WeedoFarm: Weed Farming P2E Game & Cannabis Metaverse


    WeedoVerse, built on the Polygon blockchain, is a metaverse dedicated to cannabis, allowing cannabis-passionate individuals to play, chill and earn on the metaverse through WeedoFarm.

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  10. Indu4.0: Revolving Manufacturing With Blockchain Technology, Oct 19, 2022
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    indu4.0 employs blockchain technology to benefit the manufacturing sector. In this article, we explore how indu4.0 is poised to revolutionize manufacturing on a global scale with the latest technology.

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  12. Collectiverse Launches Its Nft Public Sale And Marketplace To Build Their Next, Oct 15, 2022
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    CollectiVerse launches its NFT public sale and marketplace to build their next generation technology


    CollectiVerse is building the first blockchain platform that gives on and off-chain businesses (no matter the size) access to similar financial services that corporations can access from Wall Street banks, but using DeFi and NFTs.

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  14. [ann] Metarun - 9,999 Genesis Nft Mysteries Sales - Wl Event Is Now Open, Oct 13, 2022
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  16. Age Of Zalmoxis: Integrating Blockchain Technology And Nfts For Awe-evoking, Oct 7, 2022
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    Age of Zalmoxis: Integrating Blockchain Technology and NFTs for Awe-Evoking, Highly-Rewarding Gaming Sessions


    Age of Zalmoxis, a play-to-earn MMORPG set in the third person, is not just an awe-evoking, blockchain-powered game but also an intelligent innovation founded on dynamic concepts.

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  18. Manilla Finance: Empowering Users So They Can Pay With Crypto Through Manilla, Oct 6, 2022
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    Manilla Finance is an innovative and highly scalable CeDeFi project that seeks to bridge traditional fintech solutions from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and enable utility bills settlements in cryptocurrencies.

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