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    [ann] Iskra World - The Future Of Play, Jul 1, 2022
  1. Максим Дмитриевич Глазков

    Greetings newly minted Pioneers!

    You've made history with your first Pioneer NFTs, you're now able to BOOST your rewards even more by referring others

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    Link to purchase PNFT: bit.ly/ISKRA_pNFTSales1

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  2. Mine Network Announces A Content Creator Contest In Preparation Of Its Metaverse, Jun 25, 2022
  3. crypto expert

    MINE Network Announces A Content Creator Contest In Preparation Of Its Metaverse


    MINE Network, a scalable financial Metaverse solution that’s blending traditional finance with the innovation of DeFi, GameFi, and NFT’s recently launched a content creator competition in anticipation of its launch.

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  4. [ann] Top Secret Game, May 24, 2022
  5. Mine Network: Eliminates Liquidity Problems With Ease!, Jan 22, 2022
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    Mine Network: Eliminates Liquidity Problems with ease!


    Liquidity mining refers to the act of providing liquidity through cryptocurrencies to Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). Eliminating liquidity problems in cryptocurrency mining comes with several advantages.

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  7. Mirai: A Sustainable Ecosystem Based On Defi, Nfts And Gamefi, Dec 30, 2021
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    Mirai: A sustainable ecosystem based on DeFi, NFTs and GameFi


    Mirai, a Japanese word meaning the future, is a platform that seeks to promote eco sustainable projects and make ecology look cool to the future and current generations. Until now, we have had piecemeal efforts by entrepreneurs and companies as they strive to create projects that are deemed to be ecologically sustainable. These projects have borne little to no fruit.

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  9. [ann] Nftcraft - The New Benchmark For P2e Yield In The Galaxy Dwarf World, Dec 24, 2021
  10. Максим Дмитриевич Глазков

    While our developers are working on the beta version of NFTcraft, we want to share the GameFi and NFT stats of Q3 2021.

    The number of active wallets interacting with NFT games increased by 2553%: from 29,563 at the beginning of the year to 754,000

  11. Quizarena: F2p And C2e Gaming Platform On The Blockchain., Dec 14, 2021
  12. crypto expert

    Quizarena: F2P and C2E gaming platform on the blockchain.


    Blockchain gaming has evolved into a serious gaming ecosystem across the world. We have seen the rise of GameFi, where players battle it out against each other and earn prizes in the form of tokens or NFTs. This has decentralised gaming and we no longer have one central entity that controls a gaming platform. Blockchain has removed this middleman and now players can engage in games, compete with each other and get paid instantly.

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  13. Mirai Announced #mission6: “we Are Ready To Accelerate Sustainability, Nov 25, 2021
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    Mirai announced mission6: “We are ready to accelerate sustainability through crypto!”


    (World, Nov 2021), Mirai Labs, the crypto ecosystem that is accelerating the creation of a sustainable world 3.0, announced on Twitter its viral marketing and product plan for the next 6 months called “#mission6”. The most recent partners and business results were mentioned too.

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