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    Lunaone Announces A 24% Bonus For Its Xln Tokens, May 18, 2022
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    LunaOne Announces a 24% Bonus for its XLN Tokens


    LunaOne is promoting its tokens by giving a bonus. The bonus is decreasing every day, now at 24%. It is only a day left before the bonus drops to 23%. The XLN tokens will allow people to interact and access the LunaOne metaverse and purchase NFTs and property.

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  2. Cleancarbon: A Defi Solution To World Pollution, May 17, 2022
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    Tackling climate change in every possible way to prevent world pollution has now become a quintessential task for every government or administration in the world. Companies and individuals also play a crucial role in it by not only ensuring no further man-made damage is done to our planet Earth but also repair the damage that has already been done.

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  4. Solidray: Ecosystem Revamp & Token Sale Updates, Apr 20, 2022
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    SolidRay: Ecosystem Revamp & Token Sale Updates


    SolidRay, operating under the Solidray ecosystem with the key objective of creating a secure space for participants to not only network but also explore and grow crypto and blockchain communities, is seeking to revolutionize social media as you know it.

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  6. How Have Nft Empowers Veterans To Thrive In The Decentralized Economy, Mar 26, 2022
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    Do you know that, on an average, 22 veterans commit suicide every day? Yet, there are thousands of support organizations out there specifically for the veterans! This clearly indicates that the issue is of proper access or connection to support and help for the veterans and not the lack of available support.

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  8. Bashoswap Building A Cardano-powered Decentralized Exchange And Launchpad, Mar 17, 2022
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    Bashoswap Building a Cardano-Powered Decentralized Exchange and Launchpad


    Platinum Crypto Academy’s Collaboration with Bashoswap

    Bashoswap plans on providing sufficient, reliable, and authentic information to the larger crypto community,as well as facilitate swaps between ADA and other crypto assets as they seek to invest in cryptocurrency.There is nothing as good as making an investment by making informed decisions, thus the collaboration with Platinum Crypto Academy.

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  10. Bitcci Announces The First Token Store On Earth, Mar 16, 2022
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    bitcci announces The First Token Store on Earth


    The Swiss startup “bitcci” has launched its first local token store in the heart of the emerging European crypto hotspot Northern Cyprus to market its own payment token “bitcci cash” to the general public.

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  12. Xmetafans – Dedicated Vr Content Streaming Platform For Entertainment, Mar 12, 2022
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    XMetaFans – Dedicated VR Content Streaming Platform For Entertainment


    XMetaFans utilises VR technology to create a platform for streaming VR and Live content as well. Content creators and performers will be able to access a native currency instead of intermediaries who currently extract exorbitant commissions. XMetaFans will be provided with instant, safe, and secure online payments by using a tokenised system.

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  14. Deepsquare, Hpc Solutions Provider, Enters Health Tech Ecosystem, Feb 12, 2022
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    DeepSquare, HPC solutions provider, Enters Health Tech Ecosystem


    DeepSquare, a High-Performance Computing (HPC) service provider, has signed a partnership agreement with HealthTech Lisboa, a venture builder specialized in the healthcare and safety industries. This partnership onboards the HealthTech Lisboa community into the DeepSquare ecosystem.

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  16. Deepsquare Completes $2 Million Round To Bring A Vision Of Sustainable, Dec 14, 2021
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    DeepSquare Completes $2 Million Round to Bring a Vision of Sustainable High-Performance Computing to Life


    Sustainable High-Performance Computing pioneer DeepSquare has completed a $2 million round on their journey to bring decentralized, responsible, sustainable, and managed High-Performance Computing (HPC) as a Service to life.

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  18. Qykbar – Disrupting Future $2 Trillion Alcohol Industry With Patented Blockchain, Feb 21, 2018
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    QYKBAR – Disrupting Future $2 Trillion Alcohol Industry with Patented Blockchain Technology, ICO commences 15th Feb

    Have you ever noticed how expensive it is to buy drinks from the BAR? When you are buying drinks individually the prices can really add up. What if you can buy and pay better prices at any bar. That’s where QYKBAR (pronounced as “quick-bar”) comes in.

    QYKBAR is your very own virtual bar, on the cloud. It allows user to choose and stock their favorite drinks on the cloud for consumption at any bar of their choice and at any location. Consumers don’t have to worry about prices as QYKBAR standardizes drinks prices for them across different bar categories. IMAGINE having your favorite drinks stocked in the cloud for you, ready where ever you go.


    Additionally, QYKNBAR benefits bar owners by giving them a platform to manage inventory and gain more customers. Bars can also combine their supply orders with other bars to get bulk rates from suppliers, bringing in additional savings to them.

    Alcohol industry is growing globally at a fast pace and it is expected to reach 2 trillion USD sales by the end of 2025. QYK with its PATENTED blockchain technology aims to disrupt it with its revolutionary idea. QYK aims to be the world’s first decentralized platform to buy, sale and consume and trade alcohol on the cloud. By connecting bars, consumers, distributors and suppliers through patented blockchain technology, QYK is creating a new decentralized ecosystem.

    QYK ICO commences on February 15th, 2018. Visit QYK - Your personal bar, on the cloud! for further information.

    About QYKBAR

    QYKBAR is the UBER for the Alcohol industry. We are changing the whole concept of Bar by taking it to the cloud. With QYKBAR, you can choose and stock your drinks on the cloud at low prices and consume at any number of bars and restaurants worldwide. QYKBAR will change your alcohol consumption experience forever!

    Join the QYKBAR Token Event by Visiting –QYK - Your personal bar, on the cloud!
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    Tokensale is available only on: QYK - Your personal bar, on the cloud!