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    Come Take A Look At This "catstar Minings", Nov 1, 2022
  1. chareal

    Good News


    This great offer is very limited ⚠️

    The Catstar team is buying back a whooping $1 million CAT with their own pocket money at the rate of $0.01 per CAT. Offer ends December 2022

    Now look at this ✍️

    Mining rate is 0.05 CAT per seconds, which is equal to 3 CAT per minute, which is equal to 180 CAT per hour, which is equal to 4,320 CAT per day, which is equal to $43.2 per day, (thus, $0.01 X 4,320 CATS) ❤️❤️

    Catstar is NFT Metavers strong project

    Amazing right! Just click on the link and share our blessing

    Referral code: F4S87F
    Register | CatStar

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  2. Nomoex Ico Bonus And Referral Program - Up To 100% Bonus Tokens, Oct 26, 2022
  3. crypto expert


    Nomoex ICO Bonus and Referral Program — Up to 100% Bonus Tokens


    Nomoex FREE tokens (Up to 100% bonus) offer

    ❖ Buy $Nomox worth $100 - 50% bonus

    ❖ Buy $Nomox worth $500 - 70% bonus

    ❖ Buy $Nomox worth $1000 - 100% bonus

    ❖ Get a 10% Referral bonus during Pre-ICO

    Buy now: Sign-in | NOMOEX


    Contract Address:


    The Nomoex Exchange is scheduled to launch globally in the fourth quarter of 2022.


    The ICO pre-sale of Nomoex is live now and will conclude next month.
    Here’s how you can get up to 100% bonus tokens + a 10% referral bonus on your purchase of $Nomox tokens.

    Nomoex FREE tokens (100% bonus) offer ends soon!


    The 100% bonus offer is exclusive to the current — Pre-ICO — sale only.
    All users who purchase $Nomox tokens during the pre-sale can be eligible for a bonus depending on the purchase value, as follows:

    Purchase $Nomox worth $100 — get 50% bonus tokens
    Purchase $Nomox worth $500 — get 70% bonus tokens
    Purchase $Nomox worth $1000 — get 100% bonus tokens




    Website: Nomoex - World’s Smartest Blockchain Ecosystem & Digital Asset Exchange

    Pre-Sale: Sign-in | NOMOEX

    White Paper: https://coin.nomoex.com/white-paper

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  4. [ann] Aeternity - A Blockchain For The Masses, Sep 22, 2022
  5. Максим Дмитриевич Глазков

    Stay caught up with the latest AeternityBlockchain developments by registering and joining our forum!


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  6. [ann] Aeternity - A Blockchain For The Masses, Sep 15, 2022
  7. Максим Дмитриевич Глазков

    Big updates have arrived and we're excited take you into a dive deep of everything aeternity has recently accomplished!

    Learn More //blog.aeternity.com/strong-developments-developing-c00195c0d18b

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  8. [ann] Aeternity - A Blockchain For The Masses, Sep 8, 2022
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    You can stay up to date with the most important Aeternity developments by following our medium with all the latest blogs!


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  10. [ann] Aeternity - A Blockchain For The Masses, Sep 1, 2022
  11. Максим Дмитриевич Глазков

    Are you a skilled developer or do you know someone that could be beneficial to Aeternity blockchain? See how you can earn by sending them our way!

    Full Article bit.ly/3RrVE2Y

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  12. [ann] Aeternity - A Blockchain For The Masses, Aug 25, 2022
  13. Максим Дмитриевич Глазков

    Get ready for the next presentation by Keno Dreßel this Friday at 06:00 PM CEST and learn how to increase liquidity for your preferred token!

    Join the Discussion t.me/aeternityuniverse

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  14. [ann] Enegra - Powering Global Trade, Aug 18, 2022
  15. Максим Дмитриевич Глазков

    High-end real-estate project, The Elser Hotel & Residences Miami, offers crypto purchasing option to whales looking to diversify into real-world assets enegra.info/3Pt5QXA
  16. [ann] Enegra - Powering Global Trade, Aug 11, 2022
  17. Максим Дмитриевич Глазков

    The collapse of 3AC, Terra, Voyager and others has cause considerable angst in the crypto sector. Singapore based exchange
    has launched a USD 200 million fund to protect its users' assets and give some peace of mind. enegra.info/3diMgjq
  18. Btc Bull Trap – Is The Post-fed Crypto Rally Over?, Aug 3, 2022
  19. crypto expert

    BTC Bull Trap – Is the post-Fed crypto rally over?


    Bitcoin and the crypto sector received a boost after the United States Federal Reserve hiked rates by 75 basis points on July 27 but Chairman Jerome Powell said that future rate hikes will be decided based on the economic data points and the outlook for the eonomy.

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