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    Cleancarbon – An Eco-friendly Business Model For A Pollution-free World, May 25, 2022
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    CleanCarbon – An Eco-friendly Business Model for a Pollution-free World


    Inefficient disposal of waste in large volumes chokes landfills and water bodies and also causes damage to human health and the environment.
    Most countries do not have the adequate infrastructure and technology required for efficient solid waste treatment.

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  2. Cleancarbon Opens Up Second Token Pre-sale For All, Launch Set On May 08, May 6, 2022
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    CleanCarbon Opens up Second Token Pre-Sale for All, Launch Set on May 08


    The second global pre-sale of CARBO tokens of the CleanCarbon project will begin this Sunday, May 08,2022 and will only be open to everyone and there will be no whitelisting, the CleanCarbon team said.

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  4. Cleancarbon: Accelerate The Reduction Of The Carbon Footprint From Environment, Apr 13, 2022
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    CleanCarbon: Accelerate the reduction of the carbon footprint from the environment!


    There is no doubt that people have become more aware of the impact on the environment that human activities have created and its potential long-term losses in terms of climate change. The awareness may be attributed to both government regulations as well as informed decisions made by people and companies alike, to reduce waste and resultant pollution.

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  6. Cleancarbon: The Defi Response To World Pollution, Apr 5, 2022
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    CleanCarbon: The DeFi Response to World Pollution


    CleanCarbon is the first asset-backed, community-driven blockchain project that cleans our planet with its top-notch UHTG technology and dedicated team that works hard to make change happen locally first before it sets sail for global markets.

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