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    The Rise Of Inddais, A Link Between Crypto And Mining, May 26, 2022
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    The Rise Of Inddais, A Link Between Crypto And Mining


    Inddais is finally live. This is a special token that links crypto with the mining world. The token gives users the chance to buy seed and harvest returns. It will be BNB returns as users will be paid in the form of BNB. It leverages the transparency of blockchain into traditional profit sharing for an ultimate Web 3.0 experience from a simple web portal.

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  2. Cleancarbon – An Eco-friendly Business Model For A Pollution-free World, May 25, 2022
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    CleanCarbon – An Eco-friendly Business Model for a Pollution-free World


    Inefficient disposal of waste in large volumes chokes landfills and water bodies and also causes damage to human health and the environment.
    Most countries do not have the adequate infrastructure and technology required for efficient solid waste treatment.

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  4. Cleancarbon Opens Up Second Token Pre-sale For All, Launch Set On May 08, May 6, 2022
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    CleanCarbon Opens up Second Token Pre-Sale for All, Launch Set on May 08


    The second global pre-sale of CARBO tokens of the CleanCarbon project will begin this Sunday, May 08,2022 and will only be open to everyone and there will be no whitelisting, the CleanCarbon team said.

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  6. Solidray: Ecosystem Revamp & Token Sale Updates, Apr 20, 2022
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    SolidRay: Ecosystem Revamp & Token Sale Updates


    SolidRay, operating under the Solidray ecosystem with the key objective of creating a secure space for participants to not only network but also explore and grow crypto and blockchain communities, is seeking to revolutionize social media as you know it.

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  8. Price Analysis 15th March Btc, Eth, Bnb, Xrp, Ada, Mar 15, 2022
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    Price analysis 15th March BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA


    Bitcoin investors weighed a sigh of relief after the European Union shot down a proposed rule that could have limited the cryptocurrencies that use proof-of-work.

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  10. Onino – The Multi-purpose Cross-chain Metadata Registry, Feb 14, 2022
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    ONINO – The Multi-Purpose Cross-Chain Metadata Registry


    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications are gaining in popularity in society across the globe. However, there are many more possibilities to explore and leverage the power of blockchain in the long term. Therefore, it is important to bring all the different aspects of blockchain under one roof to facilitate real-world identities and assets securely into the digital market.

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  12. Onino – The Multi-purpose Cross-chain Metadata Registry | Pre Sale Filled In 3 Min, Jan 14, 2022
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    ONINO – The multi-purpose cross-chain metadata registry | Pre Sale filled in 3 min


    ONINO is a layer-1 information storage solution that connects to any wallet. It will be the simplest solution for web 3.0 identities, asset management, and much more.

    The blockchain world can be confusing sometimes. There is no arguing that blockchain – technologically speaking – is the future in many domains.

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  14. A Deflationary Coin Which Is Here To Make You Passive Income!, Nov 21, 2021
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    This token is a deflationary coin which distributes 2% to holders.
    The name Karate Shiba comes from one off the developers who has a passion for karate and took karate as a lifetime hobby.
    We believe with hard work and dedication this token will have endless value.
    As developers of Karate Shiba we 100% believe in this project of ours and will not disappoint you or let you down.


    See you on the other side

    PRESALE AT (23:00 UTC) 3RD DECEMBER 2021

    *Karate Shiba

    Total Supply – 500 billion
    2% burn
    5% liquidity pool
    Marketing 3%
    ✅ 2% distribution ✅





    TWITTER- https://twitter.com/karateshiba1?s=21

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  16. Dragonland: Powering An Ecosystem Of Games On The Binance Chain, Nov 10, 2021
  17. James Gale

    Elected as the best ICO of the year

    Innovative, Most Rewarding Hyper-Deflationary Coin!

    In addition, to other innovative and breaking through technology activities, Super Shiba owns 100 % of the Super Shiba Project, and has a majority interest in the Banknet innovative financial platforms project, As part of Super Shiba Coin unique rewarding structure, coin holders will receive 10% distribution , the distribution will be paid in a form of BNB coins, or, in any other similar in value assets. The above special distribution is on top of the particular 5% redistribution transaction fee as the result of the Hyper-Deflationary SBINU coin structure, SuperShiba INU, SBINU. Offering market cap is less than one per-mille compare with a similar coin currently trading in the market. Super Shiba Coin, which is a one- of-a-kind cryptocurrency, Buy SBINU and join our family and you might make extremely high return on your investment as made on a similar coin currently trading in the market !

    Invest today for big profits tomorrow!

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