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  4. How To Eligibility To Airtel 4.6gb Or 9gbfor N200, Sep 19, 2019 at 10:20 AM
  5. esmerheel

    How To Eligibility To Airtel 4.6GB or 9GBfor N200

    Recently we have just make a post on how you activate the great offer in your sim but for selected sim Now the post will guide you on how you can be eligible even if your sim is less than or 3month old.. You can still check how you can get the Huge data from airtel here all has been explained there How to Get Airtel 9.6GB for N200 And 45GB for 1000-

    This steps works even if your sim is a day old or less than 3 months old.

    The first thing you need to do is send GET to 141, and again send MIFI to 141.

    Make sure youu are on Airtel Smart Trybe tariff plan, if not, migrate by dialing *312#.

    You can check your current tariff by dialing *121*3*5#

    Once all is done, then load a recharge card of N200 and boom check your data balance by dialing *140#.

    Thanks all hopefully it work for you if you have any questions regarding these posts simply use the comments post Enjoy Phone Reviews


    *How To Gain Eligibility To Airtel 4.6GB or 9GBfor N200*
    *Kindly ®B©*
  6. Cloud Token Wallet – Cloud Token Wallet Dapp, Sep 17, 2019 at 1:53 PM
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  8. Latest Method To Be Eligible For 9mobile 1gb For 200 Data Plan Awesome Offer, Sep 16, 2019 at 2:29 PM
  9. esmerheel

    Latest Method to be Eligible for 9Mobile 1GB For 200 Data plan Awesome Offer

    Mostly you might or will have be finding a way to activate these most popular 9mobile 1GB for 200 data plan which you are not eligible for don't be panic below we provide ways for you on which you can activate the data before we proceed you can still check out some of our latest and suggest phones view our phone Review or mobile phone review here

    9mobile 1GB for 200is a weekend data plan and it can be used during the week day when activated late. However, the data is affordable, flexible and it can used on mobile, desktop, and anything that has internet connectivity.

    How Can I gain Eligibility to these offer (9Mobile 1GB For N200 Data Plan) ?
    To be eligible for the offer all you have to do it to activate the data plan during the weekend; from Friday night to Sunday.
    Activation Process.
    To activate, dial *929*10# and check balance by dialling *228# USSD code.

    Sad Stuff or might be sad news to some people like me too it that The data plan is valid for only 3 days and And the good stuff about these plan is that you can always re-subscribe when you have exhausted your data. If we calculate the amount of data you can get after re-subscribing for a month, it’s actually 10GB for N2,000.

    Note:The data plan doesn’t involve using of VPN before it connect to other app or befor you can make use of it and it works on all devices. At least, you can use it to perform some activities on the internet mostly to download high storage file since you can re-subscribe to the plan.
    Enjoy if you have any questions regarding the plan special data offer use the comment box below thanks.

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  10. How To Win N2million, A Tour Of Europe In The Tecno Camission Contest, Sep 14, 2019
  11. D-termined

    Have you ever dreamed of going to beautiful destinations in Europe? Dream no more, because TECNO is here to fulfill that dream.

    Africa number one smartphone brand-TECNO , known for giving back to the community, is once again set to reward people with up to 2million Naira and a tour to beautiful destinations in Europe in the “Unlock A New CAM*ERA” photography contest.

    That is not all, participants also stand a chance to win a recognition on here. All entries must be accompanied with the hashtag UnlockCAMission.

    8 lucky people will be selected from each mission and qualify for an all-expense-paid trip to an undisclosed location in Nigeria. Right in the camp, they will be given photography tasks and so the fun would begin. Whoever is able to complete his or her tasks will win the new Camon 12 and lots of cash prizes. At the end of the 3-day camping, three best participants will be selected to go on the adventure to Europe.

    How to participate offline

    • Visit any TECNO Shop to purchase the new Camon 12, and get your raffle ticket

    • Keep your raffle ticket, at the end of the campaign, there will be a raffle draw and 2 people stand a chance to win an all-expense paid to tour Europe.
    The UnlockCAMission challenge will run until the 30th of September, 2019. Join the challenge today and stand a chance to have a fun and memorable Ember season in Europe.

    For more information, visit TECNOSpot for Terms and Conditions and follow TECNOMobileNigeria on Facebook, @TECNOMobileNg on Twitter and Instagram.
  12. Highlights Of Camon 12 Launch Event, Sep 10, 2019
  13. D-termined

    Finally, the Camon12 Series has been launched-The device was unveiled at the glamorous Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria, Lagos, Nigeria.

    The Camon 12 launch took off with a bang!-colourful display of the African inspired style and fashion to usher in the new Camon 12 Series.

    Colorful display of modern day fashion at the launch of Camon 12 Series- A representation of how the Camon Series has progressed from a regular camera phone to the best any angle camera in 2019.

    Dignitaries and Celebrities at the Launch

    A host of very important personalities and celebrities turned out to witness the release of this remarkable device. It was an evening of fun and excitement at the EKO Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

    (Mr Henry Ojiokpota, Zonal Controller, NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission), Mr. Chidi Okonkwo, the General manager of TECNO Nigeria; Mr Mutawalli Kukawa, Acting Director, Investor Relations, NIPC (Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission); Eugenia Ilozor, Representative of DG SON)

    MTV Base Presenter, Samantha Walsh and Award winning Writer, Dami Elebe

    DJ consequence of the celebrities at the Launch of Camon 12
    Unveiling the TECNO Camon 12
    The Camon 12 Series presents a new CAM*ERA in smartphone photography. There’s nothing more amazing than a smartphone with an exceptional triple 16+2+8MP AI Camera, Ultra Clear Shot, 120° Super Wide Angle, and incredible Macro Photography experience.

    A showcase of pictures taken with the new Camon 12 from Bodylawson- A well known photographer and brand ambassador of key Camera brands

    Akpila Alisebh Scott
    Price of Camon 12 in Nigeria

    To crown it all, the new Camon 12 sells for only N47, 500. It is incredibly cheaper than expected, when you consider the fact that you will get a triple rear camera, 4,000mAh battery, 64GB Internal Storage and 4G RAM. The new device comes with a glossy nebula cover in colorful variants including Midnight Black, Aqua Blue, and Bordeaux Red.

    TECNO UnlockCAMission-Up to $10,000 Prizes to be won

    The height of the TECNO Camon 12 launch was the unveiling of “ Unlock A New CAM*EAR”-A Photography contest where 5 Lucky people will stand a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. They also stand to win a recognition on National Geographic Magazine.

    Click here for details on how to join the contest.

    TECNO is now the 5th most admired brand in Africa

    The grand finale of this event was the revelation that TECNO has become one of the most admired brands in Africa. TECNO currently has over 10 million Social media fans and over 400 global partners. TECNO is a force not only in the Nigerian Smartphone Industry but across Africa and Asia.
  14. Swiftgold! Launching In September!!!, Sep 7, 2019
  15. Five2btc

    Supports BTC and Naira
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    Join The Most Unique Naira/BTC Mutual Aid Community ever created with innovative features built on a stable but powerful servers.

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    5%,3% guider bonus (under-in-cooperation).
    Become guider with only 20 active DL

    First in, First out
    10% down payment to be merged first, usually within 24 hours
    90% to be merged much later
    10% RC deducted from GH amount
    Time frame on multiple PH

    Local Currency
    MINIMUM PH ➖➖10K
    MAXIMUM PH ➖➖ 1M

    MINIMUM PH ➖➖50$
    MAXIMUM PH ➖➖ 3000$

    ✅Email notification on PH merging
    ✅ 48hours payment timeout with extension of time button
    ➖24hours count-down for confirmation of payments
    ✅ Fake POP button subject to 24hour confirmation timeout
    ◾Email and PHONE NUMBER verification on Registration✅✅
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  16. Thanosx A New Privacy Utility Token Built On The Etherium Network, Sep 4, 2019
  17. cryptooffer


    ThanosX is a new privacy utility token built on the etherium network. It will be used for any transaction globally.
    to know more follow Welcome to ThanosX

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  18. Simgroup – Society Incentivized And Mutual Coin, Sep 2, 2019
  19. cryptooffer


    SIMcoin is a token created for the community, by the community

    To know more follow
    Website - SimGroup – Society Incentivized and Mutual Coin
    Telegram Group - The SIMc Group
    Twitter - Simgroup (@Simgroup3) | Twitter
    Reddit - SIMCoin (u/simidea) - Reddit

    crypto ico bitcoin btc investment makemoney coin