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ICO The Decentralized Blockchain-based On Public Ledger

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Aug 9, 2018.

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    INTRODUCTION ON WORKCHAIN.IO is a distributed, decentralized blockchain-based public ledger that replaces slow traditional payroll cycles with real-time cryptocurrency payroll. by building unified, immutable and verified work and payment records, creates a framework that connects all the steps of payroll into one simple and efficient flow from work
    completion to payout, building a new ecosystem along the way.


    The way the world works is rapidly evolving. millions upon millions of people work hourly. the on-demand, independent and gig economy work economies are growing at ever-increasing speed. yet, despite this huge shift, payroll is still stuck in the industrial age. much of the working world still gets paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – an outdated method that’s heavily out of touch with the way we work. simply, we work on-demand and in real-time, but payroll hasn’t kept up
    for workers, it means instant access to earnings – their paycheck on-demand. for employers, it provides an advanced, automated payroll solution that is efficient, cost-effective and ends the reliance on third-party processors and banks.

    The slow traditional payroll model is problematic for workers and employers. for workers, it leaves them unpaid for weeks. they lack even the most basic financial control – the ability to access their earnings when they’re needed most for important expenses like rent, bills and repayments.

    Processing payroll is also a significant burden for employers. while centralized systems of today have streamlined aspects of the process, the core payroll paradigm remains. not only is this process inefficient and time-consuming, it involves fees at multiple steps and, due to reliance on third-parties, is susceptible to delays. aims to bring payroll into real-time, in synch with the way the world works. using blockchain technology and verified work identities and records, the platform automates payroll for employers and allows workers to get paid as soon as they complete their work. in the process, ending the reliance on third-parties and removing fees and delays, and opening up more accessible lending opportunities.

    THE MISSION aims to make earning cryptocurrency possible for anyone who receives a paycheck. we give workers instant access to their paycheck the moment they clock out. it’s their earnings on their terms – true financial control that everyone deserves. and by automating the entire work to paycheck flow on the blockchain, we free employers from payroll processing time and costs.


    The transactions made through the ecosystem and the interoperability of its applications will be powered by the platform’s native utility token, app tokens (‘watt’, ‘watt token’).

    The functionality of watt tokens will naturally expand over time in step with the adoption and growth of as the number of users on the platform grows, so will the utility and common product use of watt tokens.

    Token Information:

    supply: 1,000,000,000
    symbol: watt
    decimals: 18
    type: erc20

    address: 0x829a4ca1303383f1082b6b1fb937116e4b3b5605


    staking is the primary use for watt tokens, enabling different participants access to the network and to perform more work on based on the size of the stake.


    Lenders on the platform can be any party. for example, an institutional lender, an employer, or user with extra capital that they would like to use to generate an investment return.

    In order to get first in line to lend their money, and to secure the best rates for their loaned funds, lenders will need to stake more tokens. priority goes to those with the largest stake. and more money lent equals more interest earned.


    Watt tokens enable secure and verified transactions – the sharing of value – between individuals and entities on watt tokens are vital to the adoption, functionality and future mainstream success of


    Watt tokens will be ethereum-based erc20 tokens. erc20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens that have intrinsic value and can be sent and received on the blockchain. some of the advantages of using the erc20 token format include:

    Transferability of erc20 tokens to other dappchains

    Broad adoption of wallets and exchanges

    Strong community of the ethereum blockchain makes erc20 reliable

    Ethereum has scaling plans that will enable faster transactions

    Security and dependability - ethereum is the second most prominent blockchain network.


    Website: The Blockchain Solution for the Future of Payroll |
    Facebook: Twitter: (@workchain_io) | Twitter

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