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Crypto News With Bonpay Card, You Can Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin!

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency News (HAPPENING!)' started by Prezzy, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Hi guys. I want to introduce this crypto Bonpay that's currently in ICO stage. They plan to make payments easier using Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum for their customers by issuing a debit card!

    Bonpay offers users cards that can increase the convenience of using cryptocurrencies, which might be their biggest selling point. The cards will store Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, and will be used wherever credit or debit cards are accepted. They can be electronic cards on your phone or you can get a plastic Bonpay card that functions just like a regular debit card.

    The Bonpay card had similar offerings before, but these were saddled with problems that made the cards quite inefficient. The first issue was reliability, with many criticisms of the support they offered.

    The second problem was with the high fees that came with them. Bonpay is aiming to resolve both problems by offering lower or non-existent fees in most cases. Registering and opening a wallet is free. The company also has big plans for its customer base, so it is not surprising that they are also prioritising the support offered.

    In fact, versatility seems to be an area that Bonpay hopes will resonate with the customer. US dollars and euros can be loaded onto the cards, and the funds in your wallet can be kept separate from those on the card. Bonpay also offers the ability to buy digital currency with Paypal, which at the moment is a terrible hassle on p2p exchanges.

    Most important, the Bonpay solution is already live. This will go a long way with users and investors, since many crypto projects offer ambitious plans without delivering. The Bonpay solution is already up and running.

    Furthermore, the DLN system that the Bonpay team is set to release could bring the platform to the next level of convenience. According to the company,

    “DLN is a flexible mechanism which uses the available resources of its network. With its help, users will be able to exchange or purchase a currency of their choice without giving a thought about the underlying mechanism. Another step towards the aim of usability is the transparent rates system. This feature will be realized by the DLN implementation and will let users escape rapid exchange movements, avoid hidden conversion fees and execute future transfers reasonably. Any fees charged during the transaction will be paid directly to DLN participants, with Bonpay charging not even a single penny.”
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  3. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Join Bonpay ICO and obtain our special bonuses and rewards.
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  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    What are those?
  5. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    The incentive reward for token holders is 0,65% (ETH or BON). Cardholders get a reward of 0,15% cashback bonus for every purchase as well. Moreover,
    20+ ETH investors get a chance to apply for Limited Edition Black Card with higher limits and lower fees.
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  6. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

  7. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    We also have a video about our awesome service and cohesive team :)
    You can find it on our Youtube channel
  8. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Only 7 days left before ICO started.
    Join Bonpay and get your bonuses ;)
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  9. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Hi guys!
    Check out our General Tutorial on How to Participate in Bonpay Token Sale!
    {filename}-With Bonpay Card, You Can Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin!
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  10. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    For the convenience of Bonpay Token Sale contributors, we provide various payment methods in order to participate ;)
    {filename}-With Bonpay Card, You Can Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin!
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  11. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Check out Bonpay company priorities.
    We are striving to make cryptocurrency usage simpler.

    {filename}-With Bonpay Card, You Can Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin!
  12. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    To be in the stream of the last events, subscribe to our Youtube channel.
  13. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

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  15. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    What DLN gives crypto community?

    {filename}-With Bonpay Card, You Can Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin!
  16. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Within several hours Bonpay Token Sale begins!
    We will be glad to see you among Bonpay ITS participants.
    Please do not hesitate to ask any questions to our friendly Support Team in live chat on our website or through
  17. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    The Initial Token Sale is live!
    Participate and get your bonuses!
    Tokensale - Bonpay

    #Bonpay #TokenSale

    {filename}-With Bonpay Card, You Can Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin!
  18. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    It has been 30 minutes since the Token Sale started. We have already 3764,54 ETH contribution.
    Don't miss your chance to participate!
    Tokensale - Bonpay
  19. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Please, make sure you cross-verify the addresses are correct and you are not being scammed before participating in the Token Sale.
    Look through our videos with correct addresses on Bonpay Youtube channel.
  20. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Dear participants!
    The correct number of tokens has already been credited to all our early birds' wallets participated with ETH.

    If you don’t see the tokens, please, add the custom token to your wallet with the following details:

    Token Contract Address: 0xCc34366E3842cA1BD36c1f324d15257960fCC801
    Token Symbol: BON
    Decimals: 18

    {filename}-With Bonpay Card, You Can Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin!
  21. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    We have another great update for all our participants! We've decided to prolong 20% Bonus time for 1 more day! This is an outstanding opportunity to take part in our ITS and get the largest bonus within the next 24 hours! Do not miss your chance, join now!
  22. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

  23. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Dear members!
    The results of the just first 24 hours are really impressive! We have raised over 10512 ETH and this is the great honour for our team as your faith in our project is of great importance for the whole team.

    It’s just the small step and the main way is ahead.
    Be informed about the main update as for extra 24 hours for 20% Bonus!

    Main advantages for participants with over 20 ETH deposits are:

    - Special Black card design (with specific limits and fees)
    - Exclusive Affiliate Program conditions
    - Special access to the newest versions of our products (IOS/Android.apps, NFC, etc.)
    - Becoming part of community eager to build great project

    There is a short update as for the last news about our ICO. Main points are:

    1) Resolved situation with the smart contract
    2) Funding ETH wallets with the correct amount of BON tokens
    3) Update for all participants who used Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash for ICO
    4) Information for the partners and community as for the renewal process of accepting of funds
    5) Prolongation of 20% Bonus for extra 24 hours due to the delay

    Look through a video on our Youtube channel regarding the update.
  24. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    thanks for the updates @Bonpay
  25. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

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  26. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Hurry up to join Best ICO!
    We offer exciting bonuses and rewards for our Token Sale participants.

    - 15% Bonus
    - 0.65% incentive reward
    - Special Black Card for Premium participants
    - Special access to the newest versions of our products (IOS/Android.apps, NFC, etc.) for Premium participants
  27. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Join Bonpay Token Sale with FasaPay

    We are incredibly excited to announce, that we add one more payment option to make participating in our Token Sale more convenient and simple for our Asian clients.

    It is possible to participate with both FasaPay USD or FasaPay IDR currencies.

    Main advantages for participants with FasaPay:

    - Best BON/IDR rates

    - Participate directly from your FasaPay account

    - Easy, fast and secure transfers

    - Getting current 15% time bonus

    - 0.65% monthly referral commission incentive reward

    - Exclusive affiliate program conditions

    Join Bonpay Token Sale with your FasaPay (FP) account now on and become the part of the future of digital payments!
  28. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Dear friends,

    Please while participating in Bonpay Token Sale with Bitcoin use Bitcoin wallet with the signature option and from which you control private keys, DO NOT SEND FROM EXCHANGES OR BITCOIN WALLETS WHICH DON’T HAVE “Sign message” FUNCTION.

    How to confirm your transaction by signing a message:

    1. Go to your App/Page/Wallet and find “Sign a message” function.

    2. Insert/Choose your “FROM” address ( the exact address you sent Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dash/Bitcoin Cash from), and type your Ethereum address (where you wish to receive tokens to) into the message field.

    Please do not put any extra text in your signature! Just you ethereum address.

    3. Double check your ETH address (it cannot be changed afterwards) and confirm your signature.

    4. Copy everything from “Begin Signature” until “End Signature” and send it together with your “FROM” address and ETH address to our email address

    The full guide on How to participate in Bonpay Token Sale using Bitcoin is on Bonpay Medium.

    How to contribute to Bonpay Token Sale using Bitcoin
  29. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Hello friends,

    Over 6.000.000 USD has been raised during just 4 days!

    Do not miss your chance to invest and get 15% Bonus for BON tokens.

    Great news for our participants:

    1) Free Bonpay Plastic Cards for all participants with 10+ ETH contributions.
    2) Special Edition Black Cards for Major contributors with 20+ ETH.
    3) Premium members are 200+ ETH

    Premium members benefits:

    - Lifetime 0.15% cashback to the card
    - Free lifetime card maintenance
    - Personal support manager 24/7
    - Special access to the newest versions of our products (IOS/Android.apps, NFC, etc.)
    - Free use of new payment methods through gadgets integrated with cryptocurrency

    Join now to get Your Card!
  30. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Free cards for all the Token Sale participants is true?
    By participating it is just necessary to leave a request for the Bonpay Card.
    We are running an ICO in order all participants can get a card either today or when it will be available in a certain country.
    So far, EU residents can apply for the free card right after contributing to Token Sale. Residents outside the EU zone can leave a request after participating and get their free card when it will be available in their country.

    So, how to get a free card — step by step:
    1. Contribute on Tokensale - Bonpay
    2. Register free Bonpay account
    3. Apply for Virtual Card
    4. Get your free card activated

    For contributors with 10+ ETH:
    1. Contribute on Tokensale - Bonpay
    2. Register free Bonpay account
    3. Apply for Plastic Card
    3.1 provide the amount of contribution
    3.2 provide the transaction ID
    3.3 provide your Ethereum wallet
    4. Get your free card delivered within several days.

    For contributors outside EU:
    1. Contribute on Tokensale - Bonpay
    2. Register free Bonpay account
    3. Apply for Bonpay Card
    4. Get whitelisted
    5. Receive free card as soon as it will be available in your country

    In order to get a free card the contribution can be divided into parts. It means that you can contribute several times from the same wallet in order to achieve the required contribution amount to get a free card (10+ ETH), Special Black card (20+ ETH) with premium additional benefits (200+ ETH).
    If you have made several contributions from the same wallet, please, contact our representative by
  31. Bonpay

    Bonpay Jackobian

    Do you want to participate in Bonpay Token Sale with 20% bonus?
    Everyone still has such possibility. The bonus of +20% is available during all period of ICO for deposits over 20+ ETH.
    Join now Tokensale - Bonpay