Why You Should Not Panic Sell Your Bitcoin Despite Falling Price

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    Are you frustrated in holding on to your bitcoin? The information from these renowned experts will uplift you.

    Philemon Naga (pseudo name), a crypto investor with an interesting portfolio worth $5.23 million talks to about price manipulation and says,

    “Manipulations are part of not only the crypto world, it’s there all around you. Getting 1 BTC for $6k is a steal today but there isn’t enough buying pressure. Are we waiting for a $4k scenario? There is no way in hell Bitcoin doesn’t go up from here. IMO the people who are currently selling it so cheap should be primarily merchants for goods or services. Smart guys are still in, I consider weak hands to be out. Unless Satoshi wakes up and sells his shit, this market is going nowhere, we are in for a big rebound”

    Rakesh Chandran, a digital marketing manager and a crypto investor and miner from 2016 says,

    “Buy the dip is easier said than done, a lot of people still panic-sell without understanding the gravity of their loss. A look at the data from Google Trends shows the huge drop in search volumes and thereby the interest. The people who hold on right now are the only ones who make it big.”

    Majid Khan, a veteran trader from New York says,

    “If you know Bitcoin from 2013 then you know that there was a sudden spurt in price around 2013 when it touched $1000 and then never went back there again till about 3 years later. But when it did come back, it came back with a bang. People fail to look at the bigger picture. A bearish claw now is ok; worst case scenario by this year end we might see some positive price action but that doesn’t mean Bitcoin or crypto is dead. It never will be. Bitcoin might die 20-30 years down the line but crypto will never die. You are lucky to be here so early”
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