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Why As A Beginner U Should Still Consider Investing In Cryptocurrency

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Cryptogeek, Aug 25, 2018.

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    Looking back to the year 2017,the total market cap in the month of December was more than $500million.According to coinmarketcap the total market cap decreased by more than 50% and as at today the total market cap is $217bn or more.The price of bitcoin and altcoin such as etherium and so on has been a major concern due to the fluctuations of price and at such there have been discussion whether cryptocurrency is a worthy investment strategy in 2018.Today, i will highlight the 5 top reasons why you should still consider investing in cryptocurrency..
    1.Cryptocurrency is the future
    It is becoming increasingly obvious that cryptocurrency is the future of the finance industry because of the problem that a digital currency solves. For example, reliance on the government (This currency is not dependent on any government or individual interest which makes it free from monetary policy control thereby reducing the risk of government intervention affecting the markets). It also allows its user perform transactions all over the world without having to go through any road blocks and government regulation. Because of this reason, the drive to make cryptocurrency the center of finance and all transactions is huge. It always pays to be in the direction of future rather than in the past.
    2.Huge profit return
    Due to the crisis cryptocurrency has been facing since the beginning of the year,there have been a decrease in the price of altcoin and bitcoin.. considering the fact that bitcoin and altcoin have been decreasing doesn't mean cryptocurrency will not bounce if you are considering to invest in bitcoin or any altcoin,now is the best time..If you look back to the year 2017,the price of bitcoin was almost $20,000 and also there was a massive increase in the price of altcoin..And as of writing these post the price of bitcoin is less than $7000 which is more than a 50% decrease..And at such,there have also been a decrease in the price of altcoin..Lets say you want to invest $50 on a promising coin(A good crypto which have been doing well in the past) and due to the crisis on the cryptocurrency market you are afraid that you might lose your money..According to the words of warren buffet he said if you can't make money while you sleep,you are going to work until u die..And that the truth...if you want to be a successful investor you have to be willing to take risks..So many have lost in the world of crypto but still,we believe cryptocurrency has so much to offer...So if you want to invest,now is the best time to take good advantage and invest..
    3.Low level of Government regulation
    One of the major crisis cryptocurrency market is facing is due to the Government regulation to ban cryptocurrency..Most Government have a hard time regulating and controlling cryptocurrencies since most of them are decentralized. It is hard to monitor, which means that, it is harder to tax and charge most bitcoin traders. This can also mean that most bitcoin traders pay little to no taxes on their gains. Meaning that they keep most of their profits!
    4.Good trading platform
    Investing in cryptocurrency is relatively easy due to the fact that there are now a lot of online investment platforms that make it easy for beginners to learn the ropes and start trading from Coinbase with over 10 million customers to CEX.IO, Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex, Bitfinex and Poloniex. You have a large array of choices to choose from in order to start trading and make profits. Trading in cryptocurrency is also cheap as there are many trading platforms with cheap and competitive charges, so you can choose the best for you and easy enter the market.
    5.Bigger profit in Crypto promising coin
    In order to get a good investment reward, you need to be focused on long term investment..If you are obsessed with short term investment,every variation will weigh you and might cause you to lose focus and might cause you worrying and may end up selling at a lower price..The crypto market is volatile and there might be fluctuations of prices..So if u want to earn more profit in Crypto,your aim of investment must be long term which is where the true profit Are...
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    Top 5 reasons Why you should invest in cryptocurrency
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