Who Ghost Most In Relationship

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    The issue of ghosting in relationship, is no longer a new thing, after the whole rush after six months the whole thing is down when the vibe is no
    Longer there.

    Many people have their reasons like, i
    just dont want to have the TALK with
    him right now it not really cool. Some
    guys will say dont really feel like
    talking.and when you ask they will say
    nothing. Have been ghosted berore so
    very funny am sharing my own personal

    when i told her i love her
    she just laughed not knowing that have
    been ghosted since. What really causing
    this ghosting and what are the signs feel
    free to drop your comments share your
    experience with us

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    Well, it's mostly because people stop observing their partners for what they truly are - babies with big bodies and

    They stop feeding that baby with what it needs most - the undivided love and attention

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