Welcome To Poseidon Quarkone Planet, One Currency, One Community

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    Welcome to Poseidon QuarkOne Planet, One Currency, One Community
    The most innovative cryptocurrency yet!
    Poseidon Quark (POSQ) is an open-source privacy focused digital
    currency based on Bitcoins blockchain technology, Dash’ Masternodes
    and Zerocoin’s Zerocash protocol, combining them to create a powerfully
    innovative technology. Poseidon Quark is also powered by Blackcoin
    Proof-of-Stake 3.0 and Bitcoin core 0.10x code base using Quark
    hashing algorithm with a block time of just 60 seconds.
    A peer-to-peer digital currency that provides fast, zero cost payments to
    anywhere around the world without any third-party intervention. Poseidon
    Quark is a fully decentralized global payment network allowing
    individuals to have full control of their finances.
    Masternodes require a collateral of 10,000 POSQ and can be run on the
    Tor network for greater privacy. All transactions on the network are fully
    verifiable with a built-in blockchain explorer within the software itself. The
    reward ratio of staking to masternodes is 30:70.

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