We Might Have Missed Terabox.me Cloud Mining Service In The Rush!

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    Yeah, I just noticed this Mining company, terabox.me again yesterday when I did some Google search and saw their advert pop up!

    I was like... WHAT???
    A mining company purchasing Google ads to bring their company out???

    They have to be damn serious so I simply clicked through only to find out that it wasn't the company at all.
    I was going mad for real...

    Here's why Terabox.me surprised
    The company is not even advertising their product which is the mining website but someone else who thinks their services is cool is advertising just to get affiliate referrals and make some money.

    As if the surprise party is just getting started, I did something else today that shocked me again....

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  3. Prezzy

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    After I arrived on the website yesterday, I didn't have time to check it out again until today when I was there to do my research.
    My findings were astonishing but let's first see this...

    I tried signing up for an account ASAP but was denied. They claimed my username is already registered.
    It means one thing: I already have an account with them but I don't remember doing so.

    I tried logging in, they said my password was wrong. Hmm

    Well, I reseted my password to finally succeed in logging in and I met another surprise!
    terabox.me earnings.png-We Might Have Missed Terabox.me Cloud Mining Service In The Rush!
    ... It happens to be that I had already signed up before and my mining had been going on but only on the free hashrate that they gave me and I don't think I can withdraw what I mined with the free hashrate!

    .. It's encouraging and really cool. It means that if I start professional mining contract with them now, it won't take long before I get my money back so I had already been mining all these while but... I know I speak as though terabox.me is going to disappear but statistics shows they are not going anywhere!

    Check out these pics..

    terabox.me homepage.png-We Might Have Missed Terabox.me Cloud Mining Service In The Rush!
    As far as am concerned, their homepage looks very good but doesn't show seriousness. It looks like a SCAM! with all the free GHS for mining, it looks as though they are about to run away but wait until am done before you can judge if they are here to stay or to run.

    But they aren't running and I will prove it below!
  4. Prezzy

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  5. Prezzy

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    Is Terabox.me Real or Fake?
    If you are wondering whether Terabox.me is for real, check this out... I did 3 tests to confirm they are.

    3 ways by which I Determined Terabox.me is Legit and Paying

    1. Alexa Rank

    They have a very good Alexa rank of about 180k+ and that explains why they aren't so popular yet.

    However, this will interest you!

    2. Domain Age

    Screenshot_20170110-203919.png-We Might Have Missed Terabox.me Cloud Mining Service In The Rush!
    I checked their domain age to find out that the website has been registered since 2 years and a few months!

    That's awesome.
    If they have been paying since then, it means a lot.

    To cap it off...

    3. Affiliate adverts on Google!

    This is the most powerful contributor here. For someone to spend money on Google advertising their affiliate links means they definitely know what they are doing their at terabox.me.

    It means they are paying well enough for someone to spend some extra money outside of buying their hashrate to paying for adverts to get referral bonus too!

    The guy did great and I had to copy his affiliate today to register on the site in order to reward him before I realized am already registered.
    Something tells me I registered through his link though.
  6. Prezzy

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    I haven't confirmed Terabox.me YET

    Yes, I haven't confirmed they are paying. All the above is just the test I ran on the site but I'll still do proper experiments with the system to properly understand what's going on there.

    Meanwhile, I trust them well enough to throw in some dollars there and test them out!
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    I will go through it! Mining sites seem to be giving peanut returns at the moment. Genesis-mining for instance. (getting 0.34$ daily) It's not encouraging.
  9. Fenibo Emmanuel

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    Small but steady. I prefer that because its more rewarding than banking in fixed deposit sense. Unlike those platforms that will promise high ROI stay for some days and run away Genesis is a better option.
  10. benn

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    Yeah small but steady....has any tried btclab? You can try it out too that's my link: BitCoin Laboratory
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    Bro beware of tera box
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