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Ways By Which Jackobian Can Be Improved For Proper Learning And Education.

Discussion in 'Jackobian Awards' started by Maestro, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Maestro

    Maestro Jackobian

    Hello fellow jackobians, i am Maestro, an unpopular and a lazy contributor on this great forum. I think reflecting on the jackobian vision documented here http :/ /www jackobian com/threads/what-you-dont-know-about-the-kinwap-vision-jackobian-the-brain-behind-it-all.1009/ its very obvious that the potential has not yet been fully maximixed. (Am not allowed to post a link) Most people see jackobian as a ponzi info site where to spam and scam people of there money and as we all know, majority of us here are students hustling and it will be very hard on a Nigerian student to loose money especially during this so called "recession period." For those who dont know, Jackobian is a student resource website hence its name Jack (students are referred to as this) we must not relent in making it as big as it deserves to be. With this, i present to you ways by which Jackobian can be Improved for Learning and Educating Students especially in the Area of Investments.

    1. Proper education of new members.
    If a guest visits jackobian for the first time, he would have the notion that the forum is just about ponzi schemes(mostly fake). To give a proper representation, educational threads should also be pinned to the homepage. Jackobian has to be very versatile to make it look unique. Jackobian should be a one-stop destination for students. Members should feel home away from home and school away from school(if done the right way) If any member feels left out or is being mistreated, then they're most likely going to leave. Not only did we just lose a member, but we probably lost the member's ability to promote our forum.

    2. Taking drastic measures against spamming/Scamming.
    Most people register here to extort others. They create ponzi sites and claim those sites are fast paying. They eventually fold up when people's got thier money stucked in there. The "Make money Online" section has to be duly regulated. If possible, any thread created by a regular member in this category should be manually reviewed before being posted for the public consumption.

    3. Dedicating mods to various section of the forum.
    Yes, this is definitely going to improve the credibility of this community. Moderators should have specific roles and they have to keep to the rules if the forum is to survive. There should be mods for deleting any spam messages, mods for regulating the "making money online" category and various sections out there. These mods can then be assessed weekly on their success so far. This simply means everyone knows their roles.

    4. Having a recommendation page.
    Creating a recommendation page can also help matters. Trusted ponzi sites should be included with a risk rate (On a scale of 100%) to make members know what they are investing their money on. There should also be a very detailed and concise disclaimer page. Trusted members can also be enlisted here too based on their participation and positive contributions towards the progress of this forum.

    5. Consistence is key.
    Rinsing and repeat is the key to sucess. There are trusted investment sites out there with reasonble ROI. Such programes can maintain thier stability and credibility if people support them and do the right thing. Having a good plan, sticking to it and remembering that life is a continuous educational program, is very important.

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  3. Maestro

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