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ICO Verasity: The Crypto Video Creator's Ecosystem

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Jul 4, 2018.

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    Today, I introduced to you, a newly developed Ecosystem called Verasity.Verasity is a platform where video creators, viewers,advertisers and brands communicates with one another.All transactions are done and powered by VERA and they are fast, transparent and secure.The platform are creating owns Delegated Proof of Stake Blockchain (based on the Graphene DPoS Blockchain) to implement a secure transaction ledger and power the Verasity video distributing or sharing economy, digital wallets and internal exchange.

    The era of online video is fastining and growing every day because it's the fastest growing medium.It consumes about 82% of internet traffic.This has led to a rapid increase in content production and consumption as majority of individual moves online for digital entertainment and research.

    IMG_20180704_140102_640.JPG-Verasity: The Crypto Video Creator's Ecosystem

    The ecosystem of vera utilizes a custom-built online video platform that partners with Akamai whicb is a leading global content distribution network. This structural platform uses cutting edge Media Acceleration Efficiency (MAE) and Vera has aimed to efficiently deliver over 8 PetaBytes of video data every month.This global high capacity platform allow the topmost quality video playback experience which is vital for mass adoption or acceptance of the platform

    Verasity Ecosystem is a white label version of an online video platform utsing Akamai's CDN network and as well as key technologies of Akamai.


    VeraWallet is built in the VeraPlayer interface which will run across their video sharing platform.

    Users in the Vera Ecosystem will be able to see their VERA balance in realtime, and will have the ability to smoothly send and receive VERA across the Verasity platform.


    Verafier applications available on Desktop will enable users to act as Verafiers to verify transactions and take part in the development or creation of new blocks as well as ability to safely store their VERA offline.


    With VeraPay intrisic users will have the ability to purchase or buy and sell VERA easily. This will enable users to have a seamless experience knowledge when joining the platform.

    Verasity...built-in economic mechanisms gives efficient recognition of value supply to the economy, and encourages and incetivize contributors directly which supports long-term economic growth.

    Payments within the ecosystem are made in a cryptographically transparent and secure digital utility payment coin named as VERA. This removes the high cost charge made by the middlemen and enables direct value exchange in between the video content viewers, creators, video Advertisers and Brands even at micro
    transaction amounts.There will be a little charge of transaction fee to run the platform and for the maintainance and economy of the platform.


    IMG_20180705_135942_425.JPG-Verasity: The Crypto Video Creator's Ecosystem

    Users on the Vera Ecosystem will have the ability to Create channels and upload videos

    The developers uses proven, scalable and high-quality video streaming technology that provide the best experience for creators and their viewers and their fans.

    Verasity enables Multiple monetization methods(microtransaction) that create the most flexibility for creators and publishers to manage and monetize their contents as Verasity transactions are transparent, secure and fast.

    Video creators can sell a part of their channel’s through VerSparks future revenue on Verasity, in exchange for VERA and this VERA can be used to speed up growth in a channel and individuals who buy VeraSparks share in the success they helped to create.


    By implementation of vDaf, Verasity will provide a complete online video toolkit which will provide and enable innovative and new start-ups to make use of the blockchain technology and already existing global media businesses to stream their operations and improve the experience and knowledge for their customers.


    IMG_20180704_140044_384.JPG-Verasity: The Crypto Video Creator's Ecosystem

    The Ecosystem target a maximum increase rate of 3% and burn any coins that push up or increase the rate above the target. This will guard and protect the value of VERA but allow the economy to grow.The 3% inflation rate was selected to target based on professional economic modelling and thousands of simulations. Newly created VERA will be added to the Reward Pool which is then distributed to video content creators,viewers, and verafiers based on the value contributed to the economy.This strategy will creates a stable and long term viable ecosystem and lead to VERA not devaluing.

    The introduction of the token allows Verasity to organize its video platform as an autonomous, free sufficient and independent economy, and in return,it therefore use tools from fiscal and monetary policy to make the price levels inhibit a foster growth.


    The current problems occuring in video sharing market is that the estimated total addressable market for online video is $312 billion. Two of the biggest and largest video platforms generate over 1.1 billion hours of video watched per day but still yet, yet fail to effectively balance the conflicting interests in between different stakeholders including creators, viewers,advertisers and their own shareholders.

    Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube force users and individuals to watch ads to generate revenues or cash for the platforms. there by making users uncomfortable because of the concern regarding the use over data plan.

    This data is secretly hidden and centrally stored so that the video publishers or creators cannot and have no access to prove or claim what is theirs and majority have to wait until 60 days to gain their shear which is not actually what they earn.Sometimes platforms can often change rules or policy, or tweak an algorithm which can lead to loss of revenues for the creator who has no where to complain.With Verasity,this problems are solved.

    IMG_20180704_135502_067.JPG-Verasity: The Crypto Video Creator's Ecosystem

    IMG_20180704_135523_146.JPG-Verasity: The Crypto Video Creator's Ecosystem


    IMG_20180705_135957_844.JPG-Verasity: The Crypto Video Creator's Ecosystem

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