Ask Valentine: 7 Types Of Undergraduates You Will See On Campus On February 14

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    Valentine’s Day celebration is here again and Nigerian campuses will most likely be painted red.

    Red or white? Okay, Red and white.

    A campus is one of the many places Valentine’s Day is well celebrated. How far, have you guys worked out your date plans? You know the 2018 Val has to be lit.

    You’ll probably feel left out if you do not have a Val.

    In fact, it is not easy to ignore this day because if you aren’t celebrating it, you’ll see course mates and roommates sharing presents and celebrating love.

    These are the seven types of undegrads that you will spot on campus on Valentine’s Day;

    1. The ones in a new relationship

    This year’s Valentine’s Day celebration is probably the first celebration of their love and affection. These guys will drop everything to celebrate their new found love for each other…No classwork is going to stop them. Love conquers everything.

    2. The ones who are in a long-term relationships

    These ones are not new to Valentine and their celebration might not be as loud as that of those in a new relationship. They will only exchange gifts, chit-chat and enjoy each other’s company.

    3. The ones who are single and are actually OK with it

    These set of students have no boyfriends or girlfriends to exchange present with or go out with…they don’t care about Valentine anyways. They can’t be bothered about the buzz around town.

    4. Those who aren’t enjoying their single status

    For some people on campus, they would prefer to hide in their hostel and not come out. They are single, a status which they are tired of. Since they have no bae to celebrate Valentine’s Day, they would likely be miserable all through the day.

    5. The Anti-Valentine

    Don’t even go there. These ones are against the whole concept of Valentine’s Day. They don’t like it for many reasons and will always try their best to convince you that you are celebrating love only once out of 365 days.

    6. The self-love squad

    The self-love people. They have no partner to buy them gifts but since Valentine is a celebration of love they buy gifts for themselves saying self-love is the best form of love. Do you disagree?

    7. The person who recently had a break-up

    Ouch! Unfortunately, some people broke up a few days (in some cases 24 hours) before Valentine’s Day. We can’t even say much about them. If you know one, just give them a hug and tell them you love them.

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