Updated: Top 20 Fastest Internet Service Providers In Nigeria 2018

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    Surfing the internet is something we all do or want to do on daily basis if need be. With the advent of social media networks, everyone wants to know the latest trends online to keep updated. The need to get want you want on-time is what makes us choose the networks to use. Nigeria for instance is one the countries in Africa where the internet speed is surprisingly slow most of the times. This why people who live in the country now sought to have the best internet service providers.

    Internet service providers (ISPs) are responsible for providing the needed networks to surf the internet. In Nigeria the most popular ISPs are the giant networks we have which include MTN, Globacom, 9Mobile and Airtel but let it not be a surprise to you that there are ISPs that have topped the chart to become the best and fastest ahead of these giant networks.

    In this article, I'll list out the top and best ISPs we have in Nigeria and their available internet speed.


    {filename}-Updated: Top 20 Fastest Internet Service Providers In Nigeria 2018

    Below are the top 20 fastest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nigeria:

    1. PROVIDER LIR | 13.98 Mbps
    2. Netcom Africa Limited | 12.19 Mbps
    3. Galaxy Backbone Plc | 11.91 Mbps
    4. Smile Communications Ltd | 7.51 Mbps
    5. MTN Nigeria | 6.93 Mbps
    7. MainOne Cable Company | 5.89 Mbps
    8. IPNXng | 5.21 Mbps
    9. VDT Communications Limited | 4.80 Mbps
    10. Suburban Telecom | 4.73 Mbps
    11. Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited | 4.45 Mbps
    12. SPECTRANET LIMITED | 3.92 Mbps
    13. NGCOM | 3.61 Mbps
    14. Wireless Broadband Internet service | 2.64 Mbps
    15. Spectranet Ltd | 2.63 Mbps
    16. Coollink | 2.41 Mbps
    17. Swifttalk Limited (NG) | 2.34 Mbps
    18. Mobitel Nigeria Limited | 2.03 Mbps
    19. EMTS Limited / 9Mobile Nigeria | 2.01 Mbps
    20. Globacom Limited | 1.86 Mbps

    Additional facts to know

    In Nigeria, there are cities where the internet seems to be faster when compared to other cities. The ranking of the three major Nigerian cities (Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt) showed that Internet connection is faster in Lagos with an average of 4.08 Mbps, Abuja comes second with an average of 3.34 Mbps while Port Harcourt comes 3rd with an average of 1.03 Mbps.
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