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    Forgetting your password is bad, it can also make you lose access to your funds in the wallet forever. And those funds might be a lot of money according to today's exchange. Don't panic, there's a possible way of recovering your lost funds back as we can recover people's lost or forgotten passwords by brute force decryption - that is, using a computer program to try millions of passwords in a short amount of time.

    We provide the service for bitcoin.

    If you have a vague idea of your password, but can’t quite remember it… Then we can help you. And our success rate is drastically based on how much information a client gives.


    We have created a highly optimized multi-threaded C++ program to perform the brute-force decryption. Each computer node pulls a subset of the password candidates from a high-speed online database and processes them, executing the appropriate cryptographic primitive operations to examine the candidate passwords to determine the correct password. The software can perform millions of decryption attempts per second.

    If you have a vague idea of your password, but can’t quite remember it… Then we can help you.
    For instance

    • If you thought your password was probably an English word, but weren’t sure about what capitalization or suffix number you used, then we can help.

    • If you used an english word and add a special characters like a question mark at the end of the password e.g Hello@#$&

    • If you reckon that your password is some permutation of 6 of the words in the list"fred, hello, from, Butter, elephant if, unlikely, green, grep, gorilla, antelopes", then we can help.

    We can decrypt only blockchain.info bitcoin wallet

    1. First we meet with the client to send the wallet to us without actually sending the full wallet
    2. Next the client gives us hints about what could be the password
    3. Our software will brute-force the wallet with the hints provided
    4. When found, we provide proof that we actually found the passphrase and arrange the fee collection with the client. Either by getting an input of the wallet or funds from another wallet
    5. We give the passphrase to the client.

    We ask for a fee of 10% of the value of the wallet, but this is payable ONLY after a successful decryption of your wallet and you're now in control of your funds.

    If you're in serious need of our service, call or WhatsApp

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  3. Prezzy

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    this is a very risky stuff.
    i would not advice anyone to give out sensitive details such as password or even emails unless you are sure of the person you are dealing with and it has to be PHYSICAL not over the internet.

    that's my own opinion
  4. Derammie1

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    We understand that great risk is involved in sharing your details, we can meet physically if that's the best option
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  5. Prezzy

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    do you have an office in nigeria?
  6. Derammie1

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    Inside NUPENG building, NNPC Apata, Ibadan.
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  7. Prezzy

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    That's OK.
    Now we are talking.

    For those who might need these services, I think it's best to meet at your office in order to create trust
  8. Derammie1

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    we available to provide best service