ICO U-vid'ify - The World's First Video Based Classified Market! (bounty Available)

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    The world of E-Commerce, Social media, classifieds, influencing, careers and professional services are eating up over $500 billion every year and the figure is only on the increase yet the system remains outdated, ugly and weird! With such platforms, it’s now desperate times ahead with major upgrades required!

    Because of the poor system in place stuck with 2D content, which poses a serious risk of security, misrepresentation and frauds from centralized data housing. But even that’s not just the issues. There are additional troubles with no authentication on products and services, no product origin and mobile authentication, KYC, lack of guarantees, claims for breach of trust and also no incentive driven system for users, which limits profits for the application credibility. With such problems hunting, it is finally the time for the SOLUTION!

    {filename}-U-vid'ify - The World's First Video Based Classified Market! (bounty Available)

    Introducing U-Vid'Ify, the FIRST EVER decentralized video-based E-commerce and classified ads application platform. U-Vid'Ify will bring video presentations as their primary method of describing listing content instead of photos or text. The platform is built on a blockchain token ecosystem, incentivizing users and creating global income opportunities. Users can sell products, services, pay-per-view video content, or post classified ads. Merging major sectors in a way that not only makes sense but is a natural step forward in technological advancement.

    U-Vid'Ify comes with not just advanced but the latest HD/4K native video advertising tools, user incentives and impenetrable security measures. Further, with the smart contract transactions, proof of products and goods authentication, it makes U-Vid'Ify application amongst the hottest creation in advertising/marketing industry and likely to be the leader in time to come!

    {filename}-U-vid'ify - The World's First Video Based Classified Market! (bounty Available)

    U-Vid'Ify is an ALL-IN-ONE Market App for businesses, entrepreneurs, and the local world community. With global product & service awareness with state of the art marketing methods, safe transaction protection services on all purchases, services & transfers. One is able to earn unlimited UVD tokens on positive feedback and user experiences while it comes to lowest advertising, listing & transaction fees.

    With U-Vid'Ify users can create their personal/business account on any computer or handheld device. Once approved as a new user, it will activate the option to exchange USD or cryptocurrency for ERC20 UVD tokens. The UVD tokens can be used for listing services purchases or transferred to an external exchange for consumer purposes.

    The FIRST round of Token sale will begin from 7th May 2018 with 3 rounds. There will be 20% bonus in the FIRST round followed by 10% on the 2nd round and 5% bonus on the 3rd and the last round!

    {filename}-U-vid'ify - The World's First Video Based Classified Market! (bounty Available)

    You can also participate in the Bounty Campaign through the link U-VID'IFY

    So, come and be part of the revolutionary all-in-one classified market solution for 99% of online goods and services.

    Check below for further details:

    {filename}-U-vid'ify - The World's First Video Based Classified Market! (bounty Available)

    Official Website:

    - U-VID'IFY

    Bounty Campaign:

    - U-VID'IFY


    - U-VID'IFY

    Social Media Links:

    - Facebook: Uvidify Ltd.
    - Twitter: U-VID'IFY (@uvidify) | Twitter
    - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/u-vid-ify-ltd/
    - Medium: U-Vid’ify Token – Medium
    - Telegram: Uvidify
    - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/UVidify_Official
    - Instagram: U-Vidify ICO (@uvidify_token) • Instagram photos and videos
    - Github: UVIDIFY (U-VID'IFY )
    - YouTube: U-VID'IFY TOKEN
    - Email: info@uvidify.com
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