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Twinkas,loopers..claritta Etc,,not Paying Again

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by johnwaynebest, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. zubem

    zubem Upcoming

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    If you have the spirit of sharp sharp return, please don't call me or register, as this platform is for people that want rest of mind and sure return of their money with peace of mind. gc doesnt make noice, but makes money for sure.

    click the link below to register!

    GiversCircle Cummunity
    or call 07034336618 for more info
  2. Charlton Avwenagha

    Charlton Avwenagha Rookie!!!

  3. IDY

    IDY Jackobian

    agent at work
  4. Fredda

    Fredda Jackobian

    Hello Jackobians!

    INSTANT GRANT just launched today and it's blazing hot right now.

    It's time to storm this site as it promises to give 100% profit of your investment within 24 hours (although most of my pals who invested already have their returns in less than 3 hours)

    It has N5000, N10000, and N20000 packages

    You can register here:
    Instant Grant - cash grant when you need it
  5. IDY

    IDY Jackobian

  6. kemosabi

    kemosabi Jackobian

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    1 is on the go 10k package
  7. chuby

    chuby Upcoming

    We understand that some of this ponzi sites has been scamming us with their site and when you contact support there will be no response
    So we have design a group of our own with jackobian WhatsApp group family to provide our on help, is fast an Kul, with strong rule, willing to join use the group link below
    Thank you
    X2 MATRIX for jackobian
  8. justibk

    justibk Jackobian

    90% is still cool. Try it, you are sure of getting matched fast. It's like magic. There's only one package so the better.
  9. justibk

    justibk Jackobian

    90% is still cool. Try it, you are sure of getting matched fast. It's like magic. There's only one package so the better.
  10. startech

    startech Jackobian

    Official lunching time today(Saturday 25th febuary) 10am

    Giverden is a peer to peer 1:3 platform where members donate a sum of N10k to another member and receive a total of N30k instantly. promises to triple your investment... All you need to do is register and pay instantly to a fellow participantsdisplayed on your dashboard. once u're confirmed, you'll be queued up for instant payment.

    *Our Features*
    ☀Instant pairing and matching: Everything is automatic no admin interference.

    ☀Timer & Purge Button: Cyberbeggars are one of our least problems, once the appear on your dashboard, purge them out of your page by yourself or our timer will help you do so.

    ☀ Recycle: giversfen is built to help u tripple & cash out your investment every time you donate with just one account. we encourage multiple account but be sure u're capable to pay immediately u're matched.

    ☀ Reliable server: is hosted on an unlimited dedicated server, hence, expect a hitch free transaction process.
  11. Charlton Avwenagha

    Charlton Avwenagha Rookie!!!

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  12. realglink

    realglink Jackobian

    is it reliable
  13. victor c

    victor c Jackobian

  14. joshua001

    joshua001 Jackobian

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    Paying in over NIGERIA
    100% in just 10DAYS
    10% registration bonus
    No delay in PH and GH Minimum PH is 5000 naira and Max of 200000 naira
    GH matched exactly after 10 DAYS
    GH IS AUTOMATIC✅GH once every day
    No more Problems with fake POP
    Active support 24/7
    Register here
    Click on the link to register and CLICK PERSONAL OFFICE
    Click on Provide Help to place your order


    1. CONSTANT 5% FROM DOWNLINES:* Just as in MMM, you don't have to refer people before you earn but if you do decide to, in Get Help Daily you receive 5% every time those directly under you Provide Help. BFN however, gives you 5% as often as those you refer PH.

    2. NO GUIDERS:* The absence of guiders in BFN means that money isn't unnecessarily doled out to some people who often do almost next to nothing to receive such huge sums of money, as is sometimes the case in MMM. Rather in BFN the participants themselves are made to directly benefit by receiving 5% every single time their direct down lines PH.

    3. RANGE PH AMOUNT:* In GHD when you Provide Help and then Get Help after 10 DAYS, you can only Provide Help between 5000 and 200000. You can either maintain that same amount you initially PHed with or you increase it but must not above 200000.

    4. RE-COMMITMENT:* In BFN after you Get Help you're mandated to Provide Help again within 2 days of getting help else you'll be blocked. This makes the system work well because it ensures there's no shortage of people providing help and of funds in the community. It therefore means that you can take away the returns on the money you gave while the initial amount you Provided with still remains in the system as a seed that will bring you more returns. It's a healthy practice both for the participant and the BFN community.

    5. MORE STABLE AND DURABLE:* BFN is far more stable and designed to stay relevant long after the likes of MMM have been in restructuring. Rules and conditions have been put in place to ensure this.

    6. MORE FORMAL AND BETTER ORGANIZED:* When you register on BFN an email is sent to your email address to verify or activate your account. The same thing happens when you re paired to send your money to someone.When your payment is confirmed, you're automatically notified by E-mail. This is just an example of how organized the GHD system is.

    7. SECURITY:* The security checks in BFN are much stronger. Once you have put in your bank details, you can no longer edit it without contacting support. Hence, you're encouraged to be careful when entering those details. This check makes it difficult for someone to just log into your account and steal your money by changing your bank details just before your money comes. Act now, get your account here,

    ILESANMI PAUL Jackobian

    5% rocks.....get back ur money within 12hrs
  16. Neyin

    Neyin Jackobian

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    1 Rocks!! Look at the site quality.its slow like twinkes but it pays 15k to get 75k reason for been's been since december 2016 check out their news detail and everything
  17. ceojblinks

    ceojblinks Jackobian

    Twinkas paid me yesterday, so twinkas its paying
  18. Wealthycrown

    Wealthycrown Jackobian

    The latest website with strong security, and customer support is launched.

    Latest 2:1 matrix site just launched with the strongest customer support ever. Join up now as it's still very young

    REGISTER - Freedom Hub
    REGISTER - Freedom Hub
    REGISTER - Freedom Hub
    REGISTER - Freedom Hub
    REGISTER - Freedom Hub
    REGISTER - Freedom Hub

    10k for 20k
    20k for 40k
    50k for 100k
    100k for 200k
    200k for 400k
    500k for 1million


    ✨ 24hours support
    ✨ Instant removal of fake email address & phone number
    ✨ Instant removal of any account that uploads a fake POP
    ✨ Participant Queue numbering system
    ✨ 3hours transaction time else account is suspended
    ✨ Instant rematch if your downline is a cyber beggar or a fraudster
    ✨Impossible for you to be purged by any fraudulent participants after making payment.
    ✨Secure website hosting on dedicated server
    ✨ 6hours recycling time else your account will be suspended
    ✨Refusal to confirm leads to suspension of account. (You should contact support immediately you notice receiver doesn't want to confirm you)
    ✨ Classified support system for fast response and resolutions to complains e.g Tech support, payment support, general support etc.
    Please this is not a one day or one month P2P. It is built to last for many years. Do not just take away from the system without recycling. Our aim is to over take the other peer to peer platforms currently in use and be the biggest and the best P2P platform.

    Inform family and friends. And when you start earning, please don't be selfish, share your testimonies.
    REGISTER - Freedom Hub
    REGISTER - Freedom Hub
    REGISTER - Freedom Hub
  19. rank nation

    rank nation Rookie!!!

    Donate 10,000 and get 400% of it at . join d link register and spread d good news to others its on 1st come 1st serve basis
  20. Chu4chully

    Chu4chully Jackobian

    You say foolish things...... And not reasonable. Where did you see the admin. twinkas is the most secured ponzi site in Nigeria for now. Please keep quite and say something more meaningful
  21. princepoint

    princepoint Jackobian

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    clarrita not paying over a month now no matched
  22. princepoint

    princepoint Jackobian

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    Naracle is paying fast donate N1500 And get N 6000 within 7days
    No referral Need Auto merging
    NOTE Don't register if you don't a've N1500 to pay
    non upgrade account will be deleted within 12hrs
    so get ur payment ready before signing up

    Naracle || Registration
  23. Shyner

    Shyner Jackobian

    Enough of all START & CRASH sites, join PairMe now PairMe to enjoy -

    1. 50% bonus in 30days
    2. Referral bonus from 3 levels (10%, 5%, 3%)
    3. Quick & responsive support (BEST SUPPORT)
    4. Safe & secure platform (https)
    5. 10% registration bonus
    6. 10% video testimonial bonus & lots more
    7. Phone number verification (instantly) & notification immediately you are matched
    8. GH anytime after confirmation
    9. RECOMMIT at least 30% of your total GH within 3 days
    10. Minimum PH (5,000); Maximum PH (3,000,000)
    11. PH Match Date = 14 - 22 days.

    JOIN NOW & become one of the early participants.
    Register - PairMe
  24. MrBede

    MrBede Jackobian

  25. Ten2Ten NIgeria

    Ten2Ten NIgeria Jackobian

    Introducing Ten2Ten…

    It's NEW & it's PAYING FAST

    GET 200%in within 5 days.
    Nothing beats it's time accuracy ✅

    Ten2Ten is the most transparent, trusted and fastest paying platform that offers 100% return in less than 48Hrs.


    Why Join

    ✅ Most transparent
    ✅ 200% within 5 days
    ❌No Referral Bonus everyone work for their Money
    ✅ Freedom to daily money needs
    ✅ 247 Live Chat Support

    Join Ten2Ten now!!!
    Website is fully launched and active. Ten2Ten is SECURED,STABLE & SUSTAINABLE.

    Ten2Ten – Your Pathway To Financial Freedom..

    Join our WhatsApp group and join in the conversation and keep transacting with other members.

    Ten2Ten... Your Pathway To Financial Freedom..
  26. Moses Ubonabasi

    Moses Ubonabasi Upcoming

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    I will advise you to invest on the stable and more legit ones with a plan to last for more than a year. Below are the lists of peer2peer schemes you can totally depend on for quite a long time. i number them in order of their strength and reliability. I personally invest on them and see them as something i can fall back to when the volatile ones keep fading away.

    Invest wisely, thank me later

    1. gethelpworldwide(97% reliable)

    You get 30% interest of your investment in Naira and 50% when you pledge in bitcoins . the system is the most

    stable of all right now and is fully automated with no downtime or upgrade of any kind, you are matched after 16 days or less.

    you get 10% on referral and no guiders(which reduces outflow of money in the system)

    register here and thank me later; Get Help Worldwide - #1 World's Mutual Financial Aid Community

    2. donationhub(95% reliable)

    donation hub has two plans...

    1. instant donation: here you get 60% of your investment within 7days

    2. scheduled donation: here you get 150% of your investment within 20days

    on donation hub, you choose who to provide help to and also indication how much you want to provide for him. ones the receiver confirms you , your 7days or 20 days start counting . the system is very stable and have been for a very long time now.

    Honestly you can start with any amount , it is very safe. they just renewed their license to another one year which will last till 2018 so there is no fear of crashing.

    also the site is well secured from attackers/hackers.

    register here >>> Login

    3. Twinkas(95% reliable)

    here you get double of your investment in 7 to 14days after your donation have been confirmed.

    register here>>>

    Twinkas Nigeria

    4. 247Helpers(90% reliable)

    Of all the 7days money doubling sites I tried since January till now , 247Helpers happen to be the only outstanding one . After providing help and youre confirmed, immediately you request for help, your 7days count down starts. I have been unfailingly matched to get help on or before the said time interval . his was launched on the fourth week of January and is expected to last for at least a year. Try it

    5. PEERFUNDING(96% reliable) FRESH and SECURED

    This is exactly like donationhub (number 2 above) but way faster as it pays before 5 hours after you’ve provided help. You get 30% of your investment within 5hours, at the speed it pays right now you can get up to 90% of your initial investment before 24 hours . lists to choose who to provide help to comes out every 1 hour.

    Register here and thank me later; PEERFUNDING.ORG - Crowdfunding platform

    PLEASE NOTE: I made lots of researches to be sure these networks will last long , so make sure you participate in at least 2 out of 4 of these. Thank me later .You can always call me for any further questions you may have.
  27. Ezenith

    Ezenith Jackobian

    twinkas remains the best, its still paying welll and stable , balance.... pls stop wasting money on those new majic site de decieve u and stock ur money/.... twinkas is paying now even 300% for all packages
  28. Ezenith

    Ezenith Jackobian

    twinkas remains the best, its still paying welll and stable , balance.... pls stop wasting money on those new majic site de decieve u and stock ur money/.... twinkas is paying now even 300% for all packages
  29. dele

    dele Jackobian

    It's official Clarrita has crashed. Site not opening anymore. Many profited from clarrita...i'm one of such....i redonated in like 3 accts before it went down...but that's nothing compared to what i got. If they are able to come back on another IP...that wld be great. Clarrita was

    OLAWEALTH Jackobian

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