Trading And Market Capitalization: How Should You Approach It?

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    This thread stems from a question by @Owocoin in one of my threads on Trading.
    He wishes to know about market capitalization and how it affects one's choice of trading in cryptos.

    upload_2017-8-17_21-45-31.png-Trading And Market Capitalization: How Should You Approach It?

    In my own opinion, Volatility is the only thing that comes to play when you consider Market Caps

    small Market Cap
    accounts for good volatility.
    i don't think that there is a particular market cap that's good but the volatility should tell you that you less capped coins will usually fluctuate like crazy and so needs your attention even more.

    However, even largely capped cryptos such as bitcoin experience price swings with very little control.
    SO, you cannot exactly say that wild fluctuations is a thing for small coins however, it's more controlled in the stable.

    In summary, I think it's entirely up to you as a trader to chose where you wanna out your money: Large or small capped coins but i will say that There is really little or no difference so all are cool!
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    Thanks for the swift to rephrase your statement, "volatility is the goldmine where traders thrive."
    That part of the equation is settled. Now, I ask, what do you consider as a range for your volatility play?
    You mentioned avoiding "losers that are bound to the X-axis (Extinct)", are they identified using the chart or volume of trades?

    Another quick one here; Blockchain+Coinbase (B+C) = P (Payout)
    B is available in most Countries, where C is Limited,
    For maximum output of P, C is needed. So, how do you successfully navigate C from the naija base?
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