Just In Top 8 Easiest Legit Ways To Earn Bitcoins With No Risk!!

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    {filename}-Top 8 Easiest Legit Ways To Earn Bitcoins With No Risk!!

    Here are the top 8 ways to Earn Bitcoins According to THE UseOfficial Research, Make sure you save this page because this post will be updated Every weekends!

    You will be surprise to see the TOP 3!

    Now lets get started, we will start the counting plus review from 8-1.

    You can Earn Bitcoins by Playing Games on some site, they will pay you All for free, and some of this sites takes little or more time, to Earn bitcoins from them, You can visit this link to see the top sites that pays BITCOINS for playing Games! (HERE)

    • 7. FAUCET
    Hmmm, i know you will be wondering why and how you can make a lot of money from Faucets which most of them pays very little satoshi, well we found a site that updates you with paying faucet and they are HIGHER withdrawals, Click the link to Get them, (HERE)

    • 6. FREELANCER / MicroTasking
    You can Earn a lot of Bitcoins from freelancer services, But it all depends on your skill! all you can do micro task to get pay from some freelancer sites, click the link to Get started (HERE) for micro tasks (CLICK HERE)

    Micro Jobs sites (more precisely crowdsourcing websites) provide a platform for Employers and Workers where Employers post jobs(tasks) to get their work done and Workers complete the jobs(task) to get money. Workers are free to choose tasks that matches their skills the best.

    • 5. Trading (buying and selling solo)
    This is a Way of Selling your products and other For sale products in exchange of Bitcoins, you can sell literally anything to get Bitcoins in Exchange of it, so you can Get started by first Accepting Bitcoins In your Organisation or company!

    • 4. Mining
    You probably will be Wondering why Bitcoins Mining is at Number 4, instead of number 1 which is the most realest way to Earn bitcoins, But, its not possible for Bitcoins mining to be at the first position because the post says “Top 8 Easiest Legit ways to Earn Bitcoins with NO RISK!!” So Bitcoins mining is not affordable for everyone, But, Thanks to Cloud mining now, you can Min bitcoins, check out the top cloud mining companies and start mining bitcoins !

    Top cloud mining:

    Take some time to browse though these sites to determine the best cloud mining ROI, the best cloud mining Litecoin, the best Ethereum cloud mining, how much the plans are, the fees etc, before you commit. Some contracts can be as long as two years! So you will want to be sure you committed to the right plan that gets you the best earning potential.

    1. Hashflare
    2. Genesis Mining use this code to get discount (

    3. Hashing24
    4. OxBtc
    5. The EOBot
    • 3. AIRDROP
    Airdrop is another way to Earn CryptoCurrency for free, and can be highly profitable, But, we mention airdrop so that you can only collect it for free, do not invest on any Airdrop if your research on it is not Legit and strong enough, So always collect free airdrops, Click the link to know more about Airdrops (HERE) and Click-HERE to Download the list of top legit Airdrops and register to Claim the tokens!

    • 2.Solo Investment (Personal)
    This is a personal investment, Ans its also for future investors and for you!, To get started with this kind of investment, you need to know that this is a Future purpose investment so you need to be looking farward into like 7-12months before you can start Gaining!

    Getting Started With the Solo Investment plan!

    First you must Create a Blockchain wallet, Then you will download One of this wallets below that accepts to buy Bitcoins from your country Bank,

    • Luno wallet
    • CoinBase wallet
    • CoinsPh
    • Xapo wallet
    So what you have to do before downloading this wallet is to Research about them and know whether they allow you to buy bitcoins from your current cuntry bank account, or they allow CREDIT CARD payment like master card, visa, etc,

    Once you get a suitable wallet for your self that accepts payment from your bank, then follow the steps below to Be A SOLO INVESTOR

    1. Any time you have a little money but you dont know what to use it to do, Then always use it to buy bitcoins and save it into your wallet
    2. If you are a Salary Earner, then make sure you always save A little percentage to buy some Bitcoins in your wallet and save it there
    3. Always Buy bitcoins with any amount of money you have and save it!
    4. Even if its 1$ thats you can afford do not hesitate to buy it and save it in your wallet!
    5. Try as much as possible to always buy and save bitcoins that worth at least 1$ everyday!
    6. Always make sure thats once you have reach a threshold of 0.011bitcoins you must always withdraw your bitcoins from that wallet and send it to your Blockchain account, Now make sure that you dont ever torch your bitcoins or spend it from that Blockchain account, Until after over 7months!
    7. Now you will be surprised to see your Earnings!
    • 1. The U-S-E Script (Gambling)
    Gambling is not an easy way of Earning Bitcoins In-fact its the most Risky Way to Earn Bitcoins , BUT, WAIT! we fixed it for you! with the help of our Script that we created for freebitco.in you can now, Earn lots of income ON GAMBLING, the rules in gambling and why people loss is that they dont follow the gambling rules which says, Do not get Greedy while gambling and Do not gamble expecting to WIN or win Big!, But luckily for You we created a script that follow all that rules so u dont have to loss while gambling? or even play by your self on that gambling site!

    To know more about what we are talking about Visit this link (HERE)
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    hello guys, beware of scams like this
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    the problem is that bitcoin is usually costly to send at di8fferent times and assuming you wanna buy just $1.1 of BTC you will have problems with very costly prices

    this discourages small investors from keying into it
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    But luno is way better for it, cus I do use it too
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    Bro luno deals is okay for me, and it's also the best because their fee is very low and also they do fast delivery, and it's not a must u by 1$ worth of bitcoins, u can buy as higher as you want, infact you must buy as higher as you want, trust me u won't regret doing a solo investment, if u follow the steps
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