ICO The World’s First Decentralized Investment Trading Market For Cryptocurrencies.

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    Coinvest can be said to be a finance and investment opportunities that
    is comprehensively limited to high net worth experienced individuals and investors.People and investors who want to invest in cryptocurrency faces problems such as complexity, absence of quality market experience,security risks and fragmentation.

    Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, a new asset class has become visible and it is named as Cryptocurrencies.Created on the digital
    currencies offer the assuarance of reinventing the economy, as thier decentralized nature, better security, and faster processing progress and improvement over traditional financial systems.

    Coinvest was founded in 2017 and it is a legal for investment profited company in USA.The company runs in community good for Blockchain and open source communities While obtaining a $4.99 trading fee upon any order within an investment porfolio.

    IMG_20180213_122310_214.JPG-The World’s First Decentralized Investment Trading Market For Cryptocurrencies.
    For Instance, a well known exchanges charge anywhere from 23-3% on all transactions despite the amount or value. As a result, a $7,000 order and 1% fee can result in an expense of $40.


    Reffering to the site Coinvest is The world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies.So, Invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and index funds with one account, one wallet, and one COIN.

    By influencing Blockchain technology, Coinvest is solving spectrum worldwide which are Simplicity, Convenience, Function, Autonomy, Diversification, Decentralization and Security.

    IMG_20180213_122326_906.JPG-The World’s First Decentralized Investment Trading Market For Cryptocurrencies.


    Contributing with money into cryptocurrency now adays is exeptionally and completely difficult with too much process.KYC Authorization is needed in exchanges which is a long process and can take a long period of time or days.This process is relatvely different when sending funds across the world using fiat currencies due to security validations, exchange rates, and third-party central authority involvement from financial institutions with high rate of fees charge.


    Cryptocurrency oppose and solves this problem. With cryptonized assets, you remove the need for security validation and any involvement from third-parties. As a result, transactions are fast, significantly lower in fees,or no fees and highly secure as transactions are recorded and verified on the blockchain.


    Been with Coinvest, users have different opportunities to achieve values from leveraging the platform and the overall COIN.

    1. Trading Rewards: Coinvest has implemented a loyalty system to rewards users that always leverage the platform. Similar to loyalty reward programs, users can accumulate additional COIN base upon trade volume. Every ten trades results in a bonus distrbution of COIN equivalent to one trade back to the users waellt.

    2. Trading Profits: As with traditional trading, users can obtain value from profitable trades in their investment portfolio.


    Website Coinvest
    Facebook: Coinvest
    Twitter: Coinvest (@CoinvestHQ) | Twitter
    Medium: Coinvest – Medium

    IMG_20180213_122349_753.JPG-The World’s First Decentralized Investment Trading Market For Cryptocurrencies.
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