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    IMG_20180705_234855_977.JPG-The Unique Liquidity Pooling Technology Exchange:liqnet

    According to LIQNET LIQNET is a cryptoexchange that aggregates liquidity from various platforms thus solving the problem of the splitting of users and their trading orders by forming a unified order book with the best market depth and prices.

    From whitepaper
    https://liqnet.io/static/docs/Liqnet_WhitePaper_en.pdf LIQNET is a crypto exchange which allows to unite liquidity from different platforms and solve the problem of scattering of users their trading requests and orders thus forming a unified order book with better market depth and better prices for private persons and legal entities from various jurisdictions.

    IMG_20180705_234035_600.JPG-The Unique Liquidity Pooling Technology Exchange:liqnet

    With LIQNET, users can get access to the single order book, in which they see both the orders of LIQNET exchange and orders placed from other platforms. Because of the platform ,aggregating sufficient amount of liquidity of
    different kind of tools, it's aim is to implement trading of deliverable futures and options for those that have the highest liquidity.

    Liquidity Exchange Network shortened as LEN is what makes the exchange unique and this mechanism enables aggregating and collecting buy and sell orders through APIs of one or more exchanges sited anywhere in the world and forming a unified ordre book. Users can now make deals with best prices and minimal spread thus orders are combined.

    Other advantages of LIQNET exchanges are own desk top app,MultiСhart, TradingView, and MT5

    ➡ A fully functional mobile trading apps for Android and iOS

    ➡ The exchange has an online-wallet project that provides the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money by the press of a button.

    ➡ It has the simplest cryptocurrency investment service with free and paid built-in strategies

    ➡ In addition, it has the quality for acquiring service for receiving payments in cryptocurrencies that provides sellers with many capabilities and protects from many risks.


    IMG_20180705_234912_235.JPG-The Unique Liquidity Pooling Technology Exchange:liqnet

    IMG_20180705_233844_729.JPG-The Unique Liquidity Pooling Technology Exchange:liqnet

    The LIQNET is issuing it's own LEN token and and the Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is already taking place.

    The token is fixed , has zero inflation, and it is created on the well known ERC20 wallet. It is issued in alliance with Como Capital, the author of the exclusive smart contract Smart Escrow that shows data on the process of the tokens distribution.

    The target amount drawn during the ICO is from $20 to $50million. The tokens can be purchased or bought with Ethereum(ETH),Bitcoin(BTC),BitcoinCash(BCH),Zcash(ZEC),Litecoin(LTC),Ripple(XRP),or Waves. After registering an account,each new user receives a standard Ethereum wallet.All currencies are converted to Ethereum.

    Individuals can exchange ETH to tokens on their own and then transfer them in to wallets in the investor's personal accounts. After the Initial Coin Offering,users can withdraw tokens from the wallets in the investor's personal accounts into other wallets desired.


    IMG_20180705_233933_209.JPG-The Unique Liquidity Pooling Technology Exchange:liqnet

    On advanced and developing cryptocurrencies market,the LIQNET's ICO may become one of the minute or few options for investors to enter the crypto currency services and exchanges market through a finished elaborated project.

    LEN ICO stands out from the majority of the others because it is not just an idea.It is a real product ready for lunch.

    It will be able to increase its competitive advantages and allow us to develop exponentially with the help of tokenization.

    LEN holders will get discount exchange fees of up to 90% depending on the amount of the token they spent and one token gives 0.5% discount of the sum of fees per day.This discount will be available for 24 hours immediately after withdrawal of token or at a set time.

    Holders will also have access to the voting service to decide on the following matters:

    Users will have choice to trade pairs that would be present initially on the exchange because the system has only one to two token pairs and the token holders will be able to choose the first 20pairs, which will be added to the system shortly after the ICO.


    IMG_20180705_234009_428.JPG-The Unique Liquidity Pooling Technology Exchange:liqnet






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