ICO The Crypto Cooperative Rewarding Exchange System Coopex: First Of It's Kind

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    IMG_20180803_212720_099.JPG-The Crypto Cooperative Rewarding Exchange System Coopex: First Of It's Kind

    Coopex broadly means Cooperative Exchange in which the main idea and mission of the Exchange is cooperating with users in deciding which token to be listed and where the token should be listed. In this community, the traders and users will have a voice.

    It is precisely a cooperative that intends on forming a positive and friendly relationship with their traders, imbedded in the idea that users should and can reap rewards through the success of the exchange.

    With this exchange, users and investors have the power to voice out what on what tokens to be listed and what protocol decisions the team make. The progress of the exchange lies on the users and thus, the team are here to make individuals experience the best they can.


    IMG_20180803_212752_269.JPG-The Crypto Cooperative Rewarding Exchange System Coopex: First Of It's Kind

    The present state of cryptocurrency exchanges in the blockchain ecosystem is not proper, it's opaque and one-sided at best.

    Moreover, it’s downright disadvantageous to the expansion of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as a whole, as new cryptocurrency projects battle to be listed on a prominent exchanges mindless of their merit or user base.

    In addition, A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges charge ridiculous and excessive fees to list a new token and take carefully a long time to do so. This destroy and ruins the integrity, creditability and permeability of a project as a result, while bankrupting investors at the same time.

    Lastly, cryptocurrency exchange users are usually charged high fees for every action they take and transaction they make. All fees such as deposit, withdrawal, maker and taker fees all go to the exchange and will never be seen by the users again.


    The Exchange intend to solving these problems by giving out or rewarding loyal exchange users, for their activities and tradings, and also allowing them to have a say in voting and project listing processes.


    Users and investors in this community have a voice to decide where token should be listed as the success of the exchange lies in the hands of the users.

    The Exchange will be honest with its users about all of its policies and processes.

    As ridiculous fees have effect on the success of several projects,the Exchange have make a decision to create an exchange that gives back the majority of its trading fees to its users and investors.

    The exchange promise to use Zendesk as majority of project customer cares doesn't respond to it's users at immediate time.

    The developers plans to develop margin and leverage trading at the end of August as back end application to handle margin orders which is in progress.

    The exchange plan to solve liquidity program problems as it is the major problem of many cryptocurrency exchange today.


    The Coopex Exchange look forward to be listed on Index because Idex usually lists tokens directly after projects finishes their ICOs.

    After lunch, Coopex Exchange will support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dai and COOPEX token.


    The team will make use of 50% of all ICO funds raised for long term marketing.Being a cooperative exchange, 75% of exchange revenue will be given back to the users via the COOP Token.


    IMG_20180803_212734_773.JPG-The Crypto Cooperative Rewarding Exchange System Coopex: First Of It's Kind

    The project is running an ICO for purchases of COOP token.

    The pre-ICO begins from June 15th to July 1st with 50% discount and the full ICO will begin from July 3rd to August 3rd.

    The total supply COOP token is maximumly 12 million.

    1 million tokens will be sold during pre-ICO at the price of $0.05.

    10 million tokens will be sold during the ICO at the price of $0.10.

    1 million tokens will be stored by the exchange for development of the project.

    Another 1 million tokens will be stored for marketing such as bounties and referrals.

    The stored token for development will be
    locked for approximately six months.

    The hard cap will be the maximum of $950,000 and any unsold token left will be burned.

    IMG_20180803_213127_767.JPG-The Crypto Cooperative Rewarding Exchange System Coopex: First Of It's Kind


    Website: Cooperative Exchange

    Twitter: Cooperative Exchange (@coopexmarket) | Twitter

    Facebook: Cooperative Exchange

    Reddit: Cooperative Exchange

    Telegram: COOPEX Community

    Whitepaper: https://coopex.market/Coopex_Whitepaper.pdf

    Trading: https://coopex.market/trading/coopeth

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