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Tbc Secrets Revealed: How To Become A Millionaire Before August/september 2017

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by dbaddestboy, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active


    How does it yields profit? It is to buy and keep for few weeks / months and then resell it at higher amount. The value increases daily by 5%. ( just like you are selling BTC at higher price now )

    Please do not miss this opportunity like so many of us did when Bitcoin came in 2009.

    We cannot make progress in life without taking risk, after all This venture has no loss.

    Microsoft and Google will launch their own coin next years. Microsoft have signed an agreement with top 20 banks in the world on cryptocurrency.

    Those who are wise to understand and invest now will smile tomorrow and poverty will end completely in their generation. The difference between the rich and the poor is INFORMATION and the ability to take risk.

    I promise you that your payment is secured. You can decide the payment method suitable for you.

    1. Bitcoin
    2. Bank transfer
    3. Bank deposit

    Enjoy the promo, its ending soon...
    Note that the official TBC price normally increase by 1-5% everyday, I am only selling at discount price because I have many tbc for sell.

    *Here is the Promo*
    *Don't lose it this time, might not come back again*

    Might be wondering why am selling mine when I know the price will eventually increase by January or latest February?

    In one word, its because I have many TBC( Thousands tbc for sell ), and I just want to sell some out of it ( Not all, Like 20% of it )...

    If you buy tbc when its still cheap now, You can sell it at high price in next 1-2 Months when they start accepting them worldwide( Trade )...

    Use of TBC?
    You can use it to shop online, Buy phones , Laptop, cars, Electronic, cloths and so on online, and it will be deliver to your doorstep
    You can also sell your TBC, eg to me

    You are convinced? Want to buy some tbc?
    I am ready to sell to you at a very cheaper price

    Sunday Promo come back again
    1 TBC for 12,000 Naira
    6 TBC for 50,000 Naira
    12 TBC for 100,000 Naira
    25 TBC for 200,000 Naira

    The more you buy, the more the discount.

    The official price increasing everyday, How I wish you understand what am saying easily and buy some against tomorrow

    This Coin can change your life, it can gives small or even no Gab between riches and poor people.
    Buy some coins.

    Don't miss this offer, its wealth opportunity.

    Don't be surprise if you see your friends driving big cars tomorrow, he did not do money ritual, and not Yahoo.
    He only jam is luck, and takes action immediately.



    1. BTC takes 10 mins. to 30 mins. for Confirmations whereas TBC takes only 2 mins. to get your Transaction Confirmed.

    2. BTC has only 21 Million Coins whereas TBC has 1 Billion Coins.

    3. BTC took 3-4 years to get the people attention but TBC is already much more popular in just 8 months.

    4. Current BTC Supply in the Market is just 15.9 Million & the rest 5.1 Million will get generated in next 125 years wheres TBC Current Supply in the Market is 500 Million & next 500 Million generation has already got started.

    5. The price of BTC is dependent on the market but the price of TBC gets increased 1% - 5% daily depending upon the number of new Members joining the TBC.

    6. The price of BTC could even hit as Low as 1$ or as high as 1 Million $ but the price of TBC will never come down & in October 2017 the price of 1 TBC will be 1 Billion $ per TBC Coin.

    Investing in BITCOIN is GOOD but investing in TBC is better.



    Still Don't Know What TBC Means
    Spare just 5 minutes to read this

    Dont miss the second chance to become rich, we once lose Bitcoin Chance in 2014.

    The TBC or THE BILLION COIN is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin and it is spreading very quickly in U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, India, Europe, Thailand, Philippines, Dubai, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Indonesia, Russia, China, Nigeria and rest of the world. TBC mission is to end poverty globally.

    The TBC started on 21st March, 2016 for its initial price of 0.001 euro per coin.

    At that time TBC offered 100,000 tbc coins for only 100 euros or 113$.

    On today 1 TBC price is €536

    TBC price increases daily by 5% or doubles every 2 weeks. TBC price will increase till it reaches the Ultimate price, 1 billion euro with 1billion registered members worldwide.

    TBC is not controlled by any Owner, CEO, Banks, Manager, Firm, Groups, Companies and even Government. If ever the Economy is down, the status of TBC will not affected.

    TBC is not MLM or Network Marketing. You dont have to recruit, the value will still go up even if you dont recruit/invite but if you do it that way it will help a lot to increase the growing number of verified members.

    Join and register yourself free:
    TBC | Home

    After that create your wallet free:

    TBC Exchange

    When you are done registering wallet( which can't take more than 4 Minutes ), message me to buy some TBC

    Wondering why I sell at that discounted price?
    Its because I bought many during their promo lunched, and I want to sell out some now that it had increased.

    Great News

    Purchase A Brand New Car Online with TBC coin
    30% cash and 70% TBC

    BRANDNEW CARS – 30% CASH 70%TBC – We Accept TBC

    Or buy wears here

    We are getting there already, you will blame yourself tomorrow if you don't buy some now, trust me.

    Buy some TBC now and keep it, they once campaigned Bitcoin ( BTC ) this way, people neglects them then, don't ignore this.

    How I wish you understand what I mean easily, anyway, for those that understand, you can still buy more TBC from me.

    WhatsApp contact : +2348102473671
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  3. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    If you can't keep your TBC till September 2017, maybe you need quick money. This post is for you

    You can sell it at cheaper price or mine it for BTC Instantly
    (But keeping it make more sense )

    The great news about it today is that, you can trade 10 TBC ( That You buy from me at 100,000 Naira instead of 2.7M)

    Note: ( you can only trade once weekly due to limit)

    Do you want to learn TBC trading or buy some TBC and keep it?

    Message me now
    +2348102473671 ( Messages/WhatsAp only, no calling )

    I sell
    1 TBC @ 10,000 Naira
    You have TBC coin Already? Want to learn How to trade only?

    I will teach you how to trade 10 TBC to 1 BTC instantly for just 50,000 Naira only ( Not Free, And won't be Free).

    Also Note that if you buy at least 3 TBC from me ( 30,000 Naira ), I will teach you how to trade free.
    Dont forget that you can make millions from this easy tutorial, so nothing to loss.

    Don't be surprise I will teach you all you need to know, you can't do it allow until you apply your common sense sir, which am here to teach you.

    You can't exchange it alone, unless I give you the best clue, that's the main fact about it.
  4. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    Buy some TBC today and keep it against tomorrow.

    Profit of buying
    You buy it now at 10,000 Each from me( Instead of N240,750 Naira ) and resell it or use it to shop by February. 1 TBC will worth 400k Then.

    You can still buy 1 TBC at 10,000 Naira from me
    12 TBC at 100,000 Naira

    Message now.
    I will also teach you how to trade TBC with BTC once weekly ( Spend 10 TBC and take 1 BTC weekly, 4 times monthly ). Only if you buy coin from me though.
  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    i have seen 500 naira for 1 TBC
    Why is yours so high bro?
  6. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    My own is not high
    I have seen people selling at current price, some $300/TBC, different price,the one of N500, is either a scammer or doesn't know the value if TBC, he just needs faster sales because people like cheap things and if you fall scammer hand ,on your own, most if them are scammers.
    I can't sell TBC for N500, that is the price when it first introduced €0.01 ,there is no gain for me, I buy at N500 and sell at N500 what is the use?, I will either not sell.
    And people are selling it at low price because it is not fully on point now, when it fully on point , you will look for sellers around, sellers will not advertise much again, and it will not be at discount price again , it will be the current price.
  7. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    Gud week ahead


    BTC-Satoshi Nakamoto
    TBC-Kris Kringle


    1 BTC=100000000 Satoshi
    1 TBC=100000000 Kringle

    BTC - 21 Million Coins
    TBC - 1 Billion Coins'

    BTC - Market Base
    TBC - Users Base

    BTC - Up and Down, Fluctuating
    TBC- Always goes Up and never go down.

    Both are good and valuable. Which of them will give us brighter future? Alright.....

    Keep saying TBC is useless coin, do you know I messed opportunity to buy 1 BTC at #200?

    ➡ Do you know that 1tbc is now 622$ and 596£

    ➡Do You know you can now purchase ur pharmaceutical apparatus/equipment using TBC as a medium of exchange in Nigeria?
    ➡ *what are you still waiting for? Invest for your future now! now!! now!!!*
    ➡currently am selling at a very low price.
    *1TBC for N10,000*

    ➡What are you waiting for?
    This promo
    ☎ +2348102473671
    _*Your satisfaction is our ultimate concern*_
    tested and trusted
  8. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    TBC web wallet

    Welcome to the 2017 TBC Web Wallet. This new Web Wallet system protects both you and the entire TBC Community with the added Login Feature in a number of ways.
    TBC was launched on March 21st, 2016 with a simple Encrypted URL type Web Wallet and it lacked some of the critical features needed for such a fast growing crypto-currency community. If you have the 2016 version, you will need to upgrade it now before the window of time closes on you. Once you confirm your email you will be given unlock instructions to gain access to move all of your TBC coins into the 2017 Web Wallet. If you are brand new to the TBC Community, you need to know upfront that we are deadly serious about the TBC Membership Agreement, if you even attempt to violate it your Wallet will be suspended for 6 months without warning. We invite you to thoroughly research everything about TBC before joining our private membership community to make sure you will fit in properly.
    Our information may be in the public space, but our activities and transactions are all private. At this time the TBC coins are appreciating in value by 3% a day; and shortly after our community grows to one Billion Verified Members the TBC coins will reach their final Ultimate Price and that will be the end of the wealth creation phase of our roll out as a global currency.
    We expect to reach that final Ultimate Price by the end of 2017. We will create a vast number of Millionaires and some will also become Billionaires within our private organization and we hope to end poverty globally in the year 2018.

    New wallet

    TBC Web Wallet

    Thank You

    KELVIN RICHY Jackobian

    please i want to buy the one of 40, 000 naira from you but i will start with 10, 000 if u realy promise you will show me how to trade 08035440674 i want to buy
  10. inyavicsage

    inyavicsage Upcoming

    Where did you see that? I'd like to know.
  11. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    lols, whatsapp guys but it's most likely scam anyways so nefver mind
  12. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    I won buy with bitcoin o
  13. TBC-BTC

    TBC-BTC Jackobian

    I exchange TBC with Bitcoin. i.e You give me Bitcoin & I give you TBC in return. For Serious Buyers Only.

    I also sell N2000 /TBC and less for bulk. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY.

    CALL/TEXT 09092005884
  14. wokemz

    wokemz Upcoming

    I will advise you to buy and keep. Maybe trade during the end of year. I have TBC for sale
  15. TBC-BTC

    TBC-BTC Jackobian

  16. TBC-BTC

    TBC-BTC Jackobian

    I exchange TBC with BitCoin. i.e You give me BitCoin & I give you TBC in return. For Serious Buyers Only.

    I also sell N2000 /TBC and less for bulk. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY.

    CALL/TEXT 09092005884

    Avoid Scam from people who sell too cheap.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
  17. Enny1

    Enny1 Jackobian

    I sell TBC for as low as #1500 for 1 TBC reach me on watsap with 08035149591
  18. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    Yes, just contact me on WhatsApp 08102473671.

    Buy 40k get free trading teaching ,can take up to 1 week.
    Thank You
  19. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    Read this
    Don't miss a life time opportunity ,don't say I didn't tell you, this is how bitcoin campaign too but it was the first cryptocurrency that time so people didn't put their attention, people that got about 100 bitcoin then ,imagine how they will feel today.
    But now that we know how cryptocurrency flows don't let this opportunity pass by you. TBC will be cost and change peoples life this ending 2017 to 2018, by then nobody will be selling at discount price again.
    The value is increasing not bouncing up and down like bitcoin.
    Buy some now and secure your future
    WhatsApp +2348102473671
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