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    When one talks about travelling, it is not just about fun, enjoyment, or relaxing, but often about work, business and serious stuff. It all is not easy especially if the visit is to do with the unknown place.

    As not only it’s tougher but expensive to travel without prior research and mostly when you need to go, you really need to go which leaves no space for PROPER research. But now that’s all about to change thanks to the arrival of “Tavitt”.

    {filename}-Tavitt – The Ultimate Travel Guide!

    Tavitt provides a travel destination recommendation service through a cross-database search platform. It not only works as providing information on fascinating locations but also creates content to inspire travelling or exciting travellers about discovering new places.

    Tavitt’s Travel Recommendation Service recommends only the BEST and most efficient travel route for people to visit all the tourist attractions they select. With the system in place, it will help people find out about that budget, the number of days needed and the method getting there in a blink of an eye. But that’s not all.

    {filename}-Tavitt – The Ultimate Travel Guide!

    As with Tavitt, it is POSSIBLE to book flights and hotels for those who confirm travel plans. All the tourism information about the destination is available with Tavitt, whether it is to do with Must See places in the neighbourhood or to find transportation between places. So with Tavitt, all information is combined from all over the globe and the best suggestion is given to travellers!

    As travelling is something that could have HUGE impact on an individual's life, therefore, Tavitt wants to ensure it fun, enjoyable and easy via our "CUE" to make the journey easy and highly affordable for everyone!

    {filename}-Tavitt – The Ultimate Travel Guide!

    Tavittcoin will be amongst those RARE tokens, which will have dual-blockchain structure. It is to enable users to freely move/transfer to the Ethereum blockchain from the Wave blockchain by using blockchain composed of Ethereum’s smart contract.

    There is also MASSIVE Bounty Campaign active, so everyone invited to join that as well to be able to get themselves FREE tokens!

    {filename}-Tavitt – The Ultimate Travel Guide!

    So, come and be part of the global change. As we aim to help fun life and to make their journey “Memorable and Exciting”.

    Check below to know further:

    {filename}-Tavitt – The Ultimate Travel Guide!

    Official Website:

    - Tavitt (Thailand) Co.,Ltd./タビット
    - 新しい発見を提供する 【旅行提案サービスTAVITT】タビット
    - Tavittwallet


    - http://tavitt.co.jp/tvc/TVC_ICO_En_ver1.1.pdf

    Social Media Links:

    - ANNthread: [ANN] TAVITT [ICO][TOKEN SALE][Airdrop]Cross-Database Search Platform
    - Bounty Campaign: [BOUNTY] TAVITT | | $6,300,000 | | ICO |TRAVEL ON THE BLOCKCHAIN
    - Telegram: https://t.me/tavitt_official
    - Twitter: Tavitt Co.,Ltd. (@Tavitt_ICO) | Twitter
    - Medium: Tavitt – Medium
    - Email: info@tavitt.co.jp
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