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Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by Lekato, Aug 22, 2018.

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    {filename}-Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

    Hello everyone, I’m here again to give a good review about ZERO-CARBON project with great potential. As you have known earlier before now, my review is always based on good, great project that will benefit every investors and community member. I know you must have been wondering and asking yourself right now which project caught my attention, which project really worth this great review. Now have a seat and read through the whole write up line by line.

    The use of fossil fuel in this century has brought some threat to climate change which has resulted to lots of concerned over the use of fossil fuels. The use of renewable energy has been recorded to be expensive and unaffordable for people over the years which this has caused negative response on emission of carbon. Some of the threat posed by fossil fuel to climate remains to be emission of gas and substances which could be harmful to our environment. This has been the major reason why ZEROCARBON project has launched a platform to eradicate and neutralized all the threat received by climate from the use of fossil fuel

    {filename}-Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

    Full Transition to zero carbon has been the major objective of zero carbon projects so as to reduce the effect from climate change. The use of international carbon credits will be adopted by ZERO CARBON project in order to eradicate high expenses from the use of fossil fuel.
    The use of fossil fuel such as burning of coals has caused a lot of damages to the atmosphere through the release harmful substance (carbon-dioxide). ZERO CARBON solutions to the existing problems of climate change involve the combination of consumer saving money from ZERO CARBON market and likewise rewarding energy token holders in form of incentives. ZERO CARBON project has been designed to offer lots of benefits and incentives to users of the platform through reduction in the price of energy contracts as a result of adoption of ZERO CARBON energy

    {filename}-Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

    Adoption of energy token by the platform will be catalyst that will help in the development and growth of the platform. The use of energy token to pay transaction and all payment fees has been initiated in the platform which this will give more value to the token in the long run
    The transaction fees charging by the system will be used for the development of the platform in which larger percentages has been stated to reward the users of the platform
    There has been 11 different smart contract to be used by the platform to speed up the whole transaction process in the platform that includes: Energy Token Contracts, Token Sale smart contracts (Private pre-sale, public pre-sale, main crowd-sale, reserve token-sale, vesting contract, ether payment contracts with multi-sig), Energis Economy Contracts (Transaction fees, reward pool, distributed rewards, energies smart contract)

    Token name Energis
    Total Supply => 240,000,000
    Token type ERC20
    Ethereum Blockchain Network
    Token Symbol NRG
    Private pre-sale 20,000,000 NRG at $0.10/NRG
    Public pre-sale 20,000,000 NRG at $0.15/NRG
    Public main sale 75,000,000 NRG at $0.20/NRG

    {filename}-Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

    15% (36,000,000) Allocated to Beond
    2% (4,840,000) Allocated to team member
    5% (12,160,000) Allocated to bounties and bonuses
    48% (115,000,000) Allocated to Token sale
    30% (72,000,000) Allocated to reward pool

    {filename}-Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

    16% Allocated to Taxes
    15% Allocated to Development
    24% Allocated to Operations
    45% Allocated to Marketing

    {filename}-Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

    {filename}-Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

    {filename}-Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

    {filename}-Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

    Whitepaper: Whitepaper – Zero Carbon Project
    Telegram channel: ZeroCarbonAnnouncements
    Other social media channels:
    Twitter: Zero Carbon Project (@ZeroCarbonPrjct) | Twitter
    Medium: Zero Carbon Project – Medium
    Facebook: Zero Carbon Project
    Instagram: Zero Carbon Project (@zerocarbonproject) • Instagram photos and videos
    YouTube: Zero Carbon Project
    Subreddit: r/ZeroCarbonProject
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    Bitcointalk Username : Lekatoo
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    We need to understand that Blockchain is the future and you don’t have to be a genius to understand it. But yes every option with Blockchain technology is not meant to be successful, hence, it is MUST that we are CAREFUL with the way of it.

    I look at options like Inlock, which are there to really make a difference. And got absolutely simple, secure and easy system with KYC as well. This makes it such an epic creation for everyone.